Success Story Sunday – Photo Roundup

Many times, RPM’s pups and kitties are so busy enjoying their forever homes that we simply receive a quick comment and a photo or two. Here are some quick updates!

Maybe (fka Sapphire)
Maybe (fka Sapphire)
Ranger (fka Rico)
Ranger (fka Rico)
Ripp (fka Pinto)
Ripp (fka Pinto)

Success Story Sunday – Quinn (fka Rocky)

Quinn (formerly Rocky) was surrendered to BARC at only eight months old, and had clearly already had a tough time. He had spent his young life tied up and showed signs of having had an imbedded collar. No doubt due to this difficult start, this sweet little dog had a tendency to be shy and nervous, especially when on a leash or around other dogs.

Little did he know, his life was about to change forever. Volunteer Brandi saw his photo on a RPM email, and he became her personal mission. She worked tirelessly to get him noticed and even raised donations for him. When he landed in the hospital, she only pushed harder to save this sweet guy’s life. As he struggled back to health, word was spread of Rocky’s Wish – “If I don’t make it, save another dog in my memory.”

Happily, he did make it, and RPM was able to pull and send him to one of our rescue partners in Colorado. He was adopted into a new family, and his new mother Megan has let us know that he is very happy in his new home:

Each new adventure we approach with caution as Mr. Quinn can still be timid. He loves going to work with me and is even starting to play with the 15month old twins. We have found out that he can open gates and doors with the handles! Yikes! But we’re confident that he knows, we are now his home.

It’s great to see this sweet boy in a loving home, working through his insecurities, and coming into himself.

Success Story - RockyQuinn

(Originally published 12-7-2014)

Success Story Sunday – Jarvis (fka Sully)

RPM doesn’t just transport and place dogs and pups, we also save cats and kittens!

Jarvis (fka Sully) traveled to Colorado as part of the “Disney Crew,” with momma Elsa and six siblings. Jarvis was scooped up practically the moment he arrived, and he is happily settling in to his new home. From his adopters:

Sully, now named Jarvis, is doing amazing. He fits great with our family. He is so playful but yet so cuddly. He always wants to be with us! Thank you for rescuing him so we can have the perfect little boy in our life.

We had the opportunity to touch base with the Disney crew’s Houston fosters, Katie and Ally, as well. As you can imagine, fostering eight crazy kitties was an adventure! From Katie:

This was definitely one of the most fun groups to foster. They were at the perfect age of pure madness! They would run all over the place and attack each other or you. They loved toys, like any toy; they could have been great cat toy testers! Once they’d all start to fall asleep, it was silence for a couple of hours, and then they’d be back at it again. Seeing stories like Sully’s turn out so well makes fostering worth it. Knowing he has a loving home is what makes loving eight kittens for two weeks, then letting them go, easy.

We’re so grateful to Katie & Ally for opening their home to the Disney Crew, as well our Colorado partner rescues and the forever families, for giving these babies a life and a home! We couldn’t save these animals without the team effort!

Jarvis1 Jarvis2 Jarvis3

Success Story Sunday – Gideon

This week, we have Gideon’s perspective on finding a furever home, and are happy to report that he has been adopted! All the best to Gideon and his new family.

Gideon was the name the nice man at the shelter gave me. I feel lucky as some of the shelter dogs only got a number. I think he was trying to help me, trying to get someone to notice me.

On the outside, I am a non-descript, medium sized (44lbs) dog — perhaps a small boxer mix of sorts. Some have said I have kinda funny looking ears and eyes that don’t shine as brightly as they once did, but I sure perk up when I see potential friends that may want to play with me! There are places where my hair doesn’t grow anymore. You see, I have a few scars, but they are there to prove that I am a lover and not a fighter as they were given to me by others. My fur could definitely benefit from some good nutrition.

My outward appearance shows that my approximate 3-4 years of life have not been the best, but on the inside well…I am a diamond in the rough and now I have hope!

The ladies of the rescue saw something in me worth saving and I do not intend to disappoint them!

So here I am, looking for a soft place to land. I would be grateful for a loving foster home, but would REALLY love to find a furever home to call my very own.

So, if you would be willing to open your heart and home, exhibit a little patience in allowing me to learn what is expected of me and teach me what traits and behaviors are expected of a loving pet, I promise to reward you with unconditional love and loyalty.

My name is Gideon. Please consider adopting me. I am worthy.



(Originally posted April 5, 2015)




Success Story Sunday – Roo (formerly Boo Boo)

Roo was found last summer with a broken and badly injured leg that had to be amputated upon her arrival at BARC. After recovering with a foster in Houston, she transported to Colorado and was adopted by Sue, a veterinary technician perfectly suited to care for a 3-legged dog.

Fast forward a year, and Roo has been a busy dog! She is healthy and happy, and is best friends with her three dog and four kitty siblings. She goes to daycare twice a week, and even earned her therapy dog certification this past March! She now visits hospice patients and nursing/healthcare facilities with Sue, putting smiles on many faces.

Roo couldn’t have found a better family in Colorado. It’s fantastic to hear how her life has turned around, and the wonderful ways that she is helping others.

DSC_0339DSC_0274 DSC_0584 DSC_0587 DSC_0745 DSC_0841 IMAG1341

Success Story Sunday – Several

Many times, RPM’s pups and kitties are so busy enjoying their forever homes that we simply receive a quick comment and a photo or two. Here are some quick updates!

Cleo (fka Winky) on her way to Thursday transport.
Cleo’s playdate with her new friend.
Ginger (fka McKenna) and DipnDot (fka Mya)


From their new mom: "Ginger & DipnDot are spoiled rotten and very much loved."
Ginger-DipnDot3 From their new mom: “Ginger & DipnDot are spoiled rotten and very much loved.”
Nora1 From Nora’s (fka Mia) new mom – “She loves children, other dogs, everyone, and wants to eat every squirrel! I am so lucky to have Nora and cannot thank you enough.”


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