All the Right Moves here at RPM!

All the Right Moves

Need motivation to donate to RPM’s Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge? April’s dogs and cats who traveled can remind you why we do what we do.

This group traveled to Colorado the first week of April.

1. Turbo; Poncho; Favel; Woodrow; Ophelia 2. Cody; Chelsea; Bert; Earnie; Kingfish 3. Landon; Chopper; Mia; Flint; Bennie 4. Norman; Pearl; Charlie; Buster; Gillian 5. Nellie; Chester; Chaps; Lucky; Chloe 6. Caroline; Jewell; Roma; Cudi; Lucas 7. Andy; Clara; Bringham; Marcus; Syracuse 8. Willie; Neena’s puppies Nickle, Nigel, Noodle, Norman, Nuckles, Nadine, Nala, Neagan, Nora, Neo, and Nemo; Neena; Lola 9. Spencer; Pony; Domina; Dulcie; Abigail
1. Adele; Shelby; Detroit; Lansing; Cindy 2. Cindy; ; Imelda; Doonesbury; Joanie; Roland 3. Zonker; Joe Cool; Pierce; Sultan 4. Filly; Millie; Maxim; Princess; Michael 5. Maurice; Merrick; Marlon; Marcus; Jade 6. Garrick; Truffles; Titan; Whisper; Wendy 7. Ava; Willa; Bob, Juno, and Lenny; Ana and her kittens; Simple Simon Jr. 8. Darth Vader; Leo; Sue and her kittens; Annie and her kittens

The next week, our Wisconsin partner drove these dogs to their new homes.

1. Onyx 2. Elisa 3. Hunter 4. Heidy 5. Michael

That same week, this large group of dogs and cats traveled to Colorado.

1. Tommy; Autumn; McMillan; Sam; Barkely 2. Tank; Dopey; Bashful; Sneezy; Arsenio 3. Shannon; Spring; Emma; James; Lola 4. Oscar; Ava; Leopold; Leda; Sleepy 5. Grumpy; Doc; Happy; Bryan; Burton 6. Summer; Winter; Frankie; Toby; Bartles 7. Hunter; Redford; Regis; Rex; Jasmine 8. Jubilee; Jackie; Jerry; Jethro; Newman 9. Helen; Elliot; Edwin; Khaleesi; Cersei
1. Edsel; Evie; Brienne; Sansa; Jon Snow 2.Khloe; Hodor; Bronn; Finn; Hughie 3. Mountain; Arya; Drogo; Tyrion; Joffrey 4. Sadie; Sally’s puppies Shaggy, Shad, Shayla, Shaniyah, Shasta, and Sheena; Dee Dee; Hunk 5. Brody; Ainsleigh; Bartley; Darby; Ennis 6. Sally; Twix; Snoopy; Jason; Jolly 7. Jaline; Paige; Patrick; Afton; Esau 8. Edna; Evan; Emmylou; Juliet; Cammie 9. Baron; Elgin; Ellen; Geraldine; Easter
1. Amari; Penny; Priscilla; Angel; Kieran 2. Langly; Lilith; Gidget; Benji; Ledyard 3. Lurleen; Alexander; Ingram; Isaac; Chanelle 4. Delilah; Scooter; Fuller; Ivory; Freeman 5. Ireland; Fontaine; Inga; Freesia; Ivanho 6. Filene; Stevie Wonder; David Bowie; Carly Simon; Adele 7. Lady Gaga; Dreyfus; Ginger and her kittens; Snowball and her kittens; Biscuits and Gravy
1. Mia and her kittens; Little Bit, Mittens, and Smudge; Mabel, Betty, Archie, and Veronica; Owen; Tank, Muffin, Alexa, and Echo 2. Stella and her kittens; Simon Garfunkel; Beauty, J-Rock, James, and Rhonda; Nia and her kittens

The following week, these dogs and cats were on the road to their forever homes.

1. Alley; Hiram; Oakley; Mowgli; Heather 2. Hadley; Floe; Payton; Baloo; Colette 3. Ezra; Erin; Ella; Connie; Cubby 4. Cappy; Carlene; Coco; Yoni; Missy 5. Annie; Daisy; Louise; Zorro; Paisley 6. Lucy; Scooby; Clarice; Caley; Milley 7. Taffy and Toki; Toma, Tyne, and Terrell; Bella and Scrappy; Hattie’s puppies Hyson, Hoops, Hobson, Hoover, Halcie, and Hank 8. Hattie; Gisele; Callie; Carlo; Carmine and Cassidy 9. Tabitha; Sadie; Cannon; Carly; Rocket
1. Rhonda; Raine; Renfro; Rochelle; Ozzie 2. Oliver; Lilo; Goliath; Gannon; Sharon 3. Tonka; Teaberry; Marfa; Cody; Sasha 4. Felicia; Angela; Amy Sue; Roberto; Ashley 5. Arlena; Marah; Robin; Ricky; Lady Hope 6. Blue Belle; Abraham; Simba; Brando; Martha 7. Nugget; Lady; Gayle; Guiness; Inez 8. Inez’s puppies Iris, Imogene, Ida, Ishtar, Ike, Ira, and Ishmael; Marxy; Nate, Zed
1. Jillian; Mamie; Opal and her kittens; Sylvia and her kittens; Rapunzel and her kittens 2. Bess; Zappa; Wednesday; Pugsley; Ming Lee and her kittens 3. Kiwi; Midnight and her kittens; Amber and her kittens; Dominique and her kittens; Washington 4. Joanie and Chachi; Mama and her kittens; Betty; Roslyn; Pepper and Rachel

On RPM’s transport the last week of April, these dogs and cats hitched their rides on the vans.

1. Alana; Lennie; Charlotte; Lucinda; Cami 2. Chrissie; Jasmine; Bernie; Smalley; Tabasco 3. Tintin; Kipp; Tetley; Paxton; Penelope 4. Poppy; Pitney; Pascal; Chickie; Marshmallow 5. Bunny; Violette; Piper; Chandler; Billie Jean 6. Martina; Arthur; Bella; Bailey; Mary Lou 7. Barnabas; Bueler; Emily; Edric; Elmo 8. Josie; Chloe; Gandalf; Tanner; Juliet 9. Fantasia; Nick; Teddy; Dean; Jessup
1. Janice; Sasha; Charlie; Casey; Cairo 2. Colona; Jackson; Elijah; Tyler; Travis 3. Jenna; Sparky; Rose; Josh; Sasha 4. Saturn; Selby; Solomon; Shadow; Santos 5. Serena; Sela; Sondra, Sipsy, Salinas, and Samantha; Niko 6. Sammie; Nico; Suzanne; Deelite; Dancer 7. Dolby; Miss Molly; Yoko; Yummi; Yoshi 8. Yen; Yates; Yasmin; Yoyo; Yonkers 9. Sport; Golda; Cotton; Lady; Sydney
1. Paco, Pinky, Paloma, and Paddy; Tonisha; Tiara; Tanzie; Mama 2. Rosa; Reese; Rikki; Ringo; Riley 3. Remi; Ramona; Lovey, Bette, Charles, Reba, and Tyler; Thomacina and her kittens; Onyx, Mabel, Munchkin, Alex, and Tigger 4. Andrea and her kittens; Gertrude, Cali, and Cami; Jem and Scout; Rolli and Rolina

Please join us in fostering, volunteering, donating, and transporting more animals like these. And stick around on transport day for the last photo before our great drivers head for the highway with their precious cargo. Thank you for all you do!

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