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Roll Along Summer with RPM

Roll Along Summer

In the last days of summer, BARC was intaking record numbers of dogs and cats, and so many of our fosters were out of town, but we gave it our all and helped BARC achieve an almost 80 percent save rate. Here are some of the dogs and cats who were rescued and traveled the first week of August.

1. Shelby; Shadow; Sonic; Vincent; Pee Wee 2. Taylor; Dash; Waverly; Shipley; Redford 3. Mitch; Cinderella; Hope; Bristol; Sydney 4. Lincoln; Haley; Brady; Lucy; Ingrid 5. Irene; Iman; Tiara; Nubbin and Niblet; Lorena 6. Plato; Butch; Indira; Ivy; Inez 7. Sadie; Zeus; Zahara; Zippy; Conrad 8. Gemma; John; Dada; Darth; Gandalf 9. Gracie; Margeaux; Geo; Mia; Moose
1. Jet; Angela; Dundee; Dancey; Kipster 2. Kaitlyn; Bryn; Frankie; Curly; Patricia 3. Giselle; Gino; Yankee; Gary; Scarlett 4. Olga; Oswald; Kiki; Van; Greer 5. Gilroy; Quincy; Quill; Lucy; Kaylee 6. Jackie; Harriet; Dottie; Pam; Princess 7. Violet’s puppies Vivian, Vicky, Vera, Venetia, Vanna, Vogel, Vanessa, Virgil, and Vista; Violet; Misty, Merlin, and Mia; Cleo, Lee, and Levi

The second transport of August our Wisconsin partner traveled down to pick up this great bunch of dogs.

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled that same week to Colorado.

1. Sylvester; Dilly; Chloe; Jennilou; Beth 2. Joey; Rita; Fishy; Reba; Reinhart 3. Ryanna; Mallory; Donnie; Sperry and Selene; Hyacinth 4. Gianna; Charlie; Whiskers; Henry; Halo 5. Henry; Athena; Athena’s puppies Ariel, Aslan, Arwyn, and Amana; Smo; Jerry 6. Strawberry; Ying, Yang, and Thor; Buckley; Rebel; Howdy 7. Rikki; Rhona; Renay; Raquel; Brad 8. Tim; Keith; Faith; Lady; Siri 9. Paris; Pierson; Pearl; Bruce; Mike
1. Zed; Zarah; Tanzy; Zuzu; Harp 2. Bud; Killian; Zesta; Gus; Sasha 3. Joy; Zeke; Travis; Sorcha; Willa 4. Piper; Rocky; Stanley; Selma; Sita 5. Soloman; Hadley; Hadley’s puppies Harlow, Harley, Hera, Hilda, and Hamlet; Sweets, Spot, Love, and Rain Cloud 6. Paige and her kittens; Luke, Finn, and Jedi; Gloryvee, Glory Gata, and Gibbs; Gabby and her kittens; Karma, Grace, and Chance

Scorching temperatures and flash floods notwithstanding, we were able to get these great dogs and cats on the road the third week of August.

1. Bones; Dahlia; Hawthorne; Rukus; Sitka 2. Ricardo; Rebekah; Roma Hope; Gus; Sam 3. Ellis; Memphis; Drew; Brooks; Orlando 4. Evan; Becca; Monty; Molly; Earl 5. Manila; Macon; Rose; Rory; Clara 6. Clarissa; Casey; Marshall; Duke; Ash 7. Moe; Bonnie; Misty; Ash; Happy 8. Kayla; Joe; Leo; Annie; Olive 9. Clyde; Bonnie; Cailey; Abel; Sandy
1. Dennis and Michele; Carl and Brian; Yoty; Olaf; Raiford 2. Roman; Rio Vista; Robert Lee; Riverside; Rio Bravo 3. Rio Grande City; Rio Hondo; Oakley; Tessa; Daisy 4. Fletch; River Oaks; Robinson; Roanoke; Kara 5. Dudley; Daisy; Iris; Peachy; Berkley
1. Reena; Leonard; Lenore; Forest, Flora, and Fauna; Drake 2. Munich; Liz; Ghita; Ghita’s puppies Gwenda, Gurley, Gaspar, Gidget, and Gonzo 3. Kenley; Kiley; Kibbie and Kismet; Versace and Grayset; Rayada and her kittens 4. Athena and her kittens; Jaime, Jay, Jasmine, Jaylen, and Lexi; Luke, Goldie, George, Chewy, and Yoda; Cali; Greyston, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Julius, and OJ

Here are the beautiful dogs who traveled to Wisconsin the last week of the month. We really love this partnership.

1. Hester; Titan; Luna; Gem 2. Malone; Harris; Maggie; Shelbie 3. Tango; Demerys; Heather; Fresno

And finally, as August drew to a close, here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado on our last transport of the month.

1. Diamond; Archie; Reggie; Ke Ke; Yenta 2. Yenta’s puppies Yancey, Yoki, Yoshi, Yule, Yolanda, Yazzie, Yogi, and Yumi; Handsome; Thomas 3. Jade; Cairo; Baron; Gordon; Binx 4. Reyna; Lily; Yasmine; Maggie; Squirtle 5. Pikachu; Eevee; Pollywag; Jigglypuff; Darling 6. Spot; Clarence; Hailey; Tucker; Cinn 7. Kristen; Luna; Susan; Susan’s puppies Sienna, Stevie, Shalyn, and Sonia 8. Avery; Drake; Max; Misty; Abel 9. Baby Girl; Blue Eyes; Bella; Peaches; Electra
1. Denver; Junior; Hurst; Princess; Max 2. Logan; Belinda; Peanut; Sheriff; Rudy 3. Chispa; Diana; Jojo; Ray; Lana 4. Nike; Holly; Zorro; Monica; Welby 5. Rafa; Peaches; Boyce; Mercedes and Mirage; Madison 6. Sandy; China; Sunshine, Bella, Snicker, and Mulan; Chula; Tor 7. Ticker; Tesla; Garner; Tempo; Trent 8. Terri; Yulo and Youlie; Pickle and Beast; Justin; Hunter

We can’t wait to see what fall will bring, knowing we’ll be able to keep this movement going thanks to our fantastic fundraising results in the Mickelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, and with the Best Friends Animal Society’s Stut Your Mutt event just around the corner. Thank you to all of our fosters, transporters, volunteers, donors, partners, and staff for all you do!

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Hot fun in the Summertime at RPM

Hot Fun in the Summertime

July is not only the month when we celebrated reaching our 15,000 Saved milestone, it’s also the month when these fantastic dogs and cats put in the miles to get to their forever homes. Starting with the first transport of the month, here are those who traveled.

1. Lavelle; Lavelle’s puppies Lafe, Lance, Luna, Luke, Livia, Lyssa, and Linda Lou; Shailo; Gallager; Carol 2. Bo; Joey; Rachel; Phoebe; Valerie 3. Valerie’s puppies Vanda, Vesta, Vicar, Valleen, Vincent, Vaughn, Vonnie, and Victor; Max; Jordan; Logan; Camille 4. Della and Drew; Ballerina; Christian; June; Bentley 5. Raynee; Whitney; Ricochet; Maya; Amadeus 6. Cara; Imogene; Adele; Cody; Sarah 7. Augustus; Riley; Farrah; Faizah; Fantine 8. Juliet; Darla; Diego; Akasha; Akasah’s puppies Anders, Anita, and Amelie 9. Wishbone; Olive; Tetris; Turbo; Toro
1. Allyson; Allyson’s puppies Alicia, Arleen, Ashley, and Anna May; Sandra 2. Kristy; Pride; Cherise; Rosie; Gil 3. Gus; Sammie and her kittens; Tai, Mai, Miso, and Yuki; Hans and Luke

We strive every July to remind our friends, volunteers, and fosters of two important safely issues. First, because of fireworks and crowds, in the US, July 4 is the day the highest number of animals go missing. And second, this is the time of year when pets left in vehicles can suffer severe illness and even death. In Houston, we’re accustomed to year-round high temperatures, but like other areas of the country, July is often the hottest month of the year. Leave your pets at home, inside, or if they’re outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of water. If you’re traveling with them in the car, please don’t leave them unattended. Temperatures inside a car can quickly reach 140 degrees F.

These dogs kept their cool when they traveled to Wisconsin the second week of July.

1. Sweetheart; Lobo; Chip; Bruno; Cole 2. Cooper; Faith; Dee-Dee; Scruffy; Chester 3. Moxie; Maddox; Awty’s puppies Paris, London, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland, and Frankfurt (Awty skpped the photo table)

There were also some cool cats and dogs who went to Colorado that day.

1. Natasha; Matilda; Aliza; Alaric; Coolidge 2. Aubrey; Patton; Max; Rocky; Khloe 3. Khole’s puppies Kale, Ketzi, Kaspar, Kiwi, Kantu, and Kennedy; Tiger Lily; Hanya; Hesper 4. Dina; Rooney; Teddy; Charlie; Nevaeh 5. Millhouse; Adelaide; Sheena; Shawa; Ceasar 6. Regina; Hula, Hadley, and Hamlin; Mojo; Picasso; Monty 7. William and Heather; Pippin; Charlotte; Dixie, Donna, and Darcy; Dorothy 8. Tony; Demarco and Dodie; Monica and Chandler; Carlisle; Clemson 9. Teddy; Melly; Sookie; Frieda; Sera
1. Gilda; Gilda’s pups Gretel, Gwendy, Galey, and Gareth; Effie; Freidrich 2. Pinkerton; Mary Jane; Dallas; Snow and Larry; Elisha and Emmylou 3. Kelsey; Phyllis; Jenny; Joanie; Jessie 4. Allie; Dre; Valentino; Vuitton; Jamie 5. Judie; Galaxy; Gracia; Gilda; Sansa 6. Sansa’s puppies The Hulk, Khal Drogo, Jake, Ghost, June Bug, Ruger, Silverado, Princess Leia, Lily, Shadow, and Flash; Aurora; Kila; Lauren; Ian 7. Ingrid; Hollis; Arla; Ameryn; Aiden 8. Ashley; Amber; Atticus; Kemba; Kylie 9. Kaleb; Kady; Kai; Keenan; Kevin
1. Leyla; Leyla’s pups Lorena, Lester, Little Guy, and Lincoln 2. Leyla’s pups Lissa, Lafe, Lyle, and Lynndean; Cara 3. Coca; Tilly and her kittens; Lillian

When it’s summertime, the heat can slow us all down, but lethargy is still something to watch for in puppies. It can be a sign of illness, and it’s better to err on the side of caution. If your puppies’ energy levels seem low, it’s a good idea to let a medical professional look at them. Fortunately, these frisky dogs and cats were healthy and happy to travel on our third transport of the month.

1. Benjamin; Apollo; pups Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Snow White, Princess, Doc, and Sleepy; Porthos; Daphne 2. Argo; Waverly; Ladybug; Wiska; pups Athos, Aramis, Treville, and D’Artagnan 3. Hachie; Puck; Puzzle; Pantera; Trixie 4. Meadow; Marcy; Rosie; Reid; Deacon 5. Dove; Dorrie; Diana; Donovan; Dopey 6. Desi; Dorsey; Sherman; Saltillo; Latham 7. Lee; Anna-Sue; Paulie; Molly; Jupiter 8. Niagara; Bickel and Booker; Lani; Bugsy; Sarge 9. Reid; Weaver; Caleb; Papa; Marika
1. Ford; Forrest; Serapho; Sapphire; Fletcher 2. Mozart; Queeny; Sefton; Sadie; Shawna 3. Salome; Bracken; Duke; Juno; Jessie 4. Abby; Delaney; Fondu; Florida; Brissa 5. Belicia; Patience; Katie; Romeo; Omar 6. Destiny; Ginna; Flip; Sabrina; Jeffrey 7. Trisha; Captain; Jazzy; Daisy; Jimmy 8. Furby; Bodacious. Danita; Junebug; Linette 9. Magda. Eva; Zsa Zsa; Charity; Charlie
1. John Boy; Sage; Nola; Brizzy 2. Bruce; Jax; Jitty; Emily; Bonnie 3. Sedona; Chiquita; Jinx; Jasper; Presleigh 4.Naomi and her puppies Narda, Nea, Nellwyn, Nicole, Noli, Noor, Nando, Nels, Nino 5. Milly and her puppies Maisie, Moses, McLaren, Maffra, Maribo, Melinda, Mersey, and Morcella 6. Rowan and her kittens; Tiny and her kittens Figaro, Marshmellow, Alfredo, and Button; Dino; Eden

Senior pets are also susceptible to heat. Make sure their water bowls don’t tip over easily, keep their water fresh and cool, and make multiple bowls of water available inside and outside (in the shade) to be safe. Take walks with them during the cooler times of day, and remember that sand, asphalt, and concrete can be particularly hot on your pets’ feet. During the last week of the month, these dogs and cats appreciated air-conditioned comfort on their journey to Colorado.

1. Jude and Jake; Jondy and Jonas; Peter; Rosenberg; Patience 2. Freesia; Valerie; Millicent; Midge; Aurora 3. Robby; Ransom; Kate; George; Freya 4. Jasmine; Joker; Rosalee; Raychelle; Raider 5. Johnie; Dumbo; Star; Floyd; Trinket 6. Tessa; Maximo; Mary Kay; Rocco; Jethro 7. Denise; Dinah; Drexel; Evie; Woofie 8. Brimley; Foreman; Barry; Lillian; Liyah 9. Lola; Rhylie; Julius; Mr. Hudson; Blanche
1. Martin; Aaron; Lola; Taz; Tweety 2. Daffy; Buggs; Sylvester; Teneri; Tilly 3. Duke; Lucille; Justine; Jolly; Jubilee 4. Joyanna; Katie; Mystery; Misty; Jadyn and Jasper 5. Gemma; Alli, April, Donny, Mikey, and Molly; Danny; Dottie

These pups traveled to two rescue partners in Wisconsin that same day.

There aren’t enough words to express RPM’s appreciation for the great care you take of the foster dogs and cats who come through RPM to get to their forever homes. Thanks to all our fosters, transporters, donors, volunteers, rescue and vet partners, BARC staff, and RPM staff for all you do!

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Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Saving Pets Challenge Donations Matched!

Have you joined Team RPM in the 2016 Saving Pets Challenge yet? NOW is the time to do it! I just got word that all donations to Rescued Pets Movement’s Saving Pets Challenge from 12 pm CT today (7/9/2016) until 1:30 pm CT on Tuesday (7/12/2016) will not only be matched, but DOUBLED (up to $15,000). Guys, this is a serious donor who wants RPM to win the first mini-challenge. It does not matter to which team member the donation is made, ALL donations during this time period WILL BE DOUBLED. Please join our team and start fundraising, or really ramp up your fundraising!
To join our fundraising team, or to donate, go here:


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Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Help Rescued Pets Movement Win the 2016 Saving Pets Challenge!


Dear Friends,

We’re super excited to let you know that Rescued Pets Movement is part of an amazing campaign called the Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition where organizations focused on reducing shelter euthanasia compete to raise the most money for their cause.

We’re looking for our supporters to give as much as they can so we can win the grand prize. And to help, each week, there are Bonus Challenges with opportunities to raise more and win extra cash for our cause. The first one starts right now! If we raise the most between July 5th at 12pm ET and July 12th at 1:59:59pm ET, we’ll receive a $10,000 donation. That extra $10,000 would be so huge for us.

We could really use your help to raise the most money and win this Bonus Challenge. Every donation makes all the difference so please visit our page and give what you can:

We have titled our team page as Rescued Pets Movement’s Campaign to Save 2,665 Death-Row Dogs & Cats! That is how many homeless pets RPM can save and transport to safety if we reach our $150,000 fundraising goal and win the $50,000 grand prize. The top raising organization will receive a $50,000 donation. Second through fifth place will also win large cash donations.

If you want to go a step farther and join our fundraising team, that would be even more amazing. Just visit the link above and click the “Fundraise for this Campaign” button to become a part of our team. Imagine the money we could raise together if you reached out to your network.

Thanks again.

Laura Carlock
Rescued Pets Movement

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Summer Breeze at RPM

Summer Breeze

We love sharing the photos of all the pets you’ve helped save by transporting and fostering them. Below are the dogs and cats who traveled in June, and here’s something to think about. Whenever you take one of RPM’s dogs or cats from BARC, you’re saving two. Because of that empty kennel, another Houston animal gets a space and a chance to be adopted or pulled by a rescue group. THANK YOU!

Take a look at the dogs and cats who rolled out of here the first week of June.

1. Korbin 2. Fred 3. Foxy 4. Roxy 5. Texan 6. Cookie 7. Maggie 8. CJ 9. Lucky 10. Harrison 11. Shara 12. Clifford 13. Penny 14. Jax 15. Otto 16. Nelson 17. Belle 18. Oddball 19. Maisy 20. Asuna 21. Doc 22. Daisey 23. Moe 24. Obi 25. Oakley 26. Mayo 27. Finn 28. Kent 29. Tucker 30. Dillon 31. Braxton 32. Wally 33. Brooke 34. Rex 35. Cali 36. Cooper 37. Sasha 38. Cheyenne 39. Cherokee 40. Mambo 41. Millay 42. Noami 43. Gypsy 44. Metz 45. Montez
1. Mahler 2. Mazur 3. Rusty 4. Iris 5. Danny Boy 6. Kelly 7. Spirit 8. Tynan 9. Fern 10. Riley 11. Dayna 12. Cherrie 13. Caramel 14. Stella 15. Jerry 16. Tyler 17. Charles 18. Marla’s puppies Molly, Manny, Mark, Mandy, Mario, Mauricio 19. Marla 20. Harvey 21. Walter 22. Layla 23. Annabell 24. Layla 25. Geoff 26. Gillian 27. George 28. Gordo 29. Georgina 30. Sully 31. Sport 321. Swain 33. Sweet Sue 34. Smithfield 35. Sanka 36. Spinny 37. Saxon 38. Kitty 39. Navi 40. Simone, Sans, Serabi, Simba, Seraphina 41. Fire and Fiery 42. Blaze

The next week, this lucky group was able to travel to their forever homes. That’s because of all the people who were willing to give them rides or open their homes to them. Did you know that if you want your dogs to come out of BARC cleaner and fresher-smelling, you can bathe them at one of BARC’s shampoo stations before you leave? Ask our foster coordinators about reserving a time for you if you’re interested in this.

1. Bitty 2. Darjeeling 3. Pup Pup 4. Josephine 5. Melina 6. Delta with tongue out 7. Sally Sheila 8. London 9. Celeste 10. Neil 11. Ava 12. Bernard 13. Harold 14. Tina 15. Oreo 16. Stanley 17. Zach 18. Monty 19. Geo 20. Gamble 21. Tango 22. Alcott 23. Allegra 24. Andrew 25. Abner 26. Astrid 27. Antonia 28. Cindy 29. Saturn 30. Joshy 31. Nellie 32. Chiclet 33. Peter Pan 34. Teddy 35. Isabella 36. Melinda 37. Mallory 38. Buddy 39. Grace 40. Mabel
1. Hachi 2. Hailey 3. Delta more serious 4. Johanna 5. Addie 6. Alex, Adam, and Anette 7. Cassandra 8. Cadis 9. Cressida 10. Ceyla 11. Emilia 12. Felix 13. Avril 14. Keanu 15. Kado 16. Kiran 17. Kristal 18. Snickers 19. Choki 20. Mabel 21. Mabel’s puppies Maddox, Major, Megan, Marcel, Manda, Marlon, Marty, Matthew, Maxell, Manfred 22. Rosemary 23. Rider and Robyn 24. Sterling 25. Betty 26. Shamir 27. Samantha 28. Sally 29. Stanley 30. Suzie 31. Skippy 32. Stevie 33. Julie 34. Harriet and her kittens 35. Sadie and her kittens

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled on June’s third transport. All the animals in RPM’s program benefit from a full medical team experienced in shelter medicine. These fantastic dogs and cats may not come from the best circumstances, but BARC vets, our outside vet consultants, and RPM’s medical staff work diligently to address the particular issues and needs of stray, neglected, and abused animals.

1. Savannah 2. Mario 3. Fellow 4. Cimmon 5. Ned 6. Caleb 7. Tetley 8. Lita 9. Chyna 10. Bodhi 11. Bristol 12. Rocko 13. Rhodes 14. Griffin 15. Shelley 16. Cameo 17. Erin 18. Emmy 19. Buddy 20. Nichols 21. Farley 22. Cotton 23. Starla 24. Rocky 25. Bandera 26. Beaumont 27. Bedford 28. Mason 29. Melody 30. Melody’s puppies Madison, Mystic, Marion, Misha, Montana, Mackenzie 31. Blossom 32. Bardwell 33. Bailey 34. Lucy 35. Mimi and her puppies Muffin, Murphy, Minx, and Moochie 36. Twizzler 37. Sorrel 38. Meeka 39. Chavo 40. Ramona 41. Cotton 42. Hoover 43. Australia 44. Electra 45. Triton
1. Mira 2. Rock 3. Tazy 4. Evita 5. Elton 6. Cailey 7. Harlem 8. Liam 9. Carissa and Caldwell 10. Samantha 11. Snooki 12. Sugar 13. Cassie 14. Lulu 15. Marnie 16. Michael 17. Missy 18. Hester 19. Homer 20. Horace 21. Hoagy 22. Hubble 23. Hyson 24. Clementine 25. Bethenny 26. JJ and Greyson 27. Jack and Patrick 28. Prince 29. Ivory, Taffy, and Caramel 30. Snickers and her kittens 31. Nan 32. Belize 33. Sandy with Winken, Blinken, and Nod 34. Harriet’s kittens

It was beautiful weather on the fourth transport of the month–if you like it hot and humid! It’s hard not to envy these dogs and cats who get to live in gorgeous Colorado, especially those who’ll enjoy outdoor activities with their new families. Look through our Success Stories to see some of the dogs who are experiencing the great outdoors!

1. Dixon 2. Marie 3. Bear 4. Onyx 5. Spot 6. Wolfie 7. Max 8. Bailey 9. Elaine 10. Peggy Sue 11. Roman 12. Darla 13. Andrew 14. Alexis 15. Gobo 16. Louise 17. Karma 18. Patsy 19. Pascal 20. Pollye 21. Linity 22. Tulip 23. Lassi 24. Rosie 25. Odo 26. Orlenda 27. Lola 28. Loise 29. Lappy 30. Aaren, Abrielle, and Abriana
1. Joel 2. Phronsie and Davie 3. Toodles 4. Porter 5. Portia 6. Stan 7. Skippa 8. Maddie 9. Avery 10. Laci 11. Milton 12. Derbie 13. Bobby 14. Flannery’s puppies Farrell, Ferris, Floyd, Fairlee, and Fuller 15. Flannery 16. Winnie 17. Sunny 18. Fin 19. Racine 20 and 21. Questa’s puppies Quiana, Quinn, Quella, Quigley, and Quaid 22. Questa 23. Snow 24. Sunny 25. Stormy 26. Daniel 27. Dawn 28. Dalith 29. Genie 30. Jax 31. Norma 32. Noble 33. Niven 34. Nancy 35. Nipsey 36. Ophelia, Rosalind, and Portia 37. Rusty 38 and 39. Heart, Trouble, Play, and Shy

June may have only thirty days, but they fell in a way that allowed us to have a fifth transport. We always love a chance to get more dogs and cats on the road to their new homes!

1. Mary 2. Ben 3. Angela 4. Mahogany 5. Cedar 6. Regal 7. Reatta 8. Mary-Ann 9. Molly 10. Prince 11. Cezanne 12. Monet 13. Heidi 14. Fendi 15. Falcor 16. Tido 17. Lurlene 18. Primm 19. Gizmo 20. Astro 21. Marty 22. Livingston 23. Thompson 24. Girl 25. Maggie 26. Belissa 27. Bobo 28. Carter 29. Jeff 30. Mutt 31. Maris 32. Rockie 33. Hannah 34. Ryder 35. Ringo 36. Zeus 37. Pinky 38. The Brain 39. Sade 40. Johnny and Lil Pooper 41. Heaven 42. Hannah 43. Abraham 44.. Orwell 45. Piglet
1. Talia 2. Talia’s puppies Tovah, Taggert, Tegan, Tanita, and Tiana 3. Nora 4. Arabelle 5. Bisquit 6. Pinga 7. Pistacio 8. Jenny 9. Lucy 10. Carolina 11. Carolina’s puppies Cairo, Campeche, Coral, Corona, and Calgary 12. Rothko 13. Magritte 14. Warhol 15. Rembrandt 16. Fontana 17. Rossetti 18. Pollock 19. Renoir 20. Chagall 21. Rafael 22. Jojo 23. Carrie 24. Jarma 25. Jarma’s puppies Jensen, Jaydon, Jonas, and Julius 26. Brooklyn 27. Bosco 28. Brinx 29. Bridget and her kittens 30. Leap, Joey, and Goose 31. Sissy, Pearl, Sylvester, and Grape 32. Whiskers, Gia Gia, Abbi Girl, Shane, and Antar 33. Fiona and her kittens

We appreciate everyone who fosters as frequently and for as long as they can even though school’s out, vacations are planned, and there are holidays beginning and ending the summer as well as mid-summer’s Independence Day. We’re grateful for our fosters, transporters, donors, volunteers, and staff who keep giving these dogs and cats their chance at better lives. Have a safe and happy Fourth, and please remember that because of fireworks and increased outdoor activities, this is the day more pets go missing than any other. Keep them safely inside, away from the noise and commotion. Thank you to everyone who’s part of Team RPM!

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The Merry Month of May

The Merry Month of May

May was another great month for the dogs and cats who moved from Houston to their forever homes thanks to Rescued Pets Movement’s teamwork with BARC and our Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Minnesota partners. Here are the dogs and cats who left on the first transport of the month, with the help of an enthusiastic team of volunteers from Nexen Energy.

1. Rigby 2. Coralee 3. Bandit 4. Haddie 5. Miranda 6. Ozzy 7. Cassidy 8. Mia 9. Lady 10. Butters 11. Peanut 12. Reese 13. Ziva 14. McGee 15. DiNozzo 16. Faith 17. Ellis 18. Max 19. Paco 20. Ginger 21. Anya 22. Orlena 23. Cream and Tots 24. Mitzi 25. Lorelei 26. Sonny 27. Rocko 28. Faye 29. Suzanne 30. Aster 31. Juniper 32. Petunia 33. Leaf 34. Fluffy 25. David 36. Daniela 37. Omar 38. Daria 39. Aubrie 40. Wilda 41. Wanda 42. Wincy 43. Kiara 44. Gordy 45. Churchill
1. Alexander 2. Twix 3. Karbo 4. Darcy 5. Crimson 6. Hazel 7. Sephora 8. Marlene 9. Capstone 10. Abe 11. Doris 12. Wallace 13. Bobby 14. Sajak 15. Cass 16. Bambi 17. Koda 18. Fizzy 19. Hannah 20. Holt 21. Chilli 22. Stormy 23. Mia and her kittens 24. Tris 25. Della 26. Tenley and her kittens Teignn, Tipper Too, Tanner, Toro, and Tara 27. Dutchess Gray and her kittens 28. Sesi 29. Precious and her kittens 30. Lil Buddy 31. Peyton and Owen 32. Brenda 33. Bianca 34. Bristol 35. Bridgette 36. Becky 37. Peter and Paul 38. Destiny 39. Kari 40 Kitty 41. Griffin, Gremlin, and Sweet Pea

The next week our wonderful Wisconsin rescue partner joined us to give these lucky dogs a ride.

1. Don Juan 2. Elsa 3. Kachina 4. Kachina’s puppies Kewpie, Karma, Kendo, Kesla, Kiki, Kerrie, Kemper, Kudzu, and Keefer 5. Roxy 6. Sochi 7. Kaylee 8. Rocko 9. Ario 10 and 11. The R pups Rachel, Raelynn, Reese, Rex, Riley, Rodney, Rookie, Rose, Ross, Ryan, Roy, and Rita

These are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that same day.

1. Buddy 2. Carl 3. Mizzou 4. Cal 5. Teddy 6. Bebe 7. Sadie 8. Rocky Road, Moonpie, and King Cake 9. Taaza 10. Scooter 11. Libby 12. Marilyn 13. Grammy and Oscar 14. Lyla 15. Leanne 16. Lois 17. Larry 18. Louie 19. Daisy 20. Spark 21. Truffles 22. Rose Mary 23. Tippy 24. Spunky 25. Lady Bug 26. Little Girl 27. Goldie 28. Ruben 29. Kimber 30. Tribi 31. Randi 32. Felix and Oscar 33. Cinder 34. Rafferty 35. Gidgit 36. Miss Scruffi 37. Ash 38. Charlize 39. Velvet 40. Dennis 41. Douglas 42. Doug 43. Everest 44. Ann 45. Hayleigh
1. Jazz 2. Patches 3. Paxton 4. Laura 5. Sandy 6. Brenna 7. Tulip and Janet 8. Mia 9. Baby Poof 10. Bonozo 11. Ringo 12. Solace 13. Briana 14. Little Debbi and Apple Strudel 15. Duchess, Countess, and Empress 16. Maxine 17. Legacy 18. Praline 19. Hazel, Henry, and Helle 20. Sandra 21. Blue 22. Chiquita 23. Mavis 24. Penn 25. Bama 26. Vandy 27. Susan and Stanley 28. Brown Betty 29. Banana Split 30. Tigger 31. Harry 32. Emilio 33. Ember 34. Ernie 35. Eclipse 36. Henrietta 37. Carina 38. Hailey 39. Miles
1. Mother 2. Cottontail 3. Flopsy 4. Andra 5. Chance 6. Brownie 7. Blanca 8. Cupcake 9. Remi 10. Colt 11. Effie 12, 13, and 14. Effie’s puppies Esther, Emily Sue, Ellie, Emmet, Emo, Edie, and Erin 15. Bruno 16. Gretchen 17. Atticus 18. Hero 19. Cherilyn 20 and 21. Mary’s kittens 22. Little Nugget, Spirit, Miley, Minnie, and Melanie 23. Peyton and her kittens 24. Lovey 25. Night Fury and the Dragon kittens 26. Ophelia 27. Judy

Midway between two transports, Mia and her pups Madonna, Marco, Mikey, Mandy, Maurice, Marriane, Margie, and Monty were given a special ride to a rescue partner in Minnesota.

The third week of June our friends from Nexen Energy returned to help send these dogs and cats on their merry way to their forever homes.

1. Dulce 2. Melissa 3. Jenny 4. Jasper 5. Ruthie 6. Jane 7. Lynnie 8. Balto 9. Natasha and Natty 10. Jerrold 11. Wishbone 12. Wilton 13. Togo 14. Kipper 15. Penny 16. Nicola 17. Amy 18. Neelam 19. Nafeesa 20. Stevie 21. Eloise 22. Sammie 23. Nancy and Noah 24. Maureen and Karen 25. Keith and Smitty 26. Foxy 27. Florence 28. Dolph Tanner 29. Venice 30. Libby 31. Milkshake 32. Gordo 33. Bismarck 34. Grant 35. Devin
1. Caro 2 through 9. Caro’s puppies Cassidy, Cannon, Carlotta, Caprice, Cody, Clemenzo, Carly, Cosette, Colonel, and Cameron 10. Curly 11. Moe 12. Larry and Bob 13. Barnabus 14. Nelson 15. Thimble 16. Maria 17. Sammy 18. Max 19. Max 20. Meli 21. Kelly 22. Tippe 23. Donald 24. Nefertiti 25. Pebbles, Rovi, and Newt 26. Kira 27. Daffodile 28. Moora 29. Tiel 30. Papoo 31. Ginny 32. Yia Yia 33. Polly 34. Julie

We finished May with this last group of travelers.

1. Yukon 2. Gus 3. Macie 4. Walter 5. Toots and her puppies Torrence, Tish, Timmons, Trebor, Tess, Trey, Tipper, Tillie, Tonia, Talia, Timothy, and Toro 6. Churro 7. Atlas 8. Max 9. Buster 10. Durango 11. Betty 12. Linda 13. Linette 14. Scooby 15. Chanel 16. Satchmo 17. Izzy 18. Lisa 19. Genesis 20. Hank 21. Bojangles 22. Sosa 23. Boris 24. Matty 25. Egypt 26. Roma 27. Roma’s puppies Rayna, Deacon, Juliette, Luke, Gunnar, and Teddy 28. Pepper 29. William 30. Jazz 31. Cher 32. Sylvester 33. Juno 34. Henderson 35. Hobbes 36. Blazer 37. Lola 38. Bella 39. Harley 40. Hanson 41. Jack 42. Janet 43. Domino 44. Pelon 45. Chrissy
1. Orlando 2. Olive 3. Mopsy 4. Star 5. Aloha 6. Buddy 7. McCartney 8. Starr 9. Lennon 10. Melanie 11. Melanie’s puppies Mork, Millen, Maily, Muffles, Moobler, Max, Madeline, and Mitch 12. Carianne 13. Gerta 14. Gerta’s puppies Grayson, Gayla, Gifford, Gabby, Gail, Garson, Gimbel,, and Griffin 15. Bisket 16. June 17. Gabby, Dutchess, Grey, Cotton, and Sheba 18. Stella and her kittens 19. Red 20. Colleen 21. Sassy 22. Rita 23. Raven 24. Tex and Beck

Thank you to everyone who shows up week after week, whether transporting, volunteering, fostering, mentoring, or donating. Without you, none of these fantastic dogs and cats would have the opportunity to be strong, healthy, and in loving homes. And if you’ve never been to a Rescued Pets Movement transport, please join our crew!

Thanks again to our friends from Nexen for their unflagging energy and enthusiasm not only as they escorted our dogs and cats, but for all the work they did throughout the month in thanking our donors and helping clean and organize the RPM clinic. You’ll recognize them in the photos by their blue shirts!

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