Pride of the Caravan

Every week the numbers of dogs and cats saved thanks to our partnerships with BARC, our volunteers, fosters, and donors, and our Colorado rescuers break new records. We always celebrate these wonderful lives by remembering they are not only numbers. They have faces and names and so much love and loyalty to give to everyone who cares for them on each part of their journey. They inspire us!

1. Honey 2. Dusty 3. May 4. Bella 5. McHale 6. Dewey 7. Darcey 8. Blue 9. Annie 10. Kerchak 11. Blue’s babies Bizzy and Baxley 12. Ruben 13. Satchel 14. Puck 15. Patsy 16. Oliver 17. Sarah 18. Kube 19. Captain 20. Leif 21. Honey 22. Tova 23. Prince 24. Gatsby 25. Plato 26. Bailey 27. Squash
1. Pearl 2. Lilah 3. Jasper 4. Puffy 5. Bannock 6. Luther 7. Chula 8. Erling 9. Emmett 10. Cane 11. Macho 12. Chasty 13. Hanson 14. Pancho 15. Cari Beth 16. Goober 17. Olivia 18. Elway 19. Fletch 20. Casey 21. Hoffman 22. Pepper 23. Misti 24. Moab
1. Cleo 2. Moses 3. Danny 4. Puppy with her baby Pip 5. Winston 6. Walter 7. Kenny 8. Libby 9. Karla 10. Princess 11. Stärkste 12. Jill 13. Jesse 14. Barkley 15. Nikky 16. Scrumptious and Shortstack 17. Tanner 18. Teddy
1. Heaven’s puppies not in order: Hubbell, Herrick, Halston, Holly, Helia, Hooper, Hana, Hyacinth, and Harnish 2. Heaven 3. Melissa 4. Tippy TuTu and Mister Mew 5. Madge 6. Christopher 7. Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy 8. Betty 9. Cheyenne 10. Carrie and Mr. Big 11. Axle 12. Oreo 13. Mallory

They aren’t the only ones who inspire us. Thank you to every person who finds a way to contribute your time, energy, and resources to save them. You do good work!

Success Story Sunday – Basil

Oh what a difference a few months of love can make!! Last fall, Basil arrived at BARC in sad shape – he was extremely emaciated, weighing less than 30 pounds, and was battling a case of mange. RPM pulled him and sent him to one of our Colorado partners, and he’s hardly recognizable anymore! He happened across his forever family at the dog park and has since doubled in size. From his forever family:

“We met Basil while on a walk at Chatfield Dog Park and fell in love with him. He gradually grew and put on weight and now weighs a whopping 60 lbs and is very tall and sturdy. He brings much mischief and joy into our home and is a great doggy brother to our other adopted dog, Thor. Thank you so much for saving this dog and bringing him into our lives.”

We’re so happy that he found a loving family to nurture and help him grow into the dog that he is today!

BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
Thor & Basil


Driving Along

Last week’s trip to Colorado was the new chance these beautiful faces were looking for!

1. Max 2. Jelly 3. Peanutbutter 4. Helen 5. Dancey 6. Daxton 7. Debra 8. Pretty Girl 9. Eli 10. Bobby 11. Benny 12. Luigi 13. Georgio 14. Rosey 15. Rosey’s puppies Reece, Raisin, Riddle, and Rya 16. Prissy 17. Keats 18. Gennetta 19. Penny 20. Sweety 21. Sweety’s pups Squire, Saxon, Sable, Silk, and Satin
1. Alice 2. Miss Clara 3. Enzo 4. Fai 5. Boomer 6. Sunny 7. Woolworth 8. Carlisle 9. Mercy 10. Melody 11. Memory 12. Zuzu 13. Pia and Patrice 14. Riley 15. Diamond 16. Clipper 17. Sandie Rose 18. Falcor 19. Honey 20. Oreo 21. Dublin 22. Kyle 23. Sammy
1. Jett 2. Mike 3. Grisham 4. Darius 5. Damon and Deshawn 6. Dena 7. Dillon 8. Cupcake 9. Kane 10. Bandit 11. Tucker 12. Butterscotch 13. Molloy 14. Jassie, Jenny, Jerry, and Jillian 15. Manda 16. Russo 17. Alger, Akira, Abby, Alex, and Amber 18. Ziggy with Zeke, Zandra, Zeta, Zoya, and Zuzu
1. Addie with Arla and Anya 2. Bingo 3. Nile 4. Mingus 5. Colonel 6. McDermott 7. Meryl 8. Markus 9. Maxfield 10. Fallon 11. Wranger 12. Breeze 13. Austin 14. Genessa 15. Genessa’s pups Ginny, Gypsy, Gemma, and Gigi
1. Samantha 2. Helios 3. Mary 4. Molly 5. Frijoleto 6. Jack 7. Fifi 8. Bebe 9. Lauren and Aurora 10. Benjamin 11. Bailey 12. Barney 13. Leslie

We thank everyone so much for helping us get them to their new homes!

Success Story Sunday – Riley (formerly Flora)

We have word that Riley (formerly Flora) is doing great in her forever home in Colorado!! Her new brother, Bear, is adjusting to sharing the attention, but they are becoming good friends. As a former Houstonite, Riley found the snow to be a little disorienting (“Where did everything go??”), but she enjoys playing in it when it isn’t too cold. She loves tennis balls, stuffed animals, and anything squeaky. She’s using the doggy door, working on house training, and her basic commands are improving. She already knows “no” and “come,” and is getting better at “sit.” It’s wonderful to hear that Riley is doing well, learning, and growing in her forever home!

Flora2 Flora3 Flora4 Flora5Flora1

Lucky Day

An RPM dog or cat knows you don’t have to be Irish to be lucky. You just need a team of volunteers, transporters, fosters, rescuers, vets, donors, and drivers to get you from bad luck at the pound to a forever home at the end of the rainbow. So last week, these dogs and cats didn’t mind a little rain as they caught their ride to Colorado.

1. Picard 2. Moustache 3. Heller 4. Cotton 5. Tony 6. Gish 7. Grier 8. Ivory 9. Hannah 10. Bart 11. Wetta 12. Blondie 13. Chastity 14. Whisper 15. Gilda, Glade, and Godiva 16. Campbell 17. Lin 18. Ying 19. Margie 20. Max 21. Goldie 22. Sophie 23. Grover
1. Jacen 2. Carla 3. Remi 4. Malia 5. Icy 6. Natalie 7. Nava 8. Chaka 9. Chispa 10. Mini 11. Howdy 12. Kermit 13. Brownie 14. Lamar 15. Oreo 16. Mr. Cookie 17. Tucker 18. Avalon 19. Piper 20. Pongo 21. Fleuret 22. Foss 23. Frappe 24. Bronson
1. Champ 2. Hero 3. Brave 4. Rebel 5. Molly 6. Molly’s puppies Maxwell, Morgana, and Meggie 7. Micah 8. Maaz 9. Mizar and Meshach 10. Landau, Ledyard, Logos, and Luff 11. Loreal and Lemma 12. Jersey 13. Sheryl 14. Ressa 15. Boda
1. Lee 2. Angela 3. Quasar 4. Jacoby 5. Faith 6. JJ 7. Fagin 8. Forby 9. Farris 10. Kodiak 11. Juliette 12. Sam 13. Rumble 14. Julie 15. Chico 16. Toad 17. Yoshi 18. Peach 19. Wario 20. Silvia 21. Myra 22. Zeta 23. Lorenzo
1. Bebe 2. Bebe’s pups Blake, Baylee, Biddy, Brenna, Byrony, Briggs, and Britta 3. Hadleigh 4. Saki 5. Chester, Lewis, and Tom 6. Steen 7. Praline 8. Braun 9. Delilah Mya 10. Jannie with Joshua, Jacob, Jonah, and Jeremy 11. Amaretto 12. Barbette 13. Carmela 14. Cappucino 15. Barbette’s puppies Bethel, Bracken, and Baretta 16. Kahlua 17. Mocha 18. Java

Thank you from all of us to everyone willing to make the sun shine for these lucky dogs and cats!

Success Story Sunday – Nelson (formerly Channing)

We pull many heartworm positive dogs from BARC. It’s an easily curable illness, but costly and stigmatized. These dogs have less time at the shelter, and fewer foster and rescue opportunities once they are pulled. Luckily, we have friends like 4 Paws 4 Life! 4P4L has a wonderful program called Heart to Heart ( that specifically targets and prevents these dogs from falling through the cracks.

Nelson (formerly Channing) started heartworm treatment as soon as he was pulled from BARC and was accepted into the Heart to Heart program in Colorado. He was quickly adopted by Alicia, who is completing Nelson’s treatments with 4P4L’s help. From Alicia:

Channing (now Nelson) is doing great. When I adopted him he was heartworm positive, but he’s just wrapping up his treatment this week and is getting spunkier and healthier every day. We’ve mastered sit, down and his favorite: “sit like people.” He’s definitely a momma’s boy; loves cuddling, sitting on my lap and being brushed. We get stopped on the street all the time with people wanting to pet him and asking what he is…I’m still trying to figure that one out!

It’s great to hear that Nelson is recovering and happily settling into his new home. We’re so lucky to have such amazing partners up north that help us give scruffies like Nelson another chance at life!

Nelson’s Shelter Photo

Nelson2 Nelson3 Nelson4

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