2018: First quarter’s travelin’ dogs and cats

These are all the dogs and cats who transported to their forever homes in the first quarter of 2018 thanks to all of you!

The first transport of January:

1. Belinda; Pantera; Dawn; Bailey; Caspian 2. Bailey; Toby; Elise; Snowball; Gretel 3. Marcus; Hansel; Abby; Zoey; Rudy 4. Peaches; Holly; Glitter; Kyle; Noel 5. Bengamin; Lyon; Rosebud; Lyka; Gingerboy 6. Micah; Marla; Blossom; Daisy; Gidget 7. Aletha; Yarra; Ramada; Remina; Gigi 8. Barney and Blake; Babette and Barbie; Yule; Prancer; Chiquito 9. Posey; Bubby; Kelsi; Marley, Lucy
1. Autumn; King; Howie; Bonnie; Stacy 2. Jason; Esme; Mako; Nakita; Bruce Wayne 3. Buddy; Raven; Keno and Kenya; Rhea; Bazooka 4. Sugar Baby; Remie; Razz; Saber; Sailor 5. Sally; Sadie; Sage; Sarge; Rudy 6. Eleanor; Cassidy; Snowball; Weston, Wyatt, and Willow; Raleigh 7. Paloma; Tori and Mikey; Chrissy and her kittens; Whiskers; Kate and Chris
1. Tiny Tim; Nina; Randy; Rhonda and Rickey; Sam 2. Honey and Snickers; Thai and Chai; Zully; Spot; Clooney and Fuzzy 3. Tiger Lily; Iris, Ian, and Ivy; Clemintine the cat skipped the photo table

The second transport of January:

1. Pickles; Hope; Zoey; Bucky; Chunky 2. Leila; Grayson; Chocolate; Sadie; Junior 3. Wellie; Cadence and Callie; Lucy; Nixon; Rex 4. Bellatrix; Nicki; Sugarplum; Oscar; Nora 5. Nova; Neo; Neek; Nori; Kaiser 6. Shannon; Antonia; Gregor; Juliet: Pinto 7. Maggie; Porter; Maria; Maggie; Ellie 8. Colby; Bey; Bumpus; Moco; Petunia 9. Liza; Flora; Peter; Mollie; Polly
1. Harper; Amber; Chrissy; Janet; Claudio 2. Dolly; Miley; Garp; Gizmo; Kringle 3. Midnight; Capote; Lee; Annie; Trixie 4. Sissy; Bess; Bess’s pups Annie and Cooper; Coco; Catherine 5. Joseph; Catherine’s puppies Claude, Francisco, Henriette, Hercules, Nicolette, Victor, and Victoria; Ozzie; Hazel 6. Simba; Sierra; Olive; Toby and Munchkin; Jonsey and Doll 7. Hershey; Seymour; Lance, Justin, Joey, and Chris; Penny Lane; Hanzo
1. Summer; Jessy, Belle, Johnny, and Josie; Pepper, Oliver, and Midnight; Selena; Penny and Angel 2. Midnight; Tux; Tibby; Maggie; November 3. Dasha; Champ; Charlie; Brooklyn and Indy: Nia

This transport was dedicated to the memory of our late driver, Charles Roberts, who devoted himself to the care of the animals he transported.

The third transport of January:

1. Sugar; Ginny Ann; Giorgio; Neola; Zora 2. Roxana; Agustus; Leah; Frank; Bert 3. Astro and Angel; Annie and Annabelle; Reba; Evie; Maisy 4. Jenna; Bangle and Barbie; Pearl; Atticus; Altuve 5. Mellie; Baby; Alma; Peggy; Eggnog 6. Paris; Ginger; Bella; Bartemous; Ant 7. Maebee; Eddie; Rayna; Ellie; Chopin 8. Chiclet; Chica; China; Marta; Cammie 9. Jamie; Anya; Bubbles; Lola; Mazie
1. Joy; Cornell; Chip; Diva; Dahlia 2. Meg; Brandon; Digny; Desiree; Delta 3. Chief; Hippa aka Holly; Alice; Pandora; Pammy and Pistol 4. Charlie; Oreo; Jingle; Brady; Gabriel 5. Derby; Inky; Gracie; Emery; Grover 6. Matisse; Melinda; Castro; Sebastian; Emma 7. Cameo and Cadence; Harmony; Cammie; Penny Lane; Farrah 8. Bowman; Murray; Halissa; Jinky and Jandy; Fuddles 9. Halissa’s puppies Hannah, Harley, Honey, Harper, Hoagie, Homer, Heidi, Haven, Huck, and Hadley
1. Tibby; Tibby’s puppies Taffy, Tanis, Travis, Tara, Teller, and Tinsley; Roscoe; Shasta; Shea 2. Peggy Ann; Buttercup; Buttercup’s pups Bevin, Blythe, Baird, Beau, Bennet, Bing, Boone, Bram, Brock, Byrnes, and Busby; Analee; Dot 3. Captain; Tiger; Smokey; Cybil; Cecile 4. Max; Stella; Mamma and her kittens; Maddie and her kittens; Chloe and Tiger 5. Victoria and her kittens; Moose; Pinto and Bean; Olivia; Meatball, Trixie, and Patty 6. Stella and Luna; Ralphie; Smudge, Dreamy, and TIny; Skylar, Migs, and Luna; Nate 7. Calli; Sabrina and Serena

The last transport of January:

1. Milah; Vixen; Diamond; Deuce; Mocha 2. Maxi; Milo; Lady; Dori; Dax 3. Laurie; Linosa; Joshua; Elle; Flynn 4. Festus; Faun; Freya; Aikman; Abner 5. Angel; Lola; Lucy; Samya; Alexia 6. Jules; Petunia; Helen Keller; Parker; Aero 7. Amber; Jasper; Leftus, Laika, and Lamma; Baby Girl; Nike 8. Nessa; Ned; Riplee; Rooney; Fievel 9. Dodger; Pearl; Garnet; Sidney; Paws
1. Justus; Jasper; Georgia; Mal; Dobby 2. Noreen; Jade; Onyx; Jamison; Maxwell 3. Jojo; Gideon; Otter; Opal; Citrine 4. Darla; Denny; Davey; Delta; Dazy 5. Hallie; Joey; Sparky; Dina; Prudence 6. Sgt Pepper; Eliza; Ella; Abba; Haddie 7. Baron; Kenley; Ameryn, Arwen, and Aldis; Adana; Canela 8. Juno; Julep; Ryan; Chipping; Delta 9. Bilberry, Plum, and Papaya; Angie; Ms. Bear; Angelina; Kiwi and Mango
1. Kourtney; Petal; Kahlua; Gabbie and her puppies Remy, Gracie, Missy, Sammy, Ricky, and Jimmy; Brownie 2. Clifford; Gunther; Brittany; Enzo; Cici 3. Chiquita; Buddy; Meeka’s pups Mac, Maddie, and Mugsy; Meeka; Haylee 4. Brenna; Duncan; Nicole; Jojo; Valentino 5. Guppy; Ernie and TicTac; Gemma and Earl; TJ; Patches 6. Mary, Steve, Ted, and Tom; Jazzy, Jake, and Chase; Blaze; Fred and Stanley; Felicity 7. Nyla; Georgia; Ollie, Cami, and Jet; Pumpkin, Cleo, and Felix; Prissy and her kittens Penny, Perry, Pez, and Polly 8. Arya; Rickon; Aspen and Sierra; Morton and Roscoe; Willow 9. Comet; Kate, Bonnie, Stubbs, Fitz, and McCoy; Oreo

The first transport of February:

1. Blaine; Bentley; Paris; Sissie; Spar 2. Gina; Gino; Tiger; Scout; Alice 3. Dutchess; Rodney; Juneau; Flash; Willow 4. Melly Bee and Milly Sue; Regan; Opie; Noah 5. Karina; Lillith; Keifer;Comet; Maverick 6. Kiara; Kingston; Nina; Snooker and Sondra; Blossom 7. Merrick; Buddy; Beanie, Betts, and Breck; Quizzy; Maura 8. Pello; Ruthie; Raffi; Romie; Ricky 9. Ruben; Roz; Rayford; Raquel; Roberta
1. Chickes; Sonya; Sonja; Biscuit; Picachu 2. Caleb; Gismo; Genifer; Blynken; Keaton 3. Kobo; Ray; Dash; Humphrey; Emma 4. Beckis; Lathan; Lacey; Laney; Layton 5. Landon; Landry; Layna; Jordy; Ingrid 6. Libby; Bain; Blair; Dot; Maximus 7. Berkley; Dimitri; Lotus; Libby’s puppies Lane, Lark, Lianne, Lina, Lionel, and Lisette; Scruffy 8. Hero; Raisin and Remy; Echo; Dandy; Ellis 9. Lavender; Gunner; Emery; Dallas; Dusty
1. Elsa; Enzo; Charlie; Goober; Noel 2. Clara; Carlos; Polly’s puppies Petunia, Pickles, Piper, Pluto, and Polo; Polly; Mia 3. Riley and Reece; McGrady; Louie; Minnie; Matthew 4. Cal; Cai; Sophia; Dante and Envy; Opal Taz, and Scotty 5. Milky Way; Platinum; Barney and Chewy; Sprinkles and Cocoa; Peter 6. Coralie; Barnum; Emily; Brahms; Toby 7. Minnie; Demeter, Persephone, and Zeus; Girlfriend; Rose; Wilma 8. Sausage; T’Challa; Mavis; Jace; Zelda 9. Mary; Irene; Zsazsa; Cyra; Marienne

The second transport of February:

1. Ladonna; Barney; Dandy; Beatrice; Beebie 2. Bobo; Brylee; Brodie; Smokey; Chanel 3. Buddy; B.B.; Clarice, Cleon, and Clementine; Bri; Max 4. Kratos; Waverly; Susy; Zeus; Herbie 5. Ginny; Stewart; Betina; Betina’s puppies Bacon, Baxter, Beth, and Betty; Bumbles 6. Melody; Gerwin; Gleason; Georgette; Merissa 7. Melina; Belle; Genie; Pongo; Cookie 8.Rocco; Russell; Apple Jax; Mario; Cheyenne 9. Tyson; Cairo; Miles; Fidget; Jagger
1. Elle; Duke; Sabina; Sabina’s puppies Sabin, Sade, Salvo, Sambo, Sancho, Sargus, Sarina, Saul, Savanna, Saxon, and Scampy; Kelly 2. Benny; Misty; Madoc; Magee; Dude 3. Dale; Fifi; Rhoda; Raina; Pandy 4. Gi Gi; Ticker; Lobo; Gracie; Bandit 5. Lucy; Gracie; Chanel; Jimmy; Gianni 6. Valencia; Guiness; Tucker; Beaux; Licorice 7. Hope; Nala; Rex; Theobold; Hank 8. Louis; William; Bella; Tacker; Luther 9. Cheyenne’s puppies Blue, Dakota, Leighla, Lucky, Max, Moo, and Scooby; Cabela
1. Meera; Micha; Duquesa; Dabs; Blanche 2. Joan; Geoffrey; Johnna; Richard; Negan 3. Dafhie; Mandie; Hattie; Damsel; Dreamie 4. Noreen; Norie; Nomi; Pepper; Mikey 5. Bluebelle; Snowbelle; Milo; Mila; Nash 6. Miko; Newton and Nano; Nova; Ned; Shalyn 7. Saffi; Shannon; Annalise; Christmas; Luigi 8. Annalise’s puppies Aaron, Albert, Alexander, Alice, Amelia, Anna, Archie, and Ava; Santana 9. Sabrina; Saint; Star; Bailey; Snowball
1. Popcorn; Sonny; Fergus; Libby; Di and kittens Harry, Charlie, and Willy 2. Alexis; Sophia and Pete; Star; Fester; Kitty and Kitty Kits 3. Aurora; Dulcie; Mr. Sir; Lexi; Fuzzy 4. Zeke; Jeffy; Daddy O; Michaela, Mikey, Micah; Mickey; Logan 5. Buddy; Marla; Pearl; Maya and Noah; Mary and Flower 6. Sushi; Niko; Jolene and Jubilee; Mistletoe and Tux/Noel; Alex, Neil, and Geddy 7. Tabitha, Sunset, Troy and Tanner; Dexter, Fluff N Tuff, and Maggie; Zoey; Blackie

Not pictured: Amaro

The third transport of February:

1. Taffie; Tabby; Rogan; Pete; Pinga 2. Buckley; Zoey; Ralph; Roxy; Gersey and Gevin 3. Charity; Dabsi; Lucky; Raiden; Radar 4. Dakota; Boo; Augie; Brielle; Lucy 5. Gessi; Jim; Nalia; Chloe; Ricardo 6. Ripley; Riana; Rita; Benji; Pippi 7. Lorna Doone; Dalma; Prince; Bear; Marietta 8. Marietta’s pups Marcy, Matilda, Melba, Melly, Melvin, Mercy, Minnie, and Missy; Betty; Tux; Leona; Laser 9. Bailey; Samuel; Vanna; Nettie; Emily
1. Diamond; Missy; Chelsea; Tiger; Vanessa 2. Hermione; Harry Pupper; Laki; Nell; Kizzy 3. Run Run; Manny; Gertie; Hart; April 4. Muse; Mercury; Jack; Melidae; Metis 5. Cliff; Emma; Anna; Kenny; Labelle 6. Landon; Lance; Emmett; Garrison; Gronk 7. Bella Mae; Mars; Minerva; Champ; Roo 8. Romy; Shadow; Chance; Vladimir; Victorino 9. Jasmine; Katie; Tick; Bear; Gramps
1. Cookie; Jasper, Bruno; Tack; Pudding 2. Casper; Heather; Hannah; Buddy; Princess and her puppy Poppy 3. Princesse’s puppies Patsy, Pennie, Perry, Parson, Perkins, and Pia; Willow; Rebekah 4. Cotton; Banner; June; Britt; Barnim 5. Winnie; Winsome; Wilette; June’s puppies Harvey, Houdini, Miss Brown, Penelope, Squeaky, and Winston 6. June’s puppies (cont); Gilda; Bean; Tarty, Syrup, and Maple; O.C. 7. Gigi; Moxie; Dusty and her Dusty kittens and premie kittens she cared for; Emilia and her kittens; Caylee, Coral, and Stanley 8. Kit Kat; Tammy; Timmy; French and Taffy; Sashimi
1. Vinv; Pattycake; Cheese; James and Jasper; Marshmallow 2. Autumn; Baxter; Pax, Apollo, Athena, and Selene

The last transport of February:

1. Nate; Nan; Prince; Genie; Mitzie 2. Moxie; Lilly; Hobbit; Rainie; Mischa 3. Rajina; Reagan; Little Guy Pete; Raemi; Raelin 4. Tulsa; Kiara; Freddy and Brennan; JJ; Sydney 5. Sirius Black; Lily; Cami; Caper; Canter 6. Candea; Callia; Carlo; Camrey; Sam 7. Britton; Brewer; Bandit; Celeste; Lulu 8. Angel; Bobby; JR; Sue Ellen; Jock 9. Gary; Wanda; Erin; Mikey; Buttercup
1. Jones; Jantzen; Picachu; Hampton; Roy 2. Juliane; Jake; Joylyn; Janos; Jaclyn 3. Joss; Reeco; Missy; Katrina; Katrina’s puppies Kandie, Kano, Kassie, and Kevin 4. Amari; Polo; Satchmo; King; Cardiff 5. Jack; Megan; Gabe; Golda; Gwen 6. Gallo; Gena; Geri; Evey Hammond; Destiny 7. Dumpling and Doughboy; Boomer; Shiloh; Stella; Lucky 8. Lulu; Ingrid; Benson; Rebel: Henry 9. Princess; Howie and Happy; Hanna; Huckelberry; Sylve
1. Laramie; Katy; Honey; Hadley; Riko 2. Hester; Hanya; Bella; Heloise; Bella 3. Duchess; Sugar; Precious; Precious’s puppies Mackenzie, Madison, Marleigh, Morgan, and Mosi; Christy 4. Cody; Akira; Pee-Wee; Venecia; Veronica 5. Pandera; Pandera’s puppies Pace, Padma, Petra, Posy, and Prentice; Chuck; Cosmo; Nod 6. YaYa; YaYa’s puppies Agassi, Apolo, Bolt, Bradie, Chloe, Hamilton, Phelps, Shaun, and Simone; Pepsi and Cola; Valentine 7. Scooter; Finn; Pearl’s pups Pagan, Peggy, Percy, Pluto, Prague, and Prissy; Pearl
1. Valentine’s puppies Veazey, Vera, Verity, Vincent, Virgil, and Vivi; Julian; Eva and her kittens 2. Rory; Gia; Luke; Astrid; Frank 3. Jason; Froth; Goldie; Ella; Marco 4. Howdy and Marie; Tesla; Finn, Emily, Binx, and Mandy; Nollie; Elise 5. Breeze, Brandy, Bailey; Henley; Hannah; Hazel; Annabelle 6. Duke

The first transport of March:

1. Bear; Lincoln; Julia; Rocky; Ruby 2. Ruffy; Marsha; Gia; Marty; Scotty 3. Alan; Cowgirl; Sparky; Gibble; Gilly 4. Chelsey; Zeus; Lola; Lilian; Lady 5. Reeper; Leo; Perry; Sultan; Sierra 6. Sela; Ronan; Rylee; Santos; Sal 7. Stefan; Sheila; Lacey; Max; Charley 8. Coop; Radar; Nani; Blondie; Blaine 9. Cardi; Vixen; Debbie; Kirby; Wyatt
1. Deuce; Dill; Clover; Max; Norma 2. Boone; Nara; Nanook; Alondra; Athena 3. Delilah; Malorie; Xena; Caino; Tina 4. Avery; Lulu; Monty; Peabody; Maya 5. Lego; Lambert; Opie; Bailey; Bailey’s puppies Calypso, Jet, Knight, Mylo, Sterling, and Zane 6. Bailey’s puppies Calypso, Jet, Knight, Mylo, Sterling, and Zane; Lacie; Firenze; Max 7. Marty; Tracer; Georgia; Beatrice; Beatrice’s puppies Berry, Bixby, Blair, Blake, Bonnet, Boone, Bows, and Buckle 8. Tim; Max; Lyka; Bobby; Jemma 9. Wishbone; Camila; Alexa; Jules and her kittens; Lena
1. Baisel; Bing; Samantha; Millie; Oli 2. Moe; Cheerio; Joe; Storm, Dollie 3. Dollie’s puppies: the “D” Team

The second transport of March:

1. Jakob; Jewel; Jadon; Jordy; Sonora 2. Jerzy; Sasha; Sasha’s pups Savio, Sera, Shawna, and Sherrie; Kobe; Link 3. Warren; Cici; Coconut; Ringo; Zoe 4. Friday; Teally; Dante’; Ladybug; Becca 5. Xena; Messiah; Anderson; Arnie; Vee 6. Ava; Little Bear; Dittley; Amos; Tucker 7. Ruby; Karina Krew Big One, Cute Two, Triple Threat, Four Score, Five and Fab 8. Karina Krew Super Six; Polo; Kenny; Daffodil; Safire 9. Arnie; Aries and Arion; Bruno; Coco; Diana
1. Arella; Dash; Buster; Betty; Natasha 2. Nala; Chancelor; Dusty, Nyla; Nalu 3. King Cake; Gumbo; Saturday; Sunday; Maxie 4. Harry; Zinnia; Ziggy; Hunter; Luke 5. Frannie; Uriah; Spencer; Hart; Jeppe 6. Janna; Mikey; Tiana; Aurora; Blue 7. Poppy; Kai; Charlie Brown aka Peanut; Sugar; Charlie 8. Jennifer; Bruce; Webster; Joanne; Coasta 9. Penny; Penny’s puppies Pinto, Pippa, Pippen, Pipsy, Pismo, Pobie, and Posie; Addie; Libby; Wayne
1. Hudson; Chester; Duke; Scarlett; Max 2. Anastasia; Winnie; Tamara; Monterey; Dawson 3. Roxy; Maxwell; Mallory; Norman; Duke 4. Diana; Smiley; Lilly; Caymus; Miley 5. Carlos; Rae; Amora; French Fry; Milly and Nilly 6. Alice: Molly, Chip, and Queso

The third transport of March:

1. Art; Swan; Asia; Australia; Fizzy 2. Ebbie; Max; Punkin; Maddox; Stella 3. May; June; Winter; Gabbie; Gladdie 4. Sancho; Selina; Bettie and Bangle; Pelusa; Velma 5. Georgie; Benji; Sally; Hope; Camille and Cairo 6. Isaac; Inez; Ivan; Irene; Chet 7. Galaxy; Bessie; Nevada; Yogi; Darcy 8. Cosmos; Mellow; Hank; Zeke; Rose 9. Zeb; Ria; Rubie; RIngo; Jackie
1. Faizah; Whitney, Winky, and Wynne; Lacey; Mike; Peter 2. Kevin; Kirsty; Kessa; George; Big Boy 3. Avery; Aiden; Addison, Ainsley, and Andy; Moochie; Maggie 4. Mackie; Peggy Lee; August; Ari; Ash 5. Alex; Cherry; Cinnamon; Leo and Lucas; Lucy and Liam 6. Indigo; Minnie; King; Greystoke; Fabio 7. Rocko; Austin; Pancho; Kovu; Stella 8. Letty; Taylor; Taylor’s pup Packer; Taylor’s pup Marty; Taylor’s pups Sandy, Putty, JJ, and Rizzo 9. Taffy; Zofi; Canada; Vancouver; Egypt
1. Comet; Sammy; Sullivan; Bart Simpson; Felice 2. Frills; Dallas; Denver; Max; Brown Bear Pardi 3. Black Bear McGraw; Stardust; Rose’s pups Leo, Miriam, Cubby, Priscilla, Whitefang, Tiger Lilly, and She-Ra 4. cont Rose’s pups Leo, Miriam, Cubby, Priscilla, Whitefang, Tiger Lilly, and She-Ra; Zeus; Hera’s pups Apollo, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hercules, Athena, Hermes, Iris, And Nike; Hera 5. cont Hera’s pups Apollo, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hercules, Athena, Hermes, Iris, And Nike; America; Yukon 6. Penny’s pups Nikki, Millie, Bear, Lexi, Misty, Mia, Sam, Angel, Stella, George, Finn, and Oreo; Penny 7. Duke; Sally; Zeke; Tasha; Kendra 8. Patty, Peter, and Polly; Teacup; Graycup; Ms. Kitty; Gemini 9. Opie; Jackie and Jenny; Emma Stone; Maxwell, Mallory
1. Ellie; Shiloh; Moon; Baghera; Astro 2. Petunia; Marcie aka Oreo; Maria, Gretl, Kurt, and Louisa; Suzie; Letti 3. Kiki; Mickey; Oscar; Milo; Lorraine

The fourth transport of March:

1. Ralph; Trevor; Dreama; Duffle; Dumpling 2. Dundee; Bombo; Trina; Fresca; Towanda 3. Tori; Tosha; Tonya; Bacon; Darlin 4. Darla; Trudy; Tiger; Goldie; Tiny Tim 5. Honey; Valentina; Johnathan; Augustine; Ella 6. Edith; Eden; Elan; Gracie; Farrah 7. Fiddle; Brownie; Tyson; Candi; Dottie 8. Dinah; Dinky; Donny; Diesel; Paco 9. Cosco; Hollis; Jacob; Everest; Gunnison
1. Zoey; Tanya; Destiny; Lola; Rosie 2. Darma; Pixie; Sticks; Lord Daniel; Lord Donald 3. Lady Denise; Lord Darren; Gardner; Lady Deidre; Lord Douglas 4. Kimber; Karl; Shaggy; Lord Derrick; Joni 5. Peanut; Fagan; Kade; Lady Donna; Tony 6. Kim; Kim’s puppies Kallie, Kiko, Kody, and Kai; Lola; Luna; Blaire 7. Helen; Dazzle; Diver; Dipper; Caper 8. Caffy; Breanna; Marvin; Waylon and Willie; Flora
1. Mom cat and her kittens; Marge; Ritzy and Ritzy Kit; Jasmine; Amver 2. Soledad

Unfortunately, technical difficulties with RPM’s volunteer photographer’s software have suspended our ability to continue these posts. When a solution is found, the last transport of March 2018 and future transports hopefully can be added to the website. We’re sorry, because we enjoy posting your transported animals and sharing our transport days with all of you.

RPM could not exist without our fosters, donors, volunteers, transporters, medical partners, and rescue partners. Thank all of you from all of us for everything you do to save lives!

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Foster Feature: Laurann Claridge

Turning her passion for pets into active involvement

The heart of our organization, RPM’s fosters are the first stop on that animal’s journey to their forever home. Giving these animals shelter, food, care, and love, the love and dedication our foster volunteers put in to make our movement possible.

To shine a light on the incredible work our fosters do, we will be highlighting one volunteer every other month in our “Foster Feature.” Gain insight into their experience fostering with RPM, why they do what they do, and how you can get involved too.

Foster Volunteer: Laurann Claridge

Position: Foster Volunteer

Time fostering with RPM: 6 Months

Rescued Pets Movement: How did you hear about RPM?

Laurann Claridge: Through the wonderful efforts of volunteer Jodie Eisenhardt. She’s been a friend of mine for many years, and knowing her long history working on behalf of homeless animals, I knew when she was excited about an organization it was worth knowing more about.

What made you want to foster for RPM?

LC: I’m single and travel for my career throughout the year and know that having my own pet can be a challenge. So being able to pick up and foster a dog for a week or two weeks when I’m home and can devote time and attention to spoiling a pet, who might have been neglected, brings me so much happiness! Plus, RPM makes it so easy: giving you the right food they need, loaning you a crate and any toys, meds, or supplies you might need to make the transition from BARC to your temporary home a lot easier.

What all goes into being a foster?

LC: Like a lot of people, I have the sort of job where I can take a foster to work so that’s incredibly helpful because you can socialize a pet to new surroundings and introduce them to several different ‘real life’ scenarios.

LC: While a lot of people I meet and introduce to my foster dog confess they don’t think they could do it because they’d invariably get attached, that’s exactly why I do it. Because I want to be a pup’s best champion. I know it’s my job to give them lots of love and attention for that short time in their life they’re with me, and later when they must leave, I have to let RPM and their sister organizations do what they do best and find each a forever home.

I know the biggest thing I can do for them is to spoil them with attention and comfort. Take them to the dog park, to work, out in your respective neighborhoods, so they get comfortable in all kinds of arenas.

But make no mistake: I fill out the foster report cards in detail and do my best to reach out to the fosters in Colorado to let them know everything I’ve learned about my foster pet to make their eventual adoption an easier, more transparent experience.”

What is your favorite part about fostering for RPM?

LC: Without a doubt, it’s the unconditional love and appreciation you feel from a dog who finds refuge at your home. They know they’re being loved by someone who wants the best for them. It’s amazing to me how quickly they can acclimate to new surroundings and the new people entering their life.

What has been your favorite memory fostering for RPM?

LC: So many. I think the transformations. For example, seeing a frightened pup who just wants out of BARC so badly and then fast forward a few days and they’re clean, happy, sleeping, and eating well. The relief they feel is something you can sense, too.

What’s something you wish you would have known before you started fostering for RPM?

LC: How easy they make it for you. From a vet and vet techs at the ready to help if a situation arises to the community of people anxious to lend their support.

What has been the most difficult part about fostering for RPM?

LC: Of course, transport days. I cry like a baby all the way home and think about them for many days and weeks, praying they’ll be okay.

Interested in learning more about fostering for RPM, or ready to apply to become a foster? Head over to our Foster page to learn more and fill out the foster application here.

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Homeward Bound: How RPM Helps Animals Get off the Street & into Their Forever Homes

Learn What Sets Us Apart from Your Traditional Animal Rescue Organization

If you’ve spent any time around Rescued Pets Movement, then you’ve seen that some people are confused by what exactly we do as an organization. While part of that issue stems from the fact that what we do is unique, we want to clear up any confusion about our mission by breaking down what is it we do and how we do it.

What Rescued Pets Movement Does

Our number one priority at RPM is to save the lives of homeless pets throughout the Greater Houston area from needless euthanasia. The process by which we achieve that priority can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. We pull homeless pets from BARC, the city pound for Houston, Texas, and other area shelters;
  2. Our volunteers and partner veterinarians rehabilitate and foster these pets in their homes;
  3. Our drivers transport the rescued pets to reputable animal welfare organizations throughout the United States and Canada who ensure the pets are adopted out to their forever homes.

The Difference Between RPM & Traditional Animal Rescues

The most common misconception about RPM is that we are an animal rescue or animal shelter, i.e. that we adopt pets out in Houston. That is not the case. Our mission is to save as many pets from BARC and other area shelters as possible and, after rehabilitating them, to transport them to one of our animal welfare partners up north.

Think of Rescued Pets Movement as the “middle man”—we’re just a stop on a pet’s journey to his or her new home and forever family.

How We Do It

Houston has a serious problem with homeless pets, and a serious problem typically requires a lot of hands on deck. After working and volunteering with several different rescue groups over the years, the team that founded RPM realized that there had to be a better way to save these animals on a large scale. They decided to build relationships with highly regarded rescues in areas of North America that have a need for adoptable pets and deliver these pets directly to them.

So, what does this look like in practice? It’s an efficient five-step process that keeps us busy and ensures our animals are safe.

  • Every week, BARC (and sometimes other area shelters) reaches out to us with information on the pets that they have scheduled to be euthanized due to overcrowding.
  • Our volunteers spring into action to get these animals out of the pound as quickly as possible.
  • The pets receive medical attention from our veterinarian and, if necessary, from a team of partner veterinarians.
  • The pets are set up with a foster who will house and care for them during their rehabilitation.
  • Once they’re fully rehabilitated, our drivers load up our passenger vans and transport the pets to our animal welfare partners out of state, where they are eventually (and, most often, very quickly) adopted to approved families.

Without the tireless work of our volunteers, fosters, drivers, staff, vet team, partner veterinarians, and partner animal welfare groups, Rescued Pets Movement wouldn’t be able to do what it does best—save lives!

How You Can Support Us

While we are lucky to have an army of dedicated volunteers, the work we do requires resources. From providing pet supplies and food to paying for veterinary care and gasoline for our transport vans, we can’t do it on heart alone. We think the work we do is important, and we hope you do too.

If you want to show your support for RPM, you can make a one-time donation or sign up to give monthly here.

Interested in volunteering or fostering with us? We’re always looking for devoted animal lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of these pets. Learn how you can become a volunteer here or a foster here.

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