We still need foster homes. (I know. We say that a lot!)

We’re looking for temporary fosters for these six pups. These little ones were scheduled to be put to sleep, but we yanked them out in the nick of time. They’re at our vet now, but we’ll need temporary foster homes for them until our next available transport. Cabot was in a plea from two days ago, but we still need a foster home for him. If you can help, we’d really appreciate it!

Being a temporary foster is awesome: your costs are covered or you can receive a tax deduction for any of your expenses; you provide love and a home to a homeless pet, thereby filling up your karma bucket; it’s for a definitive and short amount of time. Can you foster one of these pets for just 10–14 days? If you’d like to become a temporary foster or would like more information about temporary fostering, please contact us at foster@rescuedpetsmovement.org.

If you can’t foster, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to go toward their care and transport. You can donate by credit card by clicking the donate tab on the right. Or if you prefer to donate by check, please make it out to “RPM Inc.” and mail it to us at

RPM Inc.
3139 W. Holcombe Blvd. #135
Houston, Texas 77025

Every cent of your donation will go toward transporting these well-deserving pets, toward temporarily fostering a pet until he or she can be transported, and/or toward reasonable and necessary medical costs.

Thank you so much for joining our movement to make Houston a no-kill city.
Your friends from

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  1. Louise Stout - October 31, 2013

    Never heard back from you, but we have 2-3 rescues in this area – Madison, WI – that we can work with if you want to find transport here. We are about 3 hours from Chicago and could pick up there.

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