The city of Houston, TX has one of the worst animal overpopulation problems in the country, with an estimated 1 million homeless dogs and cats roaming its streets. BARC, the city pound, and other animal welfare organizations are stretched too thin to be able to save them all, despite their best efforts. As a result, thousands of adoptable animals are needlessly killed each year, not because they can’t be saved, but simply because there’s nowhere to put them.

While exploring different means to solve this problem and increase its struggling save rate, BARC recognized that it needed a partner that could get animals out of the pound and into homes on a mass scale. But with seemingly no possibility of finding such a partner, this dream felt impossibly out of reach.

Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) was founded in September 2013 to directly address this issue and save more pets in Houston. After working with rescues for many years, the founders of Rescued Pets Movement realized that the best way to save these homeless animals was to get them to reputable animal welfare organizations in areas that have a high need for adoptable pets.

We’re a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of providing a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rescue, rehabilitation, and transportation to reputable animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. If Houston has an issue with too many pets not getting adopted, then RPM finds the best animal welfare organization that actually have a demand for those pets! Through vetting and research, we connect with animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada with a need for more adoptable animals.

At its essence, RPM remains a dream that has made a reality out of necessity. Since starting operations in 2013, we have saved the lives of almost 60,000 homeless companion animals. With each weekly transport we make, that number grows!

The animals RPM saves from Houston-area shelters are fully examined and treated by our partner veterinarians, and then placed in loving foster homes with our volunteers. Once they’re fully rehabilitated, our drivers transport them to our partner rescues and shelters in our commercial Sprinter vans that we have specially outfitted to transport animals. From there, these animals are adopted out, making their final stop at their forever home.

But we can’t do it without our amazing group of volunteers and fosters. Transporting on average of 266 animals a week is hard work, and we appreciate all the help and love that goes into saving these animals’ lives!

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