Success Story Sunday – Zorro

Sweet Zorro was a length of stay pup at BARC – he had been allowed a short time in the Adoption Center, but hadn’t managed to find his forever home in Houston. RPM was able to pull and send him to one of our rescue partners in Colorado, where he was adopted to a young family that happened to be from Texas too! His new mom, Crystal, is pregnant and wanted a companion to live with her and their two cats while his new dad works a rotational schedule in the oilfield. Zorro has fit right in to his new life. He hasn’t had any accidents, never barks, and sleeps in bed with Crystal and the kitties. In fact, her only complaint is that he is too quiet and friendly!

I was hoping he would bark when people come, but he just licks everyone to death and never barks. [I was thinking if I get a little dog,] it would bark and people would be leery because they would see Zorro.

No doubt Zorro would love a little buddy, and will be a great big brother when the baby arrives. We’re so happy to know that Zorro has settled with a great family, and a fellow Texan at that!

Zorro2Zorro1 Zorro3

Success Story Sunday: Ninja & Minnie Cooper

Fosters! Do you complete a Foster Report Card or send a letter for each of your temporary babies? Aside from it being a cathartic way to say goodbye, foster insights into the personality of each foster baby can greatly help with placement and transition into their forever homes in Colorado. If you choose to provide your contact information on the report card, you may even receive updates from some families!

One of our RPM fosters sent both Ninja and Minnie Cooper to our rescue partners in Colorado. She recently received these photos and word from their forever families that both are doing great and loving their new lives! It’s great to hear that Ninja and Minnie are doing so well!


Minnie Cooper - Success StoryMinnie Cooper

If you need a copy of the Foster Report Card, contact our lovely foster coordinators and they can get a soft copy sent to you. Just complete the details and bring a printed copy to Transport!

Success Story Sunday: Quinn (formerly Rocky)

Success Story - RockyQuinn

Quinn (formerly Rocky) was surrendered to BARC at only eight months old, and had clearly already had a tough time. He had spent his young life tied up and showed signs of having had an imbedded collar. No doubt due to this difficult start, this sweet little dog had a tendency to be shy and nervous, especially when on a leash or around other dogs.

Little did he know, his life was about to change forever. Volunteer Brandi saw his photo on a RPM email, and he became her personal mission. She worked tirelessly to get him noticed and even raised donations for him. When he landed in the hospital, she only pushed harder to save this sweet guy’s life. As he struggled back to health, word was spread of Rocky’s Wish – “If I don’t make it, save another dog in my memory.”

Happily, he did make it, and RPM was able to pull and send him to one of our rescue partners in Colorado. He was adopted into a new family, and his new mother Megan has let us know that he is very happy in his new home:

Each new adventure we approach with caution as Mr. Quinn can still be timid. He loves going to work with me and is even starting to play with the 15month old twins. We have found out that he can open gates and doors with the handles! Yikes! But we’re confident that he knows, we are now his home.

It’s great to see this sweet boy in a loving home, working through his insecurities, and coming into himself!

Another success story: Rodney

Here’s an update from our friends at Houston’s Homeless Pet Placement League:

Meet Rodney, calm as can be, before boarding the van and riding to his forever home in Colorado. Once again HPPL and Rescued Pets Movement have partnered to save a great animal. Rodney came to BARC with two fractures, leg and hip. BARC reached out to RPM and RPM reached out to HPPL. As a result of all parties working together, this sweet dog had surgery, received plenty of love and care in his RPM foster home and after his “trip to the Rockies” met his adopter last weekend. We hope you never tire of these heartwarming stories of team work resulting in lots of smiles because HPPL has more coming up in the next few weeks.

This is what happens when rescue groups work together, and we’re proud of our partnership with HPPL.

Success Story Sunday: Chance (formerly known as Coyote).

Today’s success story is about Coyote, a former BARC Length of Stay dog who we moved to Colorado earlier this year. Our Colorado adoption coordinator, Kiersten, worked long and hard to find him the perfect family. She did, and we’re glad to be able to share the above photo and below excerpt from an email recently sent to Kiersten.

Thank you so much for giving great advice to my friend. Funny, I was telling her how awesome my experience was [with RPM] and how you were in constant communication for all my stupid questions. Thank you again for giving me the best gift ever next to my children. Chance (fka Coyote) is my world and we can’t imagine our life without him. He is truly a nanny dog and my children’s protector. He doesn’t let them out of his site and is just the best dog ever. 🙂

Success Story Sunday: Apollo (formerly Monet)

Success Story Week comes to a close with Monet, who was adopted by Arete in Colorado. Monet is now named Apollo and, judging from the above photos and below note from Arete, he’s having the time of his life now.

I’m very happy to tell you that Apollo loves it here in Colorado. I live far up in the mountains and he runs free all day. (Don’t worry there aren’t any animals near my house that can hurt him.) I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time but I would love to tell you more about him! I really do love him. When he naps, which he does a lot, he will jump on the couch with me and lay right on my lap. He’s the cutest little guy if I do say so. I have also taken him to a few different lakes, and he is quite the swimmer. He’ll come into my kayak with me and just stare dreamy eyed at the water going by. He also decided it was a good idea to jump into the lake. That’s how I found out he can in fact swim quite well…in January my dog, Angel, of 11 years passed away. I hadn’t been able to move on for a long time. [This] summer I chose to take the step of getting a new puppy. I visited many shelters and searched online for a long time, but when I saw the 4 paws 4 life website I decided to go to an adoption event. I held another puppy first. She wiggled and wiggled and I wanted a calmer dog. So I put her back and asked to hold one of the two brothers. Apollo was the first out so I held him. He turned in my arms and wrapped his front legs around my neck. He just stared at me in the most intelligent way. I knew right then he was perfect! He’s been my savior, lately.

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