Enzo, Emillio, Emma, and Empress; Extra Errrgent!


Happy Monday Fosters and Friends!
Enzo, Emma, Empress, and Emillio have the dreaded black doggie curse and have been looked over and passed by for over 2 weeks. They are stuck at Abbott and are super depressed and THUS acquired runny noses. They will bounce back in no time if they get fosters and are in a loving home! We’ve seen it time and time again–pups and dogs get sick in boarding–they get scooped up by wonderful foster, and they bounce back in a matter of HOURS and the foster home is the BEST MEDICINE!!! They are slated to leave on 3/27. So only a week and a half in your home!!! Their skin has recovered and now we just need to cure the runny nose. Please consider springing one or two from Abbott. Email me at katie@rescuedpetsmovement.org if you can help and SHARE SHARE SHARE AWAY!!!

Thanks so much for ALL you do!
Katie Beirne
RPM Houston Foster Coordinator

Magna and RPM

Magna and rpm (2)

Thank you, Magna Legal Services, for donating 5% of legal services purchased in your Houston office to RPM! For more information, please consult the above flyer and contact Denise Spencer at DSpencer@MagnaLS.com to arrange legal services and donate to RPM at the same time.

All the way home

Thanks to Mike and Joe, guess who’s safe and sound in Colorado?

These guys!

Thanks to everyone who helped put together another transport day. We couldn’t do it without you. Here are a few of those who showed up bright and early.

Don’t forget that on Saturday, March 15, RPM will have a local adoption and supply drive/fundraiser event at The Corkscrew, 1308 West 20th Street, Houston, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can read more about it here.

Success Story Saturday (on Sunday): Red.


Red had a big first day in his new home! We started off with a really long walk around the neighborhood. He was very interested in all the smells and other doggies that we saw. We also saw some kids practicing soccer and we had to stop and watch them for a long time. Then they all came over and pet him! He loved it!

After we went home we played with his new toys and worked on getting familiar with his crate. He is very good with relaxing in it when I’m in the room, but gets a little nervous whenever I leave. He has made a big improvement though and even goes in to play with his toys! I know he will think of it as his own room soon.

We took a looooong nap this afternoon, and then he helped me with chores. He is very eager to follow and let you know he’s there to help. We’ve already figured out where its ok to go to the bathroom, and already knows which apartment is ours! His doggie grandparents came to visit and he had a lot of fun showing off.

Red is such a great boy. He has already adjusted so well, just likes to know that you’re nearby. He is still learning though that the dog in the mirror
isn’t real.

Tomorrow we’re visiting his grandparents at their house and his doggie sister. Its going to be an exciting day!

Colorado My Home

All the dogs and cats from the most recent transport are safely snuggling in their foster and forever homes in Colorado now. Here are those who traveled.

Here are just a few of those who helped them board the vans. Thanks to BARC, our Colorado partners, and the fosters, transporters, boarders, vets, drivers, and all the other volunteers who made sure these thirty-four dogs and ten cats will have great new lives!

Our next adoption event is March 15th

RPM March

Hello Friends,

Please come out and visit us for our local adoption event. Here are the details:

What: Rescued Pets Movement Inc. local adoption and supply drive/fundraiser event!

Where: The Corkscrew, 1308 West 20th Street, Houston, TX

When: March 15th

Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Joining us in the fun will be Adore Houston Rescue www.adorehouston.org  Please stop by and visit us under the big tent. Danny and the RPM Bistro “cook team” will be in full force “grill” mode.  Stop by for a visit, eat some grub, buy a T-Shirt and pet a pup. We will have many adoptable dogs available as will ADORE RESCUE so please help us spread the word.  Print out the attached flier and hang it around town, community bulletin boards, bathroom stalls, freeway billboards, etc.


1. bully sticks for chewing while on the ride to Colorado

2. wire collapsible kennels (30 inch wire preferred)

3. potty pads

4. collars

5. cash, oh yeah, cash for gas, van notes, vet bills, etc. MUCH APPRECIATED!


Please do your best to leave parking spaces clear in front of the convenient store. Parking is also available across the street. If you are dropping supplies, donated items, etc. please drop and move to clear out space for next vehicle to unload. Be mindful of your surroundings, lock car doors, store away valuables and “if you see something say something”.

We really appreciate all the positive vibes surrounding RPM of late and it is making a huge dent in the save rate at BARC. We have seen the “save rate” spike up from around 45% to over 70%. Now that is progress folks and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support. WE ARE AT 1342 SAVED SINCE SEPTEMBER 2013!

Please sign up for our local TRANSPORT and FOSTER HOME email distribution list. These are both very important roles and we need more temporary fosters and as many transporters as we can get.

Hopefully, the winter weather will be in the past. If not, we can just wrap up in some donated doggie blankets. Oh come on, you know you’re guilty! If you have any questions, please let Dana Blankenship know at  dblankenship@capitolservices.com. We look forward to seeing everybody on the 15th.


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