Success Story Sunday: Hank

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Dear RPM,

Thought you might like a quick update on Hank.

We have been busy with lots of walks and adventures since Hank arrived. I took these photos after our hour long morning walk this morning. Hank is quite intrigued with the prairie dogs out here! He walks very well on a leash. We are working on “sit” but he really doesn’t seem interested in treats. We will have to find something else that interests him enough to aid in learning. As I write this he is snoozing by me in the office. He is such a happy boy.

Thanks again to you, all your volunteers, and the staff at Winrock Animal Hospital. It took a village to get Hank to us. We are so grateful.

If you’ve adopted an RPM dog or cat and would like to share your story, please email

Success Story Saturday: Slade.

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Today’s story is about Slade, who was moved to a partner rescue in Colorado a couple of weeks ago. Almost immediately after he arrived, we received the following message from our rescue partner:

Hi! A good friend of mine just adopted Slade! She fell in love with him when he spent the night at her Denver condo–he didn’t even have time to go to a foster home!…He’s such a sweetie pie, and so far he’s getting along great with her pack of dogs and 3 cats. I fell in love with him, too, and I’m so happy I’ll get to see him, since she lives around the corner from me. 🙂

Success Story Saturday: Buddy (né Ruger).


I’m willing to bet anyone who has met Ruger and read the title of this post is very excited to know how he’s doing. I suspect Ruger has never met anyone he doesn’t like, because he’s one of those dogs who has nothing but love and affection for everyone he meets. I can never understand how dogs like him are turned in to BARC. The first time I met Ruger he was hanging out with us on Transport Day and would go home afterward with Jon, one of our volunteers who agreed to foster Ruger for us. I crouched down to say hello on his level and Ruger leaned against me and lay his big head on my shoulder. Nothing but love from the big lug. Everyone had nothing but praise for Ruger that day, and he soaked up their love as if he were a dog shaped sponge.


While he had him, Jon had nothing but good things to say about Ruger. I’m sure if he could talk, Ruger would say the feeling was mutual, because Jon took very good care of him. We quickly had interest from a Colorado adopter and Ruger returned to Transport Day, this time as a passenger and not just an observer. He was transported to Colorado at the end of March. Everyone was sorry to see him leave, but happy someone was willing to give him a chance. Tears were shed for both reasons.


I’m happy to say I received an email from Kiersten, who coordinated Ruger’s Colorado adoption, and she said that when they met his adopter “dropped to the ground in work clothes and started playing with him and ruger was in heaven!” In a more recent email Kiersten said this:

Things are going well! He has been renamed as Buddy and he is close to perfect! Bobby, the adopter, is head over heels. He keeps going on about how smart he is and he’s so excited to get him into training to see how much he can learn!


Success Story Saturday (on Monday): Cyrus (né Davy)

Oops. On Saturday I posted on Facebook about how we saved 112 dogs and 43 cats last week. Which is a total of 155 adoptable pets saved. A success story in itself, I was so excited about that information that I forgot to post Success Story Saturday. Here it is now! This story is about Cyrus–originally named Davy–a scared and timid dog who tested low positive for heartworms, but was adopted by Molly two days after he became an RPM adoption dog. We’re very glad to hear he’s thriving with Molly and is well loved!


[Cyrus] is GREAT! Honestly, I can’t believe how lucky I got, and how meant to be [adopting him] was. He’s amazing while I’m at work and so friendly to everything and everybody! We started obedience training a few weeks ago–and he’s STUBBORN when he’s at training, but at home, he’s great! I’ve started looking for houses with yards, because he needs a place to run around. You really were right; this breed is well behaved and easy to train.

The article I read on the RPM website that talks about not transporting heartworm positive dogs* just breaks my heart. Cy wouldn’t be mine if I had waited a couple of weeks! I truly hope this goes away. It’s ridiculous!

Thank you again for saving him. He was clearly meant to be mine! I took this picture of him in his favorite spot – enjoy!

Update 4/16: Molly posted the following on our Facebook page today.
Cy (success story Saturday on 4/7) graduated from kindergarten a couple of weeks ago!! Can’t get over how much I appreciate RPM for rescuing this amazing dog!!

*Ed. Note: She’s referring to A Response From RPM Regarding Recent Media Statements., March 3, 2014.

Success Story Saturday: Wally.

WallyKCBack in the beginning of January we had word from BARC that they had a dog with a leg injury that needed immediate attention, none of the other groups that they had reached out to would take him, and we would be their last resort to help. Well, of course we’d take him! It was Transport Day, so instead of going to our loading location, I made a detour to BARC to pick up Wally so I could take him to one of our partner veterinarians. Wally was a sad, forlorn yellow labrador retriever mix. I held him gently as I carried him outside and then carefully maneuvered him into the crate in my car. When we arrived at the vet, I kissed his nose and said, “Don’t worry, Wally. You’re going to be okay, I promise.” Wally responded by peeing on me when I picked him up again. He was in pain and scared, so I forgave him.

What we thought was a basic leg injury turned out to be a broken hip. Wally had probably been hit by a car. Poor guy. It was beyond our vet’s capabilities and they recommended he see a specialist. We had a very frustrating time trying to get an appointment with a specialist. No matter who we called, cost was an issue (we couldn’t afford them/they wouldn’t give us a discount) or they wouldn’t be able to see him for over a week. Wally didn’t have the luxury of time. We didn’t know how long he’d been living with the injury. If we waited any longer, his bones would start to knit improperly. We had a good foster home lined up for him already, so we were incredibly annoyed that we couldn’t find someone to work on Wally right away at a reasonable cost. I was pretty upset, because I had promised Wally he was going to be okay. I didn’t want to let him down.

IMG_4180Luckily, we called Dr. Mandola at Richmond Animal Hospital and he said to bring Wally to him right away so he could do whatever possible to help him. When we asked him how much the operation would be he said he’d charge whatever we thought was fair. Since I felt a kinship with Wally, I volunteered to drive him to Richmond to meet his new foster mom, Shelley, and Dr. Mandola. He had an operation that day, and Dr. Mandola said Wally had been brought to him just in time. As we suspected, if we’d waited any longer, it would’ve been next to impossible for him to break the bones again, set them properly, and stitch him up again. Later that day, Shelley brought our FrankenWally home with her, ready for the long road ahead of getting Wally back on his feet again.

Shelley sent us regular updates on Wally’s condition…

Took Wally for his first week check-up today…He cleaned up Wally’s wound area–Wally’s been licking it but I got him a cone of shame–and gave me some antibiotics…His eating is still slow but he does eat. I’m hoping the pain medicine will help his comfort therefore he’ll feel better to eat. Everything else is good. Seems to be slowly getting better. We’re taking it one day at a 1

Wanted to send out an update on Wally. I took him to the vet yesterday and he had a small fever and an infection around the pin in his leg. The vet gave me antibiotics to give him twice a day for a week. I also had to get an antiseptic cleaner to clean the wound twice a day. A few days ago he was a little depressed but that was most likely due to the infection. But in the last 24 hours since starting the antibiotics he’s perked up a little. He’s pretty much on 24/7 crate rest with the exception of going outside. I take him back next Friday and they will decide then if the pin comes out. Vet said pin will come out at 3-4 weeks and they’ll take an x-ray to see how it’s healing. I’ll keep everyone posted on when the pin comes out and what the treatment/therapy is at that time. He’s a great little dog! Very sweet and just loves to stand next to you and have you pet him. It’s a good thing you guys didn’t give up on him, he’s gonna make an awesome addition to someone’s family

photo 2
Good news everyone! Wally got his pin out today and Dr. Mandola said his leg has healed very nicely. He was very pleased with the bone calcification and development around the break. Instructions now are he can resume regular activity. Dr. Mandola said it will most likely take several days for him to get used to walking on it and put full weight on it again, so I’ll make sure he takes it slow…I have to take him back in a week for a follow-up, to get those stitches out and remove the bandage…I was talking to Dr. Mandola about Wally and thanking him for all his work taking such good care of Wally and his willingness to help us. He in turn said, “I’m just happy you guys are saving them,” and hugged me. Really nice to hear and wanted to pass that message along to you guys.

Took Wally for his final check-up today and great news, splint is off, stitches have been removed and he’s good to start using his leg. Dr. Mandola said it’s going to take time for him to use it completely and showed me how to work his knee so he starts using it. It’s Wally’s physical therapy! He said it’s important, because of where the break was and how the leg healed, Wally has to start using it correctly and bending his knee or he won’t walk right. He does put his foot down every few steps so that’s good. Dr. Mandola said the best thing for him would be if he could go swimming but that’s not really an option now. For the most part he’s done. They closed his records and gave me copies of his info.

I can’t tell you how happy we are that Wally is better now, how grateful we are to Dr. Mandola for doing such good work and for having a good heart, how much we appreciate and value Shelley for taking such good care of him for the last few months, and for everybody who donates to our program so we can help dogs in bad shape get on the road to wellness. Wally is coming to join us at The Caroline Sessions on Sunday. I sometimes poke fun of my rescue friends who tear up at transport day or whenever we talk about the dogs we save and stories like this one. However, I can assure you that when I see Wally again this Sunday I’m going to cry happy tears for him when I hug him again and kiss his sweet nose. Here’s a short film I made about Wally. Enjoy.

Success Story Saturday: Archer (né Rusty)


We recently received this message about Rusty, an RPM dog who was adopted last month:

Hi. Just wanted to give you a quick update on Rusty. (we renamed him Archer–“Archie.”) He’s acclimating well! Thor (the Husky) finally decided to make friends with [Archie] after his initial bout of jealousy and the two of them play happily, pulling each other by the ears and scruff. Thor is very gentle with him, he seems to know that Archie needs to gain more weight and muscle. Archie is following me around a lot, he’s very curious about everything. He caught a sinus infection and has been sniffling a bit so we keep him warm and make sure he drinks lots of fluids, but it does not deter him from exploring the house and playing with the dogs. He’s very cuddly and tries to sleep in bed with us every night. Today was the first day he spent in his (humongous) crate and he did fine, no barking (maybe because the other dogs were locked in the room with him). Right now he is enjoying the sun on the couch, I have attached a picture. I love him lots (so does my fiancé) and we feel very lucky we get to be with him. I’ll keep you posted on his progress!

Thank you again for everything you did!

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