Success Story Sunday – Basil

Oh what a difference a few months of love can make!! Last fall, Basil arrived at BARC in sad shape – he was extremely emaciated, weighing less than 30 pounds, and was battling a case of mange. RPM pulled him and sent him to one of our Colorado partners, and he’s hardly recognizable anymore! He happened across his forever family at the dog park and has since doubled in size. From his forever family:

“We met Basil while on a walk at Chatfield Dog Park and fell in love with him. He gradually grew and put on weight and now weighs a whopping 60 lbs and is very tall and sturdy. He brings much mischief and joy into our home and is a great doggy brother to our other adopted dog, Thor. Thank you so much for saving this dog and bringing him into our lives.”

We’re so happy that he found a loving family to nurture and help him grow into the dog that he is today!

BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
Thor & Basil


Success Story Sunday – Riley (formerly Flora)

We have word that Riley (formerly Flora) is doing great in her forever home in Colorado!! Her new brother, Bear, is adjusting to sharing the attention, but they are becoming good friends. As a former Houstonite, Riley found the snow to be a little disorienting (“Where did everything go??”), but she enjoys playing in it when it isn’t too cold. She loves tennis balls, stuffed animals, and anything squeaky. She’s using the doggy door, working on house training, and her basic commands are improving. She already knows “no” and “come,” and is getting better at “sit.” It’s wonderful to hear that Riley is doing well, learning, and growing in her forever home!

Flora2 Flora3 Flora4 Flora5Flora1

Success Story Sunday – Nelson (formerly Channing)

We pull many heartworm positive dogs from BARC. It’s an easily curable illness, but costly and stigmatized. These dogs have less time at the shelter, and fewer foster and rescue opportunities once they are pulled. Luckily, we have friends like 4 Paws 4 Life! 4P4L has a wonderful program called Heart to Heart ( that specifically targets and prevents these dogs from falling through the cracks.

Nelson (formerly Channing) started heartworm treatment as soon as he was pulled from BARC and was accepted into the Heart to Heart program in Colorado. He was quickly adopted by Alicia, who is completing Nelson’s treatments with 4P4L’s help. From Alicia:

Channing (now Nelson) is doing great. When I adopted him he was heartworm positive, but he’s just wrapping up his treatment this week and is getting spunkier and healthier every day. We’ve mastered sit, down and his favorite: “sit like people.” He’s definitely a momma’s boy; loves cuddling, sitting on my lap and being brushed. We get stopped on the street all the time with people wanting to pet him and asking what he is…I’m still trying to figure that one out!

It’s great to hear that Nelson is recovering and happily settling into his new home. We’re so lucky to have such amazing partners up north that help us give scruffies like Nelson another chance at life!

Nelson’s Shelter Photo

Nelson2 Nelson3 Nelson4

Success Story Sunday – Turk

Turk was on one of the very first RPM transports, back in June 2013. The journey was difficult for our one lonely van, with delays due to illness, weather, and the awful Colorado wildfires of summer 2013. As always, it was worth the trouble. Everybody made it safely, and Turk went home with Bryan and Becca, who lovingly called him their “first child” when they picked him up. Well, Turk just turned two, and Bryan was nice enough to send us some updated photos! He has adjusted quite well to life in Colorado and he loves the snow, despite being born a southerner. He is part of the family and very much loved in his forever home. We’re so thrilled to see that Turk has grown into such a beautiful dog, and to hear updates like this from our earliest transports!

Turk 1 Turk 2

Success Story Sunday – Lucy

Poor, sweet Lucy (formerly Chica) arrived at BARC as a confiscation case. She had been left to die in an abandoned apartment without any food or water, and had been there for some time when she was finally found. As a victim of horrible circumstances, she was terrified when she arrived at BARC, and her fear and shyness lead to her being marked for behavior. She was an unlikely candidate for adoptions, but managed to earn extra time because of her pending abandonment case. Despite the extra time, she quickly found herself on BARC’s Length of Stay list and again in danger.

It was at this point that Lucy’s luck really began to improve. She was pulled from BARC by RPM and transported to one of our partners in Colorado. She was adopted immediately upon arrival, and her new family is absolutely thrilled with her. Despite her rough start in life, she holds no grudges and has been fantastic from the moment she arrived. She loves her new family, is already house trained, knows basic commands, and is even ignoring the cat.

Photo and comments from her new family:

Bella1Totally blissed out in a very weird position after her bath, which she was a perfect little lady for. She is definitely housebroken, can sit, shake, and almost lay down on command. Continues to be pretty much disinterested in the cat, and he felt safe enough to jump down and walk in front of her to get to his food. So smart, and so wiggly this morning that she was slapping herself in the face with her tail! We named her Lucy, and she is ours forever. Thank you so much!

We’re so thrilled to have been a part of Lucy’s second chance at life. She has grown into a wonderful ambassador for her breed, and how a little love can change a dog’s life.

Success Story Sunday – Kai

It is a worthwhile but long process to get our RPM rescues to their forever homes. Their journey begins with being pulled from BARC, boarded or (hopefully) fostered in Houston, and being transported to our out-of-state partners, but it often doesn’t end the moment they arrive in their new home state. Some of our sweet babies are met by their forever families upon arrive, but most go to a temporary home with loving fosters like us.

We recently received an update from a Colorado foster that hosted both Kai and a beagle/doxie, Augie, when they arrived from Houston. Both were quickly adopted and are doing well. Kai’s forever home is in northern Colorado. He has a house, a backyard, and daily trips to the dog park. His new mom adores him, and he gets to enjoy frequent hikes and the best spot in bed every night.

Even better, Kai’s new mom has decided to become a first time foster for the Colorado rescue that placed Kai! It takes a village, and we’re so grateful to have caring organizations and fosters in partner states, helping to give animals like Kai a second chance at life.

Kai-3 Kai-4 Kai-5 Kai-6

(Every animal pulled from BARC needs a Houston foster and a destination rescue/foster before RPM can commit to save them, and we’re in great need of more Houston fosters! It is an easy and short-term commitment to save a life. If you’re interested in becoming a RPM foster in the Houston area, please fill out our foster form here: )

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