Alice Renee is a sweet survivor

We recently rescued a special girl who was found with a chain severely embedded in her neck. Our friends at BARC reached out to us, hoping we’d be able to help her. One of our rescue partners gladly stepped forward and offered to help find her the perfect forever home, so we moved her out of BARC and into a great foster home. We heard she enjoyed her freedom ride very much–she got to ride in a car seat!–and has been a gracious guest in her foster home. Her foster mom says, “She’s doing much better. She jumped up to greet my husband this morning. She hung out with the dogs for a bit, but kinda growls at one because he’s kinda nosy. She really likes our daughter, too!”

We initially named her Renee after a rescue dog in St. Louis who recovered from an embedded collar and found a wonderful person to take care of her and treat her like a princess, because we hope the same happens for this sweet girl. Then we found out that BARC had named her Alice, so now she’s known as Alice Renee. We’ve heard that a lot of people became concerned for her well being after many pleas and posts were circulated about her on Facebook. We just want everyone to know she’s doing very well. Her neck wound is severe (we won’t subject you to photos of it), but it’s clean and we’re told it should heal nicely. If you feel inclined to donate toward Alice Renee’s vet care and transport, please visit our donation page. Thank you for caring about this sweet girl, and the other homeless pets in Houston!

2 thoughts on “Alice Renee is a sweet survivor

  1. Becky - September 15, 2014

    St. Louis Renee’s story is a wonderful one. She and her person found exactly who they both needed, and I’m sure she no longer remembers anything but the loving home she has with him. This is what I wish for Alice Renee and every rescued dog and cat, especially the ones who’ve been failed by people–so they can know there is also kindness and that it can triumph.

  2. Robert Edler - September 15, 2014

    Mlle. Renee would be overjoyed to know that she has a semi-namesake rescue on her way to a happy home. She would enjoy running in the yard with her, too!

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