A letter from Mauricio.

On May 29, 2014, Rescued Pets Movement moved 99 dogs and 36 cats to Colorado. Because there were so many cats being transported (yay!), we decided to send them in a special “cat only” van so they could enjoy a quieter and calmer environment. This meant sending three vans, which meant we needed someone to drive it. We asked our friends at BARC if they knew of anyone who would want to make the trip and Mauricio Zepeda said he wanted to do it.

Mauricio is BARC’s Foster and Rescue Coordinator, and he’s well known (and well liked) by many people in Houston’s rescue community. Part of his job is to market dogs and cats to rescue organizations and try to find places for them to go so they don’t get put to sleep. We’re constantly pestering Mauricio with questions about this dog’s skin condition, that cat’s spay status, or that puppy’s broken leg, and he always gamely answers. Missing records? No problem. Mauricio is on it. Sometimes our rescue partners contact him directly with questions about the dogs and cats we send them, and they report back to us that he always answers professionally and knowledgeably. Colorado thinks Mauricio is just as wonderful as we do. We wish BARC could clone him, so we could have a Mauricio, too.

image010But we didn’t have to clone him on May 29th, because Mauricio had some time off from BARC and wanted to drive a van for us. We were excited for him because we know he loves being able to help Houston’s homeless dogs and cats go to good homes, and now he’d be able to go up there and see them delivered to our rescue partners, their fosters, and even some adopters. After the journey was completed, Mauricio sent us the following email.

Transporting cats and dogs from Houston to Denver for RPM was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I was selected to drive their cat van and helped transport 36 beautiful felines. Driving up to Colorado and absorbing the landscape while hearing a symphony of meowing was quite an experience. I got to think about how much I truly enjoy my role in helping these dogs and cats. Being able to participate in the delivery of these cuties that I saw enter the shelter without knowing if they would make it or not is indeed gratifying. […]It was awesome to meet some of the other rescue groups that I have been in contact with from Colorado, and very heartwarming to see the smiles and joy of some of the adopters when they met their new family member for the first time. I really appreciated the professionalism of the drivers and all the RPM family.

I look forward to the continuous partnership between BARC and RPM to save more lives and create more happy families.

I can’t wait for my next trip!
Mauricio Zepeda, Foster & Rescue Coordinator – BARC Outreach


Success Story Saturday: Mary.

Today’s success story is about Mary, who was moved out of BARC at the end of 2013 and stayed with Houston foster mom, Heide. Mary was very timid and Heide said “When I had her, it took a while for her to come out of herself[…] I remember raking the lawn one day and she went running and hiding under the deck. She didn’t come back out until a while after I put the rake away. I’ve never had a dog afraid of a rake before. […] I feel so bad when she gets scared like that.” At the beginning of February Mary was transported to Colorado foster mom, Holly, who took care of her and helped us find the right home for her. Holly worked with a trainer on Mary’s trust issues and made great progress in rebuilding her confidence. At the beginning of May we received the following email and the above photo from Holly, after a long search for the perfect home for Mary:

Hi guys. Hannah just loves Mary and says she’s doing really well. She spends a lot of time with Hannah riding horses and playing with other dogs. Hannah works at a nursing home and Mary gets to ride along and see some of the patients there sometimes. She was very shy with me, but when my kids approached her, she warmed up and seemed to remember them. It was really sweet. She’s a great girl and she was so lucky to find such a great home! Seeing her made my day and hopefully will do the same for you.


Robyn Arouty’s Pocketshots for RPM

Robyn Arouty is bringing Pocketshots back! Pocketshots are totally fun all day portrait photography events designed to raise money for animal welfare organizations & get stellar family photos on your walls at the same time. $25 from every session scheduled is donated to the selected organization. This year it’s RPM! See http://www.robynarouty.com/pocketshots/ for more info on how to book your session and help RPM! Thank you, Robyn!

DATE: Saturday, July 19th (8A-6P)
LOCATION: Robyn’s studio at 2220-E Commerce Street Houston, TX 77002 (Just east of Minute Maid Park. Cross the RR tracks & make an immediate right onto gravel drive that leads behind the warehouses. Park near Unit E)
FEE: $149 which includes: 30-minute photo session, creative fee, private online proofing gallery, (1) 8”x10” print & (1) digital image for you to share on Facebook (photographer’s favorite picks). Maximum (2) pets/(2) people per session. Please purchase (2) back-to-back sessions for all larger groups.

2. Select July 19th & an appointment time.
3. Pay online via paypal.

Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s true that it’s raining a little here in Houston. Even if the sun is shining where you are, Monday’s always the right day to see puppies and kitties. We have them for you from last week’s transport. Enjoy!

Thank you as always to everyone who fosters, nurtures, drives, walks, cleans, feeds, pets, cuddles, and plays with these animals who’ve been given a second chance thanks to your efforts and financial support. Because of you, lives are saved. That’s a reason to feel great on Monday and every day.

A Letter from Farfel’s Farm in Colorado


We received this lovely note and pictures this morning and wanted to share them with all of you. We often hear people questioning what RPM does: how we manage to save the number of dogs and cats that we do (2,467 transferred to date!), whether our pets are in good health when they arrive in Colorado, and whether the pets we save are going to reputable rescues there. We hope this letter and these pictures shed some light on those questions and put a smile on your face like it did ours.

We want to say “Thank You” to each of you — our volunteers, fosters, local transporters, drivers, donors, and word-spreaders — who make it possible for RPM to do what it does.

Thank you,

Your Friends at Rescued Pets Movement

A Note from Farfel’s Farm Rescue
in Colorado About Its Mission
and RPM
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Sandy Calvin. My partner Jeff Richey and I have owned Farfel’s Farm (farfels.com), a dog & cat boutique on the lovely Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder for the last 10 years.

Farfel’s Rescue (farfelsrescue.com) was born 9 years ago of our passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Our long-term goal has always been to use our rescue experiences to set up spay/neuter educational programs for school-age children. They can have such a profound impact on their parents’ decisions. Our hope is that these kids will grow up to understand the importance of fixing all pets and consequently watch our severe overpopulation numbers go down until euthanizing for space is an antiquated memory.

We have set out on a mission to save as many lives as possible in a responsible and loving way. With the aid of Colorado State University Veterinary Science Center, as well as rescue-friendly vets and trainers, we set up a program that has met with great success.

The concept is to procure a commitment upon arrival from Texas for a 2-week foster with intention of adopting. During this period, Farfel’s provides premium food, a safe harness, treats and chew toys as well as vet care for any issues that may arise. We also require a 5-page application process (with follow-up with any questions or concerns), initial interviewing of all family members, home visits with photos, and reference checks with vets and neighbors. These dogs deserve no less! If at any time in this 2-week period the potential adopters perceive it’s not a match, we move the pup into a Farfel’s foster home to work on any behavioral challenges that may have arisen. We are so grateful and thrilled that this program has met with incredible success.

We are very excited with the responsible placement of almost 450 dogs in 2013 — 3 becoming Meeters & Greeters at retirement communities, 6 joining families as companions to autistic children, 1 becoming a service dog for a hearing impaired 3-year old child, 2 becoming wheel chair companions for paraplegic veterans, and 4 becoming the life-line for dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. I’m sure you can understand our gratitude (as well as that of families that these dogs have bestowed their gifts on) to Rescued Pets Movement and the gift they’re bestowing in both Colorado and Texas.

We had never before experienced the professionalism, loving care, and meticulous follow through that is evident on each and every RPM transport. We are always aware that if a problem arises (and isn’t that the very nature of what we’re trying to accomplish?), an RPM representative is always there with support, advice, and follow through to effectively deal with any issue. And this is all offered with the utmost of respect and caring concern. I feel completely safe in saying that this loving and responsible help (with follow through) is highly unusual in the frenetic rescue world.

I look forward to saving many more Texas lives with the guidance and partnership of RPM. It really does take a village to accomplish our goal of a “kill-free nation.” RPM and the city of Houston have brought us a very important step forward in fulfilling our goals.

I’ve attached photos to give real-life insight into the manifestation of all our efforts and its impact in the community.

Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the animals.

Best Regards

Sandy Calvin

Roll With It

Ninety-nine dogs and thirty-six cats made the journey to Colorado last week. We have photos of most of them!

Every week we’re grateful for the effort, time, and donations you’re willing to give to make sure these precious ones find their new forever homes. When we see those who’ve been discarded, abused, or neglected snuggle with you, play with other dogs, and sometimes even jump on the vans without help, eager for new adventures, we know that would never happen without the love and time you’ve given them during fostering. And the many ways you pitch in on transport day, shuttling dogs, holding them for their vet checks and photos, handing them over to the drivers, show the amount of dedication you have. We have to give a special shout-out this week to those who took over getting the special Cat Van ready to roll. The RPM cats traveled in safety and comfort toward new and brighter lives.

If you want to know how you can volunteer, or if you have ideas for volunteering that we might not have thought of, please complete our volunteer form. We are always looking for people to transport dogs from BARC to fosters or boarders; sometimes that one act is the difference of life and death to a dog or cat! And if you’d like to foster, there’s a form for that, too!

THANK YOU EVERYONE, including our dedicated drivers who deliver the RPM dogs and cats safely to their Colorado rescuers.

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