Enzo, Emillio, Emma, and Empress; Extra Errrgent!


Happy Monday Fosters and Friends!
Enzo, Emma, Empress, and Emillio have the dreaded black doggie curse and have been looked over and passed by for over 2 weeks. They are stuck at Abbott and are super depressed and THUS acquired runny noses. They will bounce back in no time if they get fosters and are in a loving home! We’ve seen it time and time again–pups and dogs get sick in boarding–they get scooped up by wonderful foster, and they bounce back in a matter of HOURS and the foster home is the BEST MEDICINE!!! They are slated to leave on 3/27. So only a week and a half in your home!!! Their skin has recovered and now we just need to cure the runny nose. Please consider springing one or two from Abbott. Email me at katie@rescuedpetsmovement.org if you can help and SHARE SHARE SHARE AWAY!!!

Thanks so much for ALL you do!
Katie Beirne
RPM Houston Foster Coordinator

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