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Roll Along Summer at RPM

Roll Along Summer

Who traveled to Colorado in June? We’re glad you asked. We just happen to have a few photos beginning with the first transport of the month.

1. Lucy; Tucker; Gingersnap; Levi and Lark; Lamb 2. Lance; Alice; Beverly; Morgan; Jason 3. Wisteria; Wisteria’s puppies Wynne, Wendy, Wishbone, Wally, Wanda, Weezie, Winona, and Willa; Stephanie; Lula 4. Bowie; Bayberry; Brewster; Bucky; Jordan 5. Krystle; Blake; Carrington; Faye; Fido 6. Jeffrey; Doodle, Damsel, and Dinky; Gibson; Janet; Dorothy 7. Dorothy’s puppies David, Daniel, Douglas, and Deborah; King; Rio; Francesca; Carter 8. Brian; Brenna; Brisco; Barney; Bethany 9. June; Safara; Keeno; Dorothy; Bonnie
1. Carla; Felicity; Luke; Casio; Charlie 2. Blanche; Riddle; Stratton; Polly; Safara’s puppies Sabi, Shalyn, Sanford, Shilo, Sooki, Stacey, Seth, and Shawn 3. Safara’s puppies continued; Shelley; Sophie; Francis 4. Rose; Bear; Sheba; California; Luna 5. Sol; Oreo; Brownie; Tiny; Nina 6. Jolie; Mia; Chiffon; Chiffon’s puppies Chevy, Cheyenne, Chanel, and Charmaine; Egypt 7. Gwen; Georgio; Gigi; Diamond’s puppies Damsel, Dozer, Dazzle, Drexel, Denzel, Ducky, Daphne, Dinky, and Dolly 8. Diamond; Spot; Rocky; Everest; Baxter 9. Daisy; Egypt’s puppies Essex, Erin, Edison, Elsa, Eliot, Eden, Elinor, and Elkins
1. Vincent; Schroeder, Violet, Linus, Snoopy, and Marcy; Fantasia 2. Ashley’s kittens; Ashley; Jasmine; Arthur; Abigail 3. Abigail’s kittens Chickie, Bruiser, Olive, and Robin; Stacey; Brahms; Gambit, Piper, and Gracin 4. Sofia; Rudy, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny, Maria, and Madison; Snow Flake; Black Panther, Arrow, Huntress, Ella, and Vixen; Gary 5. Shawna, Steven, Sandlin, Shelley, Sapphire, Sable, and Shay 6. Christine; Wolfe and Columbo; Tango; Storm

The second week of June, these lucky dogs and cats caught a ride on our vans to their forever homes.

1. Jack; Janet; Chrissy; Tyro; Whitman 2. Tina; Flannery; Greer; Greta; Timmy 3. Brownie; Marana; Missy; Kelvin; Matisse 4. Sazzy; Ashton; Melissa; Garner; Garnet 5. Gala; Joey; Bucky; Jerro; Mia 6. Sky; Alison; Tinkerbell; Maisy; Janet 7. Kohl; Belle; Belle’s puppies Bryan, Berkin, Bambi, Bosco, and Brie; Lola 8. Boone; Robin; Wren; Finch; Penelope 9. Abe; Angie; Luther; Trudy; Jeanie
1. Rocky; Chester; Melanie; Tazmin; Tinker 2. Hailey; Carlos; Yoshi; Juliet; Whiskey 3. Bambi; Ursula; Friar Tuck; Marion; Princess 4. Kewpie; Kizzie; Kenny, Koko, Kressy, Keitha, Kandy, Kipling, Karen, Keesha, and Kody 5. Slider; Elisa; Bosc and Anjou; Bartlett; Hubbard 6. Lovey; White Lightnin’; Buddy Love; Don; Spot 7. Chico; Sansa; Phil; Big Mo; Blue Moon
1. Ben; Lucy; Eeyore; Buttersocks and Cheeto 2. Betty and Beaux; Jacob, Edward, and Bella; Ms. Kitty and Kat; Gabriela, Avery, Reina, Isabelle, and Camren; Frito, Cheeto, and Dorito 3. Goldy; Pippin, Boo, and Mischief; Goldie’s kittens; Bandit and Ninja; Lilo and Stitch 4. Peaches; Isabella; Leslie; Goldie

Was your foster one of those who traveled on the third transport of the month?

1. Bowser Boy; Whitney; Jane; Gilda; Bonnie Bell 2. Tamryn; Lemon Drop; Pongo; Boscoe; Lady 3. Mellyn; Jennie, Justine, and Joshua; Martin; Pepin and Pia; Petula 4. Creak; Mary; Jedi and Jolene; Sabine and Skerry; Sera 5. Saffi; Skyler; Krider; Mullen; Josselyn 6. Nevens; Irwin; Lindy; Penny; Hulk 7. Nokie; Nanna; Brinleigh; Hermosa; Peluchin 8. Rafferty; Regina and Rhiannon; Zsa Zsa; Magda; Ruffles 9. Rocket; Thea; Floyd; Faith; Fable
1. Gillette; Angel; Captain; Gretna; Heflin 2. Jackie; Tipper; Jacob; Joshua; Coco 3. Julia; Skywalker; Mia; Maxwell; Molly 4. Monroe; Victor; Manville and Morey; Faust; Clyde 5. Shanelle; Myer and Mick; Maxie; Milton; Madry 6. Yarra; Marlow; Marcie; Chadrick; Charleigh 7. Sabine; Skippy; Kona; Tinkerbell; Lucy
1. Addie; Sarge; Lucy; Austin and Dallas 2. Jill; Rosalind; Ziggy, Tibby, Binx, and Raven; Addison, Ranger, and Trinity 3. Waverly and Wiley; Woody and Wally; Bear, JiJi, Shadow, and JoJo

During the fourth week of the month, it was time for these dogs and cats to go to their new families.

1. Skyler; Jacob; Nelson; Claudio; Snow Flakes 2. Miles; Dillon; Forsyth; Jamie; Hardy 3. Cara; Eva; Toby; Tupelo; Adelaide 4. Gunther; Gunner: Miracle; Sam; Magnolia 5. Marly; Marko; Marybelle; Michi; Carrie 6. Dudley; Cosmo; Butterbean; Kovach; Belushi 7. Amy; Luther; Aeden; Mr. Smiles; Laredo 8. Gertie; Gretchen; Gavin; Gretel; Navi 9. Leah; Simba; Alberta; Arden; Aletha
1. Gator; Tauris; Brenda; Shorty; Patty 2. Rambla; Rumple; Minnie Mouse; Tinkerbell; Hercules 3. Morley; Sidney; Baker; Malta; Erin 4. Ruckus; Drogon; Lily; Tallulah; Teralynn 5. Banana; Laurie; Tiffany; Evangeline; Guacamole 6. Enchilada; Masa; Jalapeno; Huevo; Meatball 7. Ham; Crystal’s puppies Speck and Snow; Crystal; Mullins; Rose 8. Dill; Lyla; Chop; Julius; Marley 9. Sausage; Brisket; Petunia; Coconut; Sheba
1. Mango; Pickle; Bacon; Fajita; Millie 2. Slade; Mitchell; Marigold; Jacy; Alexa 3. Ajax; Monarch; Monterey; Alayna; Amelia 4. Avery; Angelica; Aaron; Aiden; Annelise 5. Morris; Shannon; Polly; Robbie; Misty 6. Izzie; Moby; Moses; Mozart; Liliana, Lucia, and Lucca 7. Gia and Arianna; Flash; Shimmer; Dazzle and Glint; Jackson 8. Gunneson; Dillon; Sunny and Cher; Collins and Jackson; Cozy, Abby, Milo, Binkley, and Opus 9. Julius, Antony, and Othello; Romeo and Titus; Magic, Marabelle, and Mimi; Vanilla; Bean

What’s better than four transports in June? FIVE transports in June. The cats decided to wait until July to travel and generously gave more dogs and pups their tickets to ride.

1. Myra; Foley; Emelle; Sonora; Pablo 2. Pedro; Gemma; Galaxy; Glory; Elle 3. Martin; Dixie; Comet; Dorritt; Buffy and Bangle 4. Jasmin; Jerry; Sassy; Sizzle; Twin Two 5. Sultan; Sweet Cheeks; Twin One; Baby Two; Peggy 6. Gideon; June; Montana; Laurel; Libby 7. Sheridan; Sheila; Duke; Lita; Lyndy 8. Lorraine; Big Girl; Big Red; Merlin; Smores 9. Hershey; Murphy; Chewy; Cherry; Declan
1. Danita; Judith; Boe; Vernon; Jessie 2. Tess; Tess’s puppies Tabor, Taffeta, Tesla, Tayra, Tippet, Tootle, Telstar, Tatou, Trellis, and Teej 3. Duke; Pansy; Sheriff; Chase; Tasha 4. Gigi; Beryl; Bram; Robinson; Sophia 5. Pebbles; Boaz; Bessie; Trey; Tilbury 6. Bibbs; Beecher; Bardin; Cora; Vernon 7. Dallas; Clooney; Clover; Clancy; Betty Boop 8. Ashley; Henry; Olivia; Joplin; Kennett
1. Sergio; Maxwell; Kipsy; Mercury; Pearl 2. Oakley; Maybee; Geneva; Camden; Byron 3. Lucille; Duncan; Dhalia; Locket; Hadley 4. Parma; Novi; Livonia; Kendall; Toot O Loo 5. Tibbs; Bogart; Bronson; Roscoe; Stryker

Whether you foster, donate, volunteer, transport, or say nice things about us on social media, RPM can’t thank you enough. Join us for a transport so you, too, can be hounded into being part of the group shot. We may work hard and sweat, and there may be a few goodbye tears, but transport days are the best days!

We also want to give a special shout-out to VIP Petcare for the donation of their time and services on transport days in June. What a great group of people to partner with!

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That's How Love Moves at RPM

That’s How Love Moves

May turned out to be a great fundraising month for RPM thanks to all of our generous donors. Below are the dogs and cats who traveled that month–can you find your precious foster among them?

This group traveled on the first transport of the month.

1. Iris; Ivory; Evie; Crumpet; Valerie 2. Vanda; Vera; Vanessa; Trenton; Dover 3. Franklin; Pierre; Opel; Lotus; Pontiac 4. Mercedes; Lincoln; Tesla; Paco; Leona 5. Bailey; Lancia; Buick; Daisy Fay; Porsche 6. Demi; Bronx; Breaux; Daisy; Lilo 7. Pinky; Pocket; Peewee; Pipi; Ethan 8. Ocho; Recon; Peeps; Evita; Dayna 9. Freya; Gigi; Skittles; Quincy; Quinn
1. Quaker; Quasi; Quirky; Dean; Darius 2. Denton; Dora; Sami; Shirley; Della 3. Dorie; Dustin; Dooley; Duchess; Blue 4. Sybil; Harmony; Meadow; Estrella; Garcia 5. Rocky; Magruder; Cecil; Luna; Oso 6. Wally; Waverly; Mr. Chips; Pinky; Pacer 7. Packer; Medina; Olympia; Lynden; Cashmere 8. Ruby; Daisy; Miller; Skip; Morelli 9. Ranger; Plum; Scar Face; Tannice; Tippo
1 and 2. Ace; Jassy; Delta; Delta’s puppies Echo, India, Juliet, Lima, Sierra, Bravo, and Charlie; Joni; Fortune 3. Fortune’s puppies Francesca, Felspar, Feejee, Fonda, Falco, and Fosbury; Sabrina and her kittens; Mitch; Duck 4. Phyllis; Phantom; Liberty and Lilbert; Goldie and her kittens; Horace 5. Chance; Whitney; Lydia and her kittens; Marsha’s kittens; Larry 6. Diamond, Jared, Kays, and Zales; Marceline, Shelby, Finn, Bonnie, and Jake; Angel, Queso, and Rocket; Manny and May; Skye and Devita

Lunar traveled, too, but didn’t make it into the collage, so he gets a solo photo.

The next week, our Wisconsin partner picked up these lucky dogs.

1 Hubble 2. Charlie 3. Holly 4. Ruby 5. Hudson

These dogs and cats traveled to Colorado that week.

1. Mandy; Lucy; Benji; Bruna; Jonquil 2. Jumbly; Ferris; Hemingway; Hunter; Bruce 3. Bantu; Sheba; Hannah; Chauncy; Sasha 4. Jewel; Jarma; Starla; Juniper; Hayden and Tito 5. Sinatra; Priscilla; Hemi; Bobby; Elsbeth 6. Rowdy; Brielle; McCain; Mimsy; Anthony 7. Candice; Minuet; Sue Ellen; Ace; Barney 8. Patwyn; Peter; Diamond; Flash; Roxie 9. Quincy; Carmen; Diamond; Topaz; Rosie
1. Damita; Lalita; Lady; Lewis; Shyla 2. Rose; Gabby; Halima; Pepper; Cross 3. Gem; Lightning; Ladybug; Reba; Leo 4. Bamboo; Charlotte; Cherry; Cricket; Shadow 5. Reese; Gwen; Harley; Jessica, Skye, Sheri, and Clay; Courtney, Hannah, Olivia, and Justin 6. Riley, Rory, Ruby, and Roby; Teddy, Grace, and Cali; Alvin; Bandit, Sylvester, Cupcake, and Shadow; Frank 7. Blue; Flipper; Thor

These are the pets who made the journey on the third transport of May.

1. Alan Jackson; Sophia; Ridley; Rosemary; Peanut 2. Leia; Miranda; Toota; Tribute; Bisbee and Florence 3. Pima and Sedona; Bud; Rose; Cartwright; Gracie 4. Titus; Diamond; Aries; Jinki; Ivan 5. Tristan; Risha; Riley; Rona; Sophie 6. Gerald; Toby; Sky; Dutchess; Ripley 7. Sunshine; Nelson; Arwen; Colton; Princess 8. Shelby; Harlee; Samwise; Queenie; Paloma 9. Lucious; Patton; Priscilla; Frankie; Finn
1. Sammy; Jimson; Jamberry; Jade; Rosie 2. Clementine; Cordelia; Forry; Jessie; Piper 3. Tatis; Merry; Clark; Carole; Digby 4. Rebecca; Serena; Blair; Sky; Canby 5. Amity; Sherwood; Buttercup; Mac; Tracy 6. Tally; Trey; Trevor; Tyler, Bubbles
1. Chase; Mona Lisa; Tiger; Tannie; Talipa 2. Trent; Laura; Brandy, Shoog, and Bloog; Sylvie; Fluffy 3. Silva and Silver; Daphne; Daphne’s puppies Dawn, Darcy, Damon, Donovan, Deacon, Dita, and Denby; Tulip 4. Tina; Lynette; Marilyn; Mahogany; Mr. Kitty

We finished May transporting these gorgeous dogs and cats.

1. Lola; Syndey; Shella; Daisy; Milly 2. Chaplin; Kermie; Zepplin; Stanley; Cinnamon 3. WInston; Caroline; Charlie; Alexis; Jenkins 4. Ben; Noelle; Glee; MoAnna; Tyson 5. Foreman; Trinity; Dana; Blaze; Jax 6. Daniel; Jones; Fallon; Bo; Duffy 7. Melly; Smoke; Carson; Talia; Tazer 8. Tulip; Alexandro; Sandie; Caleb; Lacy 9. Carbo; Scarlett; Hope; Waldo; Athena
1. Catrina; Baloo; Pepper; Chili; Penny 2. Marion; Klien; Shortbread; Milano; Trooper 3. Topaz; Shirelle; Momma Dog; Cookie; Geneva 4. Gina; Bilbo; Boris; Natasha; Chester 5. Josie and her kittens; Mo, Curly, and Larry; Lucy; Jumpy; Ben 6. Bubbles, Heathcliff, and Garfield; Moonpie; Macy; Macy’s pups Mallory, Mattie, Menna, Mason, Mira, Monohan, and Moreen; Mars

We’re so grateful for our fosters, donors, transporters, and volunteers and hope you’ll continue to support us with your time, energy, and donations. We have a new fundraising challenge beginning July 11. Join us as a team member and donor in the Macy’s Shop For a Cause Fundraiser! It’s a contest with a $100,000 grand prize! That would move a lot of dogs and cats into forever homes, joining the more than 22,000 RPM has already saved thanks to our partners BARC and Harris County and our great rescue partners.

Wisconsin’s drivers.

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