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RPM February Stars

February Stars

February was a short month but a busy one! Here are all the dogs and cats who moved toward their new homes, beginning with the month’s first transport.

1. Angora; Aries; Cinnabon; Worf; Roo 2. Millie; Frenchie; Sandy; Nala; Simon 3. Spike; Erick; Carlie; Josie; Fiona 4. Bobby; Evelyn; Wesla; Tracker; Aphrodite 5. Ritz and Puffin; Arya; Aby; Victor; White Cloud 6. Orange Crush; Honeylamb; Foxy; Alejandra and Alicia; Tiberius 7. Sweetie; Marlo; Gloria; Wills; Harry 8. Everly; Everly’s puppies Everly’s puppies Egor, Ebony, Emery, Elmo, Egon, Echo, Erin-Claire, Evelyn Rose, Egbert, and Ender; Valerie; Chico; Vinny 9. Jasmine; Bishop; Barrett; Lupe; Cristina
1. Shando; Scooter; Jemma; Velma; Styx 2. Paulina; Shade and Hazel; Savari; Bonnie; Whitey 3. Buttons; Minnie; Mary Jane; Licorice; Ashton 4. April; Aileen; Lindor; Lemon; Lillipop and Lipton 5. Lonka; Kristy; Aurora and Ariel; Belle; Laffy 6. Lance; Danny Sue; Orlando; Nadia; Tiana 7. Cinderella; Stoney; Miss Piggy; Fable aka Molly; Daisy 8. Sam; Tyson; Frankie; Rita; Sinatra
1. Ricky and Trina; Mikey; Sylvester; Dexter 2. Emmy and Scarlett; Juliet; Cinder’s kittens; Felicia, Felicity, and Famika

Early the next week, these dogs were on flights to two of our Canadian rescue partners.

1. Samantha; Honey; Miss America; Pluto 2. Heaven; Cubby; Peanut; Rose

Later that week, these cats and dogs traveled to Colorado.

1. Mason; Dudley; Gunner; River; Forest 2. Raelynn; Maddie; Trixie; Ricky; Anna 3. Kia; Kaiser; Reba; Luke; May 4. Carlie; Millie; Hadley; Hewitt; Panda 5. Hector; Hayden (his brother Holden skipped the photo table); Caliope; Murray; Elijah 6. Black Jack; Purple Rain; Kisses; Kolt; Kandra 7. Cinnamon; Pepper Dumpling; Marcia; Soda Pop; Celia 8. Midge; Hoss; Robin Hood; Farrah; Kuni 9. Kerstin; Mali; Mumu; Happy; Teddy
1. Buddy; Apollo; Mary; Miki; Rachel 2. Billy aka Howl; Iggy; Rio; Murphy; Allison 3. Odie; Dublin; Polly; Halee; Heide 4. Hanley; Hubble; Hilly; Bella; Axel 5. Nellie; Nossie; Sam; Chase; Lindsey 6. Misty; Princess; Stuart; Gringo; Pierce 7. Pepsie; Pammy; Grant; Gevin; Glint 8. Gabby; Tommy; Presto. Pacino; Franky 9. Nina; Chloe; Axton; Abilene; Abel
1. Avalon; Magda; Lisa; Daisy; Donnie 2. Fesi; Lucy; Bunny; Putt Putt; Pollux 3. Felly; Faisy; Totem; Francis; Vollie 4. Vella; Vegas; Phoenix; Dove; Pink Swirl 5. Green Day; Mingo; Bear Jr Nels; Celia; Selena 6. Cash; Janie; Megan; Bryan; Tay 7. Atlas; Sugar Smacks; Rachael; Ragu; Rainbow 8. Rojo; Racer; Ribbons; Rayne; Ralph 9. Angus; June; Raider; Ranger; Radar
1. Feena; R2; Rookie; Flynn; Lizzie 2. Queenie; Kate; Minna; Sunday; Dean 3. Tonton; Myrtle and Margie; Lucy and Sophie; Sere; Silvia 4. Silvie; Marigold; Patrick; Sonya; Sita 5. Tinker; Equinox; Equinox’s kittens; Julius; Veronica 6. Tigger and Oliver; Nugget and Goldie; Flash; Pace, Parker, and Pax; Chica 7. Marcella; Candy; Theo; Lana; Tyler

These dogs and cats kept us busy getting them on the road the following week.

1. Rose; Bonnet; Annie; Buddy; Jason 2. Baltus; Baxter; Cheeto; Jukie; Jombie 3. Hercules; Amber; Coco; Benji; Ransom 4. Luca; Jack; Jill; Collin; Nanette 5. Pooch; Arizona; Fritzi; Lynnie; Lolo 6. Lawrence; Princess; Oswald; Charlie; Maxie 7. Xena; White; Butterscotch; Riley; Toya 8. Whiskey; Leland; Paris; Dorothy; Tigger 9. Julia; Ninka; Roxy; Anne-Marie; Ambrose
1. Anton; Mellow; Cody; Leo; Moby 2. Darrell; Daniel; Nina; Niblet; Presleigh 3. Nino; Leah; Wilfred; Minion; Lucky 4. Izzy; Aramis; Alexander; Sir; Stella 5. Tiger Lily; Dolly; Brownie; Cash; Mio and Oreo 6. Runty; Raven; Charley; Mr Chubbs; Captain 7. Annie; Sealy; Stephy; Milly; Lambert 8. Christy; Winston; Seuz; Logan; Kaiser 9. Samuel; Nesta; Nigel; Nixie; Babis
1. Dorothy; Rockie; Dinah; Dupont; Dorcas 2. Adella; Buster; Petra; Boss; Clark 3. Spenser; Dusty; Dibsy; Zach; Melissa 4. Melissa’s puppies Cream, Coffee, Cocoa, Caramel, Latte, Mocha, and Bonbon; Lexie; Barnabas; Liesl; Liddy 5. Walker; Oreo; Max; Nickel; Abby 6. Athena; Shelly; Miranda; Ketchum; Captain 7. Tess; Tootie; Gary; Gale; George 8. Chantilly; Tipsy; Scout; Lily; Little Dog aka Mercy 9. Hazel; Hazel’s puppies Hank, Harrison, Hudson, Halcie, and Hobo; Sampson and Saffron
1. Tandy’s puppies Tangier, Tenpin, Terin, Tewan, and Tiffin; Tandy; Sylvester; Penny and Parker; Popcorn 2. Cantu; Heidi; Cece; Elsa, Amelia, and Ana; Ace and Merida 3. Cookie; Frannie; Panda; Kirby and Kenzie; Sara and her kittens

On our last transport day of February, our Wisconsin partner came to pick up these dogs.

1. Jenny Lee; Jenny Lee’s puppies Jared, Jitty, Jupiter, Jet, Jojo, Jenelle, and Jazzy; Marlowe; Marshall; Campbell 2. Birdwell; Lucy; Clinton; Olive; Pearl 3. Nexus; Mia; Pineo; Mya; Bilko 4. Betty Boop; Ruthie; Ruthie’s pups Ramie, Regina, and Rambia; Steinbeck; Sara

That same day, these are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado.

1. Herschel; Fred; Sebastian; Cookie; Princess 2. Lulu; Butterball; Blackie Chan; Sweetie; Vanessa 3. Xochitl; Xitlalli; Remington; Najak and Normie; Frills 4. Norma; Piper; Luke; Bailey; Belinda 5. Bazel; Benjamin; Minnie; Minnie’s puppies Marilyn, Mila, Mindi, Mickey, Mansen, Mork, Monroe, Munch, and Merlot; Satsy 6. Lady; Boz; Belinda; Barry; Rosie 7. Jonde; Pink; Pink’s puppies Parson, Pita, Petula, and Peggy; Jessie; Belding 8. Jenna; Sanford; Rosebud; Cowboy; Bally and Betzie 9. Chico; Diesel; Halee; Champ; Dahlia
1. Becca; Dallas; Two-Bit; Slash; Kip Winger 2. Joe Perry; Chocolate; Roxy; Miranda and Smith; Guerro 3. Barby, Buckley, and Booker; Janie; Lizzie; Harmony; Stewey 4. Abigail; Earl; Yoda; Sonar; Groucho 5. Harpo; Bing; Darcy; Bret Michaels; Steven Tyler 6. Charlie; Fitz; Glinda; Bernard; Echo 7. Rosco; Godiva; Godiva’s puppies Cupid, Romeo, Juliette, Valentina, Sweetheart, Valentine; Fagan; Fallon 8. Samantha and Charlotte; Carrie; Shortstack; Satellite; Thelma 9. Louise; Siggy; Samson; Zach; Frankie, Frosty, Freckle, and Fissell
1. Gomez; Sultan; Sonia; Sezana; Bondo 2. Andy; Takita; Lisa; Wendy 3. Barbara; Halli; Harriet; Holmes; Kenny 4. Harley; Mikey; Natasha; Twiggy; Lucky 5. Lucky’s puppies Lexi, Laney, Lulu, Luna, and Landon; Ruby and Rachel; Preston; Elsa; Maybelline, Loreal, and Pantene 6. Anna; Cinder’s kittens; Paulie and Tate; Mitchum; Ben-Ben and Benji 7. Anna; Jake; Kippy; Cinder

It’s never been more true that we need all of you to make a difference to Houston’s homeless pet population. Thank you to our fosters, donors, and volunteers; rescue, vet, and shelter partners; transporters and staff.

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