Success Story Wednesday: Wilson (formerly Phantom)

This update comes to us via rescue partner 4 Paws 4 Life. We appreciate everything they do, from working with us to save Houston’s homeless pets to sending us information when possible about the homes they find for them. Phantom is a great example of that!

Phantom’s new name is Wilson, and he is adjusting very well. Wilson knows how to sit and is enjoying walks throughout the neighborhood and on nearby trails. His favorite toys are a stuffed duck, a plastic bowl, tennis balls, and knotted socks. He’s fully crate trained and prefers his crate or the laundry pile during nap time. It’s been fun to see him grow so much over the last several weeks!

Thanks for checking in.

Erik and Lauren

Success Story Tuesday: Max (formerly known as Tonka)

To atone for my lack of Success Story postings in August, I’m posting one every day this week. Today’s success story is about Tonka, who was adopted by a great family last July and is now named Max. From the photos above and note below, it sounds like Max is finally home.

My husband Dan and I, along with our 12 year old son and 13 year old daughter adopted Tonka on Saturday, July 12. We live in [redacted for privacy] a suburb of Denver, and have a large yard as well as a huge park with hiking trails directly behind our home. First off, he is SUCH a joy to be around. We fell in love with him almost immediately and our kids cannot get enough of him. Our daughter asks that I put him on her bed when I leave for work in the morning, and my husband is thrilled to finally have a little boy puppy in the house! He adores the little guy. Tonka, who we now call Max, now has two big sisters, a one year old Rottweiler named Maggie and a four year old Tabby cat named Molly. They all get along SO well. Max walks past the cat like meh, there’s a cat and doesn’t seem to care at all that she is around. Max and Maggie are amazing together! They share toys, can both drink from the same water bowl at the same time–found that out by accident!–and they have no problems kenneling themselves when they’ve played too hard and need a break. We leave their crate doors open during the day and let them go in and out as they need to, to rest. The kids are amazing helpers while they are at home this summer. As they are home most days the doggies have only had to be kenneled overnight while we sleep. Max has had NO potty accidents and is such a quiet little thing. He will sit patiently by the backdoor until someone realizes it’s time for him to step outside. He is having no trouble eating all of his food like a big boy. He has gotten so good at “sit” that we have no trouble getting him to follow with absolutely no gestures, only the command! Maggie just graduated at the top of her class in obedience and we hope to get Max on the same program soon.

Thanks again,
Dan and April

Success Story Monday: Titus.

I’ve been very lax about updating our Success Story features and I apologize for that profusely! To atone, I’m going to do a Success Story post every day of this week. I’ll start with Titus, whose adopters posted the above photo on our Facebook page and sent the following message:

Just wanted to let the person who foster Titus know that he made it safely to Colorado and we adopted him the next day. I think [RPM’s] foster must have worked a lot with him, because he appears to be house trained and has caught on to sit, stay, come, shake, down and rollover. Crate training and staying off the furniture is a work in progress. Thank you so much for saving him for us.

I’ll Follow the Sun

It’s that time again–to look back at last week and celebrate all the wonderful dogs and cats whose lives you saved by providing transport, shelter, food, monetary assistance, and lots of love until they traveled to Colorado.

We know the goodbyes can be tough, but always remember their forever homes are on the end of that long journey thanks to you! We think you’re fantastic!

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