Success Story Sunday – Piper (Formerly Fern)

Piper (formerly Fern) was fostered in Houston and went to our Colorado partner with her brother, Gully. Gully was adopted quickly after arriving, but she had to wait a bit longer for her perfect forever family. When her new mom Cristin came across Piper’s photo online, she knew that they had to have her. Piper quickly integrated into her new home and became fast friends with their other dog, Cali. Cali and Piper are together 99 percent of the time, and the whole family is so happy with their new addition. Piper’s new home was definitely worth the wait!




Success Story Sunday – Beau (Formerly Ninja)

Beau (formerly Ninja) is another sweet pup that RPM transported to our good friends at 4 Paws 4 Life in Colorado. As can be seen in the photos, he is a happy pup and growing like a weed. His new family says that he loves to chase his tail and roll in the grass. He is a swimmer, and always jumps in the creek on walks. He’ll soon finish his shots and start puppy kindergarten, but he has already learned so much! He is fully crate trained and knows how to sit, shake, and lay down. He is a smart, energetic boy, and we’re so happy to hear that he is doing so well!

Ninja1 Ninja2 Ninja3 Ninja4 Ninja5 Ninja6

Success Story Sunday – Rocket

July 21, 2015 Update: From Rocket’s new mom:

“Rocket continues to do great and is loving his new life in Colorado. Everyone who passes us on our hikes stops to mention how beautiful he is and how they love his two front white socks. He’s doing wonderful on a leash and now stays close by when he is allowed to run free. He knows who his family is and loves to run back to us when we call him.”


When sweet Rocket arrived in Colorado, he was definitely a little worse for wear. As an older dog from the streets of Houston, he was battling malnutrition, heartworms, and painful arthritis. His new mom reports that he is recovering nicely. He is eating, drinking, and sleeping well, taking his medicine, and waking more chipper every morning. He wags his tail a lot and seems very relaxed and happy.

From his new mom:

He is the sweetest little dog and has been really easy to care for. We just love him!! We can’t stop giving him belly and ear rubs and telling him how much we love him.

His new five year old girl loves brushing him, and he enjoys walking around outside. He even got to meet horses for the first time! He growled a bit the first time that he saw them through the window, but quickly warmed up when he met them face-to-face.

There were concerns that it would take a while for him to recover from his various ailments, but a happy and loving home has done wonders for sweet Rocket! We’re so thrilled to hear that he is making himself comfortable in his new life.

Rocket-1 Rocket-2 Rocket-3 Rocket-4

Success Story Sunday – Peedy

Joel adopted Peedy after transport to our Colorado partner 4 Paws 4 Life. From Joel:

“I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love this one. I coach high school baseball and he will be in for a life of having fun at games and shagging balls.”

What an upgrade from a Houston shelter! We’re so happy to hear that Peedy made it into the perfect home.

Peedy1 Peedy2 Peedy3


Success Story Sunday – Tally

Tally caught her ride from Houston to our Colorado partner 4 Paws 4 Life on December 4th and was quickly adopted into a loving family. They report that she is a wonderful puppy. She is growing like a weed – gaining 2.5-3 pounds each week – and has calmed down a bit, so she is getting along well with her new brother, Bonzer. More than anything, she loves a good snuggle. We’re so happy for the update! It is clear from her photos that she is settling very comfortably into her new home and life.

Tally 01 Tally 02 Tally 03

Success Story Sunday – Junie B (formerly Sheila)

Although she left Texas as Sheila, this playful, affectionate puppy quickly earned a more fitting name from her forever family – Junie B. Just like her children’s book namesake, Junie B is curious and into absolutely everything. She loves playing with new nine and thirteen year old human siblings, and her new mom Dana says that she is growing like crazy and amazingly agile and fast. We’re so happy to hear that Junie B is the “epitome of a healthy, happy dog!”

JunieB2 JunieB1


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