Going, Gone

A fantastic sixty-six dogs and one cat are on their way to their new homes in Colorado today. That number officially puts us over the 1000 transported goal. (We’d already exceeded the 1000 mark with animals pulled and placed in foster, vet, or boarding care until they’re ready to travel.)

We have pictures of almost everyone who’s in our two RPM vans under the able care of drivers Mike and Joe.

Here are the six board members who tirelessly coordinate all the elements that make this work, pulling together volunteers, pets, organizations, and donors.

As Katie called them: two guys in funny hats and four blondes.
Dana, Timothy, Laura, Cheryl, Katie, and Cindy.

Here are a few of those who showed up on a really cold and windy day to get everybody and everything loaded. Thanks so much!

Our last view of the vans as they moved out. Safe travels, Mike and Joe!

2 thoughts on “Going, Gone

  1. Marika - February 7, 2014

    Oreo was the name of Dash’s Mom… and I feel that Dewey has a lot to say … Ava looks like a hairy, cuter Yoda just as wise.

    As for Artemis, her cuteness is disarming, she looks like the cat that ripped up my hand when I was a kid. Just so you know a cute Siamese does not need your help in a cat fight.

    Good work 🙂

  2. Robert Edler - February 7, 2014

    Oakley is surely the Phyllis Diller of puppies. You just want to make her happy.

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