Rolling, rolling, rolling

Here are the dogs and cats who went rolling along safely to Colorado last week thanks to our donors, fosters, rescue partners, BARC, drivers, transporters, volunteers, staff, and vet associates. From death row to snow: We think it’s a good trade!

1. Owasso 2. Marigold 3. Luke 4. Clyde 5. Chocolate 6. Elisbeth 7. Prieta 8. Tigra 9. Kia 10. Olympia 11. Simba 12. Wagner 13. Fanta 14. Hayden 15. Ulysses 16. Rain 17. Rick 18. Honeybee 19. Peluda 20. Razzy 21. Khaki and Kier 22. Wonder and Willow 23. Orville
1. Kenwyn 2. Kimber and Kasha 3. Kayla 4. Ricker 5. Emil 6. Libi 7. Kroy 8. Kava 9. Kep 10. Junior 11. Collin 12. Valley 13. Gretchen 14. Kyrie and Kersey 15. Kismet 16. Lyndsey 17. Pelona 18. Nakoma 19. Fleer 20. Alyson 21. Alamo 22. Lucky 23. Betty 24. Gideon 25. Madellaine 26. Chiquita
1. Debby, Dorothy Jean, David 2. Precious 3. Clark 4. Isaak 5. Iggy 6. Magellan 7. Pancho 8. Mindy 9. Persia, Pemberly, and Pawston 10. Princess 11. Marra 12. Chap 13. Toota 14. Jolene 15. Leonardo 16. Nichols 17. Rita 18. Bella 19. Benny 20. Ralph 21. Randy 22. Reba 23. Rowdy 24. Rafael 25. Sanibel
1. Muñeca 2. Mama and her puppies Maddox, Mungo, Minx, Micah, Mortie, Mateo, McCain, and Mackson 3. Fawna 4. Selah 5. Dove 6. Lynnie 7. Flanagan 8. Dayana 9. Blaine
1. Princess 2. Kalani 3. Noah 4. Marcella 5. Fontana 6. Frederick 7. Fitzgerald 8. Opie 9. Bugle 10. Serendipity 11. Juno 12. Klara 13. Danielle 14. Sasha 15. Hector 16. Hank 17. Lilly and Lucy 18. Lulu 19. Layla 20. Luna 21. Lacy

Thanks from all of us to all of you on their behalf.

Success Story Sunday – Turk

Turk was on one of the very first RPM transports, back in June 2013. The journey was difficult for our one lonely van, with delays due to illness, weather, and the awful Colorado wildfires of summer 2013. As always, it was worth the trouble. Everybody made it safely, and Turk went home with Bryan and Becca, who lovingly called him their “first child” when they picked him up. Well, Turk just turned two, and Bryan was nice enough to send us some updated photos! He has adjusted quite well to life in Colorado and he loves the snow, despite being born a southerner. He is part of the family and very much loved in his forever home. We’re so thrilled to see that Turk has grown into such a beautiful dog, and to hear updates like this from our earliest transports!

Turk 1 Turk 2

Where I’m Bound

Transport day is filled with a range of emotions, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are grateful for your laughter and your tears, your sense of purpose and dedication, and your eagerness to help however you can. You make the day easier for RPM and especially for these precious dogs and cats.

1. Waverly 2. Wilma 3. Nunu 4. Abe 5. Kate 6. Gavin 7. Clay 8. Cole and Clarisa 9. Seychelle 10. Tawny 11. Sonnet 12. Charles 13. Bernard 14. Honey 15. Pasha 16. Captain 17. Yardley 18. Hallie 19. Yetta 20. Yuki, Yaffa, and Yvonne
1. Biscuit 2. Fluffy 3. Minette 4. Warren 5. Nenna 6. Nilla 7. Buckle 8. Meteor 9. Lala 10. Oreo 11. Crockett 12. Amanda 13. Tiny 14. Mickey 15. Cocoa 16. Titan 17. Horace 18. Helene 19. Hudson 20. Athena 21. Moochie 22. Sable 23. Boris 24. Bettina 25. Werner 26. Duchess Van 27. Chancie
1. Tino 2. Negra 3. Negra’s puppies (not in order) Nadya, Nia, Nichelle, Nappy, Newel, Neenee, Nelly, Nipper, Niki, Nazzie 4. Taffeta and Tayson 5. Tristen 6. Cayce 7. April 8. Donatello 9. Astro 10. Suzy 11. Winnipeg 12. Whitby 13. Wichita 14. Witten 15. Wuhu 16. Malorie 17. Mugsy 18. Sasha 19. Waco 20. Walsall
1. Rhett 2. Gilda 3. Alfie 4. Capone 5. Windsor 6. Kennedy 7. Huache 8. Lotus 9. Sasha 10. Manny 11. Willa 12. Winslow 13. Weslyn 14. Woody 15. Nora 16. Nicole 17. Nixi 18. Caitlin 19. Careigh 20. Colleen 21. Conroy 22. Callum
1. Frost and Spade 2. Candy 3. Marie 4. Mary 5. Manny 6. Melinda 7. Matilda 8. Diana and her eight newborn puppies

Thank you as always to our volunteers, transporters, fosters, donors, BARC, rescue partners, staff, and medical associates for all you do. A special shout-out to our drivers who get our travelers safely to their destination so they can begin their new lives.

Success Story Sunday – Lucy

Poor, sweet Lucy (formerly Chica) arrived at BARC as a confiscation case. She had been left to die in an abandoned apartment without any food or water, and had been there for some time when she was finally found. As a victim of horrible circumstances, she was terrified when she arrived at BARC, and her fear and shyness lead to her being marked for behavior. She was an unlikely candidate for adoptions, but managed to earn extra time because of her pending abandonment case. Despite the extra time, she quickly found herself on BARC’s Length of Stay list and again in danger.

It was at this point that Lucy’s luck really began to improve. She was pulled from BARC by RPM and transported to one of our partners in Colorado. She was adopted immediately upon arrival, and her new family is absolutely thrilled with her. Despite her rough start in life, she holds no grudges and has been fantastic from the moment she arrived. She loves her new family, is already house trained, knows basic commands, and is even ignoring the cat.

Photo and comments from her new family:

Bella1Totally blissed out in a very weird position after her bath, which she was a perfect little lady for. She is definitely housebroken, can sit, shake, and almost lay down on command. Continues to be pretty much disinterested in the cat, and he felt safe enough to jump down and walk in front of her to get to his food. So smart, and so wiggly this morning that she was slapping herself in the face with her tail! We named her Lucy, and she is ours forever. Thank you so much!

We’re so thrilled to have been a part of Lucy’s second chance at life. She has grown into a wonderful ambassador for her breed, and how a little love can change a dog’s life.

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