Go west

It’s spring and a young dog’s heart turns to travel. Here are most of those who boarded the van on the most recent RPM transport. Some of the dogs were so eager to get on the road that they didn’t pause to have their photos taken, and a shy mama cat and kittens were also on board. All were delivered safe and sound and will soon be in their forever homes.

RPM is able to pull dogs and cats from BARC at ever-increasing numbers thanks to all the fosters, transporters, vets, other volunteers, and the terrific people in Colorado who open their hearts to these animals. Here are a few people who were there to make transport day happen. Thank you to everyone who donates money, time, services, and supplies. You’re making change for good!

1 thought on “Go west

  1. Griffin Kanter - April 12, 2014

    Happy to see my pups on their way. Sorry that Siren, my foster mom cat and her babies didn’t get included in the photo. Onward to your forever homes!

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