A response to recent articles about RPM in the Houston Press.

With regard to recent stories in the Houston Press about Rescued Pets Movement, all we can say is we are disappointed by the negative slant in the articles. We responded to some of these concerns on our website when they came up a year ago. Please see http://live-rpm-transition.pantheonsite.io/a-response-from-rpm-regarding-recent-media-statements/ and http://live-rpm-transition.pantheonsite.io/rpms-response-to-the-623-khou-news-story/. Moreover, we provided Mr. Malisow with a full list of our Colorado rescue partners, and all were very eager to share their adoption and success stories. Mr. Malisow apparently deemed their statements not relevant because they had only positive things to say about us.

Everyone at RPM works around the clock to save these animals, and our rescue partners are more than glad to help us save Houston’s homeless pets. RPM also recognizes that it is only a part of the solution to Houston’s homeless pet problem. What is required are aggressive spay-and neuter-programs and education, along with traditional and transport rescue groups. We all must work together to bring an end to the problem. This type of press is disheartening, but we will not let it stop the wonderful work we are doing or stop us from celebrating the thousands of animals we save who would otherwise die each day at BARC.

We welcome anyone to come to our transports and speak to our fosters so you can learn more about RPM.

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  1. Griffin Kanter - February 18, 2015

    I am so tired of the media not doing its job of presenting both sides of a story. Not only in this instance with RPM but also a Colorado TV story regarding one of our rescue partners. It is an abuse of their positions and a violation of the ethics of their profession.

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