A happy thank you!

We’d like to offer a HUGE thank you to Homeless Pet Placement League for partnering with us to save Happy and for helping cover some of the cost of his surgery. HPPL board president Debby Ryan recently described Happy as “a great dog and one that personifies the best in RPM and HPPL’s partnership.” We absolutely agree!

After Happy was moved out of BARC his fosters noticed a protruding hip bone and that he walked with a noticeable limp, which Dr. Mandola at Richmond Animal Hospital later diagnosed as a dislocated hip. He operated on Happy’s hip and everything was great after that! Happy’s fosters, Jackie and Larry, told us that even though “he continued to favor his hind leg, he ate well and still wanted to play with our two big dogs. He also loved chewing on bones and playing with his squeaky toys. Happy loved everyone and loved when we would cuddle with him.

“We are so appreciate of everyone who has helped and loved this puppy on his journey from homelessness to healing to his forever home. It is so incredibly rewarding for us to know that we had a small part of giving him a great life.”

A few days ago, we were all happy when Larry brought Happy so he could join the rest of the adoptable pets in the vans going to our Colorado rescue partners.

Thank you, Jackie, Larry, Dr. Mandola, HPPL, and everyone who donates to RPM and enables us to give Happy and other dogs and cats a second chance at life.

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