Success Story Saturday: Gipsy.

An update from Gipsy’s new home in Montana:

Gispy is doing great, she’s growing like a weed, and is a healthy 13.5 lbs. She’s one week away from getting her STAR puppy certification. Her confidence levels are up and rules over the cats; Pippin has gotten used to her, and she’s constantly cuddling up next to him or crawling all over him…We were just playing outside so I took a few photos and I thought you might like to see them. It’s been snowing fairly heavily here and she’s loving the snow, when it’s warm enough to play [outside]. Hope all is well!


On the sunny side of the street

After a few weeks of harsh weather conditions, we had a fantastic day for loading our latest transport to Colorado. These dogs loved the sun and were also excited about getting on board.

We usually say this is our last look at our wonderful rescues. But thanks to many of the rescue organizations, individuals, and fosters in Colorado, we  often get updates including photos on lots of these dogs and cats. Most of those get posted to our Facebook page, and you can see them or follow us there by clicking on the Facebook logo in the right sidebar.

Finally, almost every transport, we include a photo of some of the people who helped that day. There are a lot more people involved who can’t be in the photos because they have other commitments and demands on their time, but we’re grateful for every single person who makes all this possible. The focus and mission remains the same: saving animals and leaving no puppy behind!


Congratulations to Barrio Dogs for winning Krizer’s grand opening Krizer’s Cares contest last weekend! Barrio Dogs is a fantastic organization that raises awareness and educates communities about proper dog care, and we couldn’t be happier that they won 10% of Krizer’s grand opening food sales.

3 Tail-Less TV Stars Need to Be Your Houseguests for Just 9 Days!


The three tail-less Tiny Tots that you all so generously helped us save are safe and sound, but they need a foster for nine days. They’re scheduled to go to Colorado next Thursday, February 20th. Don’t you want to show them some of the love they so obviously never received?

Plus, they’re going to be TV stars! They’ve been invited to be featured on the animal segment of Fox26 news this Friday morning. How cool is that? We promise the fame won’t go to their heads, and they’ll still share their puppy breath and puppy tummies with you.

Please, let them be your houseguests for only nine days.

If you can foster these guys, please contact us at

As always, thank you for your help!

Update: Foster found. Thank you, Laura Allen Welch!

Lots of puppy breath awaits…Fosters needed for about 10 days for 16 darlings!

Dear RPM Friends,

RPM’s volunteers have been working feverishly the past few days, and RPM now has a TON of puppies needing fosters. All of these darling puppies were set to be euthanized on Saturday. They are safe now, and they REALLY need warm and loving foster homes to hang out in for less than two weeks (they are slated to go to Colorado on February 20th).

For those of you who are new to fostering, RPM provides you with a Puppy Pack full of goodies and a crate. We recommend you foster 2 at a time because they can comfort one another.

Getting these kids into foster homes is the key to allowing us to save more BARC animals, so we hope you can help. Maybe you have a friend or two who also need a little puppy loving for a couple of weeks? Forward this email to them!

If you can foster one or more of these puppies, please contact us at You can find our foster form at Thank you in advance!

Your Indebted Friends at


Going, Gone

A fantastic sixty-six dogs and one cat are on their way to their new homes in Colorado today. That number officially puts us over the 1000 transported goal. (We’d already exceeded the 1000 mark with animals pulled and placed in foster, vet, or boarding care until they’re ready to travel.)

We have pictures of almost everyone who’s in our two RPM vans under the able care of drivers Mike and Joe.

Here are the six board members who tirelessly coordinate all the elements that make this work, pulling together volunteers, pets, organizations, and donors.

As Katie called them: two guys in funny hats and four blondes.
Dana, Timothy, Laura, Cheryl, Katie, and Cindy.

Here are a few of those who showed up on a really cold and windy day to get everybody and everything loaded. Thanks so much!

Our last view of the vans as they moved out. Safe travels, Mike and Joe!

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