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Thanks to the hard work of RPM’s volunteers, fosters, and friends, along with the folks at BARC, another 44 dogs and one cat were saved from euthanasia and sent to our rescue affiliates in Colorado. Some of these beautiful faces have had heartbreaking beginnings, but they’ll enjoy happy lives in their new homes with loving families.

But wait, says Mousey the Cat, that’s not all!

These are just a few of the people our dogs and cats love and we thank.

A favorite sight: pets heading for their new homes. Safe travels!

Beau needs a one week foster home, please!

Update: Beau not only found a foster home, he was adopted into his forever home! Thank you, everyone, for your response and interest.


Beau is in need of a temporary foster home from today until November 12th. If you can foster Beau, please contact Dana at Beau is also available for adoption in Houston. You can read more about Beau on our Adopt Me! page here: Thank you!

A happy update from RPM

Hi Friends,

We wanted this to be solely a happy email to let you know that 44 BARC dogs and cats left Houston last Friday for Colorado. Over the weekend, 31 of those dogs were already adopted and the other dogs and cats are in loving foster homes. In just a little over a month, Rescued Pets Movement has saved 196 dogs and cats who were scheduled for certain death and transported them to other nonprofit, no-kill rescue groups in Colorado that have real-live foster homes waiting for them.

And when we say certain death, we MEAN certain death. Here is a true story about Stouffer, the dog with the stunning green eyes:

This is Stouffer’s BARC picture. Handsome isn’t he? But so sad . . . .
Emails had been swirling around about Stouffer in the rescue community because he was about to be euthanized, and no Houston-area rescue had space for him. When we finally found a rescue group in Colorado to take him, we called our contact at BARC, and he literally ran down the hall to the euthanasia area where Stouffer was sitting on the table and the doctor had the euthanasia shot in his hand. Certain death. He was taken off the table, and here is how he looked as he was waiting for his turn to get on the transport van:


So we said we “wanted” this to be solely a happy email, but we’ve learned we don’t always get what we want. We know we are always hitting people up for funds, but including vet bills, transporting each pet is averaging us at least $150 to $200. Even if you cannot donate (and please DON’T if you can’t afford to), we would love it if you just shared this post with your contacts so we can grow a larger base of donors, supporters, and volunteers. Spreading the word is huge.

There are two ways for you to donate. You can make a tax-deductible donation by credit card here on our website by clicking the donate tab. Or if you prefer to donate by check, please make it out to RPM Inc. and mail it to us at:

RPM Inc.
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. #135
Houston, Texas 77025

Every cent of your donation will go toward transporting these well-deserving pets, toward temporarily fostering a pet until he or she can be transported, and/or toward reasonable and necessary veterinary expenses. Any excess funds we receive–we can dream, right?!–will automatically be applied to our next transport.

We are honored to have your help. Together we can make Houston a no-kill city.

Your Friends from

Here are some happy pictures of us loading these babies up last Friday:

RPM’s Launch Party – be there!


After moving 196 dogs and cats out of BARC to various shelters and rescue groups in Colorado to date, we sometimes forget that RPM is only one month old. We’re thrilled about what we’re doing and want to get together with you to celebrate what we think is the start of something exciting, beneficial to our community, and very necessary. We hope to see you at Ibiza Food & Wine Bar on November 22nd at 6 PM so we can raise a glass to our goal of one day making Houston a no-kill city. We can’t do it without you, so we hope you’ll be there.

A great start to the month

RPM, BARC, volunteers, and some of our foster families kicked off November by sending five cats and 42 dogs to new homes in Colorado. The sun was shining on these wonderful animals whose lives have been saved thanks to rescuers in Houston and affiliates in Colorado.

Our hardworking group pauses for a photo.

The cats said it was okay for the dogs to go along.

Thank you to the fosters who welcome these dogs and cats into their homes and provide conscientious care.

More of the crew.

Mike ready to deliver these wonderful animals safely to their new homes.

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