Success Story Sunday: Ninja & Minnie Cooper

Fosters! Do you complete a Foster Report Card or send a letter for each of your temporary babies? Aside from it being a cathartic way to say goodbye, foster insights into the personality of each foster baby can greatly help with placement and transition into their forever homes in Colorado. If you choose to provide your contact information on the report card, you may even receive updates from some families!

One of our RPM fosters sent both Ninja and Minnie Cooper to our rescue partners in Colorado. She recently received these photos and word from their forever families that both are doing great and loving their new lives! It’s great to hear that Ninja and Minnie are doing so well!


Minnie Cooper - Success StoryMinnie Cooper

If you need a copy of the Foster Report Card, contact our lovely foster coordinators and they can get a soft copy sent to you. Just complete the details and bring a printed copy to Transport!

Rescued Pets Movement is Hiring.

Rescued Pets Movement is hiring registered veterinary technicians. Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested in the position. Please submit resumes to Kiersten Thoma at to be considered for an interview. See the job description below. Thank you!

Veterinary Technician
Rescued Pets Movement – Houston, TX
Job Title: Veterinary Technician

Pay Range: $12.00-$18.00/hr, negotiable. Salary is commensurate with experience, education, and qualifications.


Performs a variety of semi-technical and technical animal health tasks encompassing animal management, diagnostic laboratory and surgical procedures, and therapy and treatment techniques.


• Assists the veterinarian with emergency animal treatment, routine examinations, and vaccinations.
• May transport animals from cages and restrain animals weighing up to 120 pounds for injections, medication and examination; may administer selected medications.
• Assists veterinarian with surgery, including sterilization of instruments and surgical area, animal prep, and monitoring of vital signs; monitors post-operative recovery and reports changes in condition.
• Conduct daily exams of animals.
• Prepare vet records for weekly transport.
• Prepares specimens and performs diagnostic laboratory tests (e.g., microscopic egg counts, etc.).
• Maintains animal health and surgical records.
• May feed and water animals and clean cages and runs.
• May be required to travel out-of-state to support animal transport operations.
• Possesses a “can do” attitude and willing to get the job done.
• Performs other duties as requested.


Requires an Associate’s of Applied Science degree. American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Certification and/or training in accordance with the A.A.L.A.S. is preferred.

Registered vet techs are preferred.

Must be proficient in Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and shelter management software.


At least one year of directly related experience as a veterinary technician working in shelter medicine, spay/neuter clinic, wellness clinic, or private veterinary practice is preferred.

Animal handling and husbandry experience is highly desired.

Must possess a stable work history.


Requires the ability to make closely coordinated eye/hand movements within very fine tolerance and/or calibration demands; or the ability to make rapid closely coordinated eye/hand movements on a patterned response space within somewhat fine tolerance demands; or the ability to make coordinated eye/hand movements within fine tolerances with large equipment as an extension of the worker.

Highway Toward Home

You’ve seen a few photos from this group on the road and arriving in Colorado. Now see all the dogs and cats who made the trip toward their forever homes last week!

We couldn’t do it without our entire team of fosters, transporters, volunteers, donors, drivers, and Colorado partners. Plus a big thank you to BARC and our vets.

Success Story Sunday: Quinn (formerly Rocky)

Success Story - RockyQuinn

Quinn (formerly Rocky) was surrendered to BARC at only eight months old, and had clearly already had a tough time. He had spent his young life tied up and showed signs of having had an imbedded collar. No doubt due to this difficult start, this sweet little dog had a tendency to be shy and nervous, especially when on a leash or around other dogs.

Little did he know, his life was about to change forever. Volunteer Brandi saw his photo on a RPM email, and he became her personal mission. She worked tirelessly to get him noticed and even raised donations for him. When he landed in the hospital, she only pushed harder to save this sweet guy’s life. As he struggled back to health, word was spread of Rocky’s Wish – “If I don’t make it, save another dog in my memory.”

Happily, he did make it, and RPM was able to pull and send him to one of our rescue partners in Colorado. He was adopted into a new family, and his new mother Megan has let us know that he is very happy in his new home:

Each new adventure we approach with caution as Mr. Quinn can still be timid. He loves going to work with me and is even starting to play with the 15month old twins. We have found out that he can open gates and doors with the handles! Yikes! But we’re confident that he knows, we are now his home.

It’s great to see this sweet boy in a loving home, working through his insecurities, and coming into himself!

Giving Tuesday


Dear Friend of RPM,

Today is #GivingTuesday, a global movement celebrating the spirit of generosity and promoting charitable giving. Today, I am writing to ask you to help us promote Rescued Pets Movement — and consider a financial gift to show your support.

RPM’s mission is to provide a second chance for thousands of Houston’s homeless dogs and cats through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the country that have a need for adoptable pets. So many people have joined the movement to help Houston’s shelter animals, and we are so thankful for you.

Today, we are asking all of our supporters to help share RPM’s message with pictures of their foster pet(s) and the hashtags #JointheMovement and #GivingTuesday on social media.

Here are two ways you can support us this #GivingTuesday:

1. Promote RPM on Social Media! You can promote a link to our website donation page via any social media channel. ( Just be sure to use #JointheMovement and #GivingTuesday in your posts.

2. Support RPM financially! Donations are easy to make on our donations page.

Over 4,000 Houston dogs and cats were saved from death row this year, and we want to expand that number by at least 30% this-coming year. But we need your financial support to make it happen.

Will you help? It costs just $75 to sponsor a transport for one pet or $145 to sponsor a pet’s veterinary and foster care — and $220 to fund the entire cost to save one pet. We greatly appreciate any contribution. We just ask that you make one today — on #GivingTuesday.

With our deepest thanks for your consideration and support. All of us at RPM wish you a very happy holiday season.

– Laura Carlock
Rescued Pets Movement, Co-Founder, Co-President, Treasurer

Monday Morning

Last week because of the holiday, our transport day was on Monday, and there was nothing blue or gloomy about it for the dogs and cats who left for their new homes in Colorado. Here are the ones who made the trip.

We spent the rest of the week placing more dogs and cats from BARC with our fosters and being thankful for those who foster, transport, volunteer, rescue, donate, fundraise, and otherwise support RPM. We are always grateful to have you on the team!

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