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Sometimes we wish we could do a composite of all the people who are helping RPM save the lives of all these pets, but there’d be even more photos than those you see below. Thank you to everyone. Please enjoy a look at these beautiful dogs and cats who made the journey to their new homes last week.

Success Story Sunday: Hank

IMG_0835 IMG_0838

Dear RPM,

Thought you might like a quick update on Hank.

We have been busy with lots of walks and adventures since Hank arrived. I took these photos after our hour long morning walk this morning. Hank is quite intrigued with the prairie dogs out here! He walks very well on a leash. We are working on “sit” but he really doesn’t seem interested in treats. We will have to find something else that interests him enough to aid in learning. As I write this he is snoozing by me in the office. He is such a happy boy.

Thanks again to you, all your volunteers, and the staff at Winrock Animal Hospital. It took a village to get Hank to us. We are so grateful.

If you’ve adopted an RPM dog or cat and would like to share your story, please email timothy@rescuedpetsmovement.org

RPM is hiring.


RPM is looking to hire a Foster Care Coordinator who would work under our Director of Foster Care. The wage will be hourly, and the hours will be varied (and could include a call or two in the middle of the night). The position requires a friendly, motivated, patient, and organized individual to work with our lovely foster parents and consult with them on any issues they may be having with their foster pet(s).

We believe that RPM is made up of the most awesome people in the whole wide world to work with. On that note, other job requirements include acceptance of sarcasm, capability to love all types of people (even the offbeat ones), ears of steel when it comes to hearing people curse, and . . . oh . . . putting up with at least one mental/emotional breakdown from at least one of us per week.

Please refer any interested individuals to Katie at katie@rescuedpetsmovement.org.

Thank you!

Cindy the Dog Says Thank You!

We wanted to take a moment to update you on Sweet Cindy, the Fighter. Many of you will remember what bad shape she was in when we sent out a plea for funds to help her. With her skin separating from her body and when euthanasia seemed to be the only humane option. However, we hoped there would be a better option for her.


We moved her to Colorado where our rescue partner and her veterinarians immediately went to work on her rehabilitation. We are beyond thrilled to say that she is doing splendidly. A couple of pictures are below. Our Colorado friend asked us to forgive her for the blurry pictures, but she could not get Cindy to sit still long enough to get a decent shot. We think that it is fabulous that this crazy kid is so healthy now that clear pictures are an impossibility.

cindynow2 cindynow1

Her skin is completely healed, and she romps and plays all day–she finally gets to be a puppy! She’s also ready to go to a forever home.

Thank you to each of you who donated for her care and offered her words of support and encouragement. It is that kind of energy that helps RPM save animals like Cindy, and we are excited to continue to be able to do that with your help. To make additional donations to help us help others like Cindy, please feel free to visit our Donation page and make a contribution. Thank you!

It’s a dog’s life

Last week was a busy one for RPM, with lots of dogs pulled and needing fosters in preparation for traveling to Colorado. Here are the lucky dogs and cats who made that journey last week.

Thank you to everyone who has a part in finding homes from the tiniest kitten to the senior-most dog. We’re edging closer to that 2000 mark, and we’re always aware that isn’t only a number. It’s lives saved thanks to donors, volunteers, transporters, fosters, vet staff, and boarders like all of you. You’re amazing!

Success Story Saturday: Slade.

2014-03-30 14.06.28 2014-03-30 14.06.59

Today’s story is about Slade, who was moved to a partner rescue in Colorado a couple of weeks ago. Almost immediately after he arrived, we received the following message from our rescue partner:

Hi! A good friend of mine just adopted Slade! She fell in love with him when he spent the night at her Denver condo–he didn’t even have time to go to a foster home!…He’s such a sweetie pie, and so far he’s getting along great with her pack of dogs and 3 cats. I fell in love with him, too, and I’m so happy I’ll get to see him, since she lives around the corner from me. 🙂

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