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We love it when we see photos of the pets we’ve transported with their new families. Do you remember little Bison? Bison has been adopted into his forever home with welcoming smiles!

Here are some more familiar Houston faces who are among those now living in forever homes in Colorado.

And here is a video of Clark. After we moved him from BARC to Denver, Clark was adopted by a family in North Dakota and is now having the time of his life running through the snow.

Clark’s new dad wrote to us and said:

Clark is doing just great. We had a rough start with him in regards to our shoes. I believe in all we lost about $350 or more worth of shoes–haha–but we’ve been more careful and invested in a kennel. It is quite cold here! I believe the high today is going to be 6 with snow showers all day. Luckily, we’ve invested in a dog jacket and Clark loves the snow! He runs around, burrows his face, and jumps into the drifts. Thanks for all your help getting Clark to us. He’s definitely part of the family now and we love him very much!

Thank you to all those who’ve made it possible to help these wonderful animals find places where they’ll be nurtured and loved. If you notice the number on the upper right just under the “Donate” button–it’s always getting higher–as of today, we’ve moved 510 dogs and cats off of the euthanasia schedule to their chance at long, happy lives.

Those of you who adopt a rescue dog or cat: You are their heroes, and we think you’re great, too.

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  1. Vicki Veatch - December 5, 2013

    I’m thrilled to see two of my foster girls Bambi and Riley have been adopted! Have happy, healthy lives little ones! Smooches from your former foster mom.

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