An update on last Thursday’s transport.

The 44 dogs and one cat we transported last Thursday arrived safely at their various destinations in Colorado on Friday. One of those dogs, Beverly, went on a trial visit with a new family today. From what we’ve heard she’s learning how to share toys with the family’s other dog, Mickey, and they’re already getting along well. The family loves Beverly already, which we completely understand, because we love her, too.

Violet was another dog on Thursday’s transport. She lost her home after her previous people surrendered her to BARC after she started going blind and deaf. But let’s not dwell on what kind of people could give up a loyal loving friend like Violet, because they’re not worth our energy. Getting Violet to Colorado was where our energy was better served. Now she’s content in her new foster home and the rescue organization taking care of her told us she’s a sweet and amazing dog. We tend to agree.

Thank you to everyone who helped these wonderful dogs to Colorado. All the fostering, donating, volunteering, sharing of information, planning, and driving (thanks Mike!) is greatly appreciated! Let’s do it again real soon.

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