Exciting News: Calling all cat lovers!

Please help us keep our cats stress free by sponsoring one of our new Cats Inn kitty condos. As you cat lovers know, more spacious and thoughtfully designed cat kennels will lead to a happier and more relaxed feline population at The Jack C. Alexander Building. They also cut down on the occurrence of upper respiratory infections.





After much research, we have chosen the lovely cat condos from The Cat’s Inn: Townhouses & Enclosures to provide a place for RPM cats and kittens to stay. Made from thermally fused 100% moisture-resistant commercial grade melamine, with tempered glass windows and air vents, each cat condo is two stories and has a private section for the litter box.

Make your donation here: http://live-rpm-transition.pantheonsite.io/donate/

Thank you for your support!

First Foster Friday: Ria.

Greetings Foster Parents! I’ve begun a new series of interviews with Rescued Pets Movement’s Foster Parents, exploring the subject of Letting Go. Fostering for RPM comes with a certain amount of vulnerability. We must all be vulnerable to this process in order for it to work. Whether you’re a new foster, a seasoned foster, an RPM staff member, or one of our board members, every single one of us has some level of anxiety when our fosters leave each Thursday. From drivers, to fosters, to rescue groups, to vets, to potential adopters, we put a lot of faith in what we do for these homeless Houston pets. We all have to put a lot of trust in various people who we may or may not know personally, and that is hard to do. This all comes with the territory when rooting for 2nd chances for hundreds of animals per month. We must let go. For me, the letting go has changed my life and offered me hope. I am one person, but each person, near and far can make a phenomenal impact when we work together and let go when the time comes. That is how this movement keeps adding up–6000 plus strong. I hope you enjoy the accounts from various fosters in the Fridays to come. If you have any questions, comments, or additional thoughts, please feel free to share. We are really all one and the same–wanting the best for the animals that find RPM as their second chance at life. – Katie Metten Beirne, RPM Foster Director.

Ria Van Dright

RPM: What is your favorite thing to do outside of RPM?
Ria: Animals are my passion and always on my mind, but I do find time to enjoy life outside of rescue. My boyfriend is in a band and I love watching him play, I also enjoy attending concerts, biking around my neighborhood and spending time with my friends–animal friends and regular people alike. And sprinkle a glass or two of red wine into all of those activities and that’s my life!

RPM: How did you get involved with RPM?
Ria: I have been involved with BARC animals since 2003 and have known many of the RPM founding members that same amount of time. I had taken a short break from rescue and when I decided to get involved again in October, 2013, I saw a Facebook post from Rescued Pets Movement asking for short term fosters. I signed up to foster two adorable puppies from the plea and 28 dogs later…the rest is history.

RPM: Who was your most memorable foster and why?
Ria: I’m partial to big dogs, so when I picked up two little Chihuahua puppies that were not even 2 lbs I laughed and thought no way am I going to get attached to these little squirts…I still think about them all the time! So cute, so tiny and so loving. They broke down my big dog wall, and to date I’ve added a poodle, doxie and more chi’s to my foster roster.

RPM: What is your favorite part of being a part of RPM?
Ria: The short time frame is the most appealing aspect of fostering for RPM. I’ve fostered for other groups and individually in the past and the unknown end date is what stressed me out the most. The RPM program allows me to foster around events and travel and other life happenstances.

RPM: What would you tell/advise a new foster or someone that is considering fostering for RPM?
Ria: Even with all the whining, pooping, peeing, potty accidents, chewed items and lack of sleep, the important thing to remember is you are literally saving a life. And no matter how hard you try not to, you will get attached. You will fall in love and you will cry when they leave – hoping their new family loves them as much as you do – and they will! I always say a piece of my heart leaves with every foster, and I’m proud to say there are pieces of my heart all over Colorado.

Do you want to foster for RPM? If so, start by clicking here!

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