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Just in time for Spring cleaning–a Garage Sale benefiting Rescued Pets Movement! One of our volunteers in Pearland is organizing a garage sale to benefit RPM on Saturday, April 26th, 7 AM, at 4002 Wilton Court. Please go through your closets, garages, and nooks and crannies and contact Natalie at nevoss@live.com or (832)527-7501 to arrange drop off or pick up of your items. As always, we appreciate your continued support!

Success Story Saturday: Buddy (né Ruger).


I’m willing to bet anyone who has met Ruger and read the title of this post is very excited to know how he’s doing. I suspect Ruger has never met anyone he doesn’t like, because he’s one of those dogs who has nothing but love and affection for everyone he meets. I can never understand how dogs like him are turned in to BARC. The first time I met Ruger he was hanging out with us on Transport Day and would go home afterward with Jon, one of our volunteers who agreed to foster Ruger for us. I crouched down to say hello on his level and Ruger leaned against me and lay his big head on my shoulder. Nothing but love from the big lug. Everyone had nothing but praise for Ruger that day, and he soaked up their love as if he were a dog shaped sponge.


While he had him, Jon had nothing but good things to say about Ruger. I’m sure if he could talk, Ruger would say the feeling was mutual, because Jon took very good care of him. We quickly had interest from a Colorado adopter and Ruger returned to Transport Day, this time as a passenger and not just an observer. He was transported to Colorado at the end of March. Everyone was sorry to see him leave, but happy someone was willing to give him a chance. Tears were shed for both reasons.


I’m happy to say I received an email from Kiersten, who coordinated Ruger’s Colorado adoption, and she said that when they met his adopter “dropped to the ground in work clothes and started playing with him and ruger was in heaven!” In a more recent email Kiersten said this:

Things are going well! He has been renamed as Buddy and he is close to perfect! Bobby, the adopter, is head over heels. He keeps going on about how smart he is and he’s so excited to get him into training to see how much he can learn!


Go west

It’s spring and a young dog’s heart turns to travel. Here are most of those who boarded the van on the most recent RPM transport. Some of the dogs were so eager to get on the road that they didn’t pause to have their photos taken, and a shy mama cat and kittens were also on board. All were delivered safe and sound and will soon be in their forever homes.

RPM is able to pull dogs and cats from BARC at ever-increasing numbers thanks to all the fosters, transporters, vets, other volunteers, and the terrific people in Colorado who open their hearts to these animals. Here are a few people who were there to make transport day happen. Thank you to everyone who donates money, time, services, and supplies. You’re making change for good!

RPM needs cat fosters!

We’re very pleased to say that RPM needs cat fosters! Because we’ve recently partnered with some amazing cat rescue organizations, we’ve ramped up our cat program and are rescuing more cats from BARC. We have some mamas and nursing kittens that need foster care, as well as some young single cats.

If can open your heart and home to them, please email katie@rescuedpetsmovement.org ASAP. If you haven’t fostered before and would like to, please fill out our foster form. RPM covers all vetting and fostering costs. If you can’t foster but can open your wallet to help fund their foster care, we’d appreciate any donations you can offer.

Griffin, one of our fosters, sent us the below video in which you can see her foster kittens, Simone, Sangria, Sake and Summer playing and having a good time.

A cancellation.

Dear Friends,

We wanted to let you know that Rescued Pets Movement has discontinued its participation in the 2014 Steele Red Carpet Party. For ticket purchasers whom we have been unable to personally contact, please email us at info@rescuedpetsmovement.org so that we may refund your donation. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at our
RPM Crawfish Boil on Saturday, May 3rd!

Thank you,

Success Story Saturday (on Monday): Cyrus (né Davy)

Oops. On Saturday I posted on Facebook about how we saved 112 dogs and 43 cats last week. Which is a total of 155 adoptable pets saved. A success story in itself, I was so excited about that information that I forgot to post Success Story Saturday. Here it is now! This story is about Cyrus–originally named Davy–a scared and timid dog who tested low positive for heartworms, but was adopted by Molly two days after he became an RPM adoption dog. We’re very glad to hear he’s thriving with Molly and is well loved!


[Cyrus] is GREAT! Honestly, I can’t believe how lucky I got, and how meant to be [adopting him] was. He’s amazing while I’m at work and so friendly to everything and everybody! We started obedience training a few weeks ago–and he’s STUBBORN when he’s at training, but at home, he’s great! I’ve started looking for houses with yards, because he needs a place to run around. You really were right; this breed is well behaved and easy to train.

The article I read on the RPM website that talks about not transporting heartworm positive dogs* just breaks my heart. Cy wouldn’t be mine if I had waited a couple of weeks! I truly hope this goes away. It’s ridiculous!

Thank you again for saving him. He was clearly meant to be mine! I took this picture of him in his favorite spot – enjoy!

Update 4/16: Molly posted the following on our Facebook page today.
Cy (success story Saturday on 4/7) graduated from kindergarten a couple of weeks ago!! Can’t get over how much I appreciate RPM for rescuing this amazing dog!!

*Ed. Note: She’s referring to A Response From RPM Regarding Recent Media Statements., March 3, 2014.

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