Hot fun in the Summertime at RPM

Hot Fun in the Summertime

July is not only the month when we celebrated reaching our 15,000 Saved milestone, it’s also the month when these fantastic dogs and cats put in the miles to get to their forever homes. Starting with the first transport of the month, here are those who traveled.

1. Lavelle; Lavelle’s puppies Lafe, Lance, Luna, Luke, Livia, Lyssa, and Linda Lou; Shailo; Gallager; Carol 2. Bo; Joey; Rachel; Phoebe; Valerie 3. Valerie’s puppies Vanda, Vesta, Vicar, Valleen, Vincent, Vaughn, Vonnie, and Victor; Max; Jordan; Logan; Camille 4. Della and Drew; Ballerina; Christian; June; Bentley 5. Raynee; Whitney; Ricochet; Maya; Amadeus 6. Cara; Imogene; Adele; Cody; Sarah 7. Augustus; Riley; Farrah; Faizah; Fantine 8. Juliet; Darla; Diego; Akasha; Akasah’s puppies Anders, Anita, and Amelie 9. Wishbone; Olive; Tetris; Turbo; Toro
1. Allyson; Allyson’s puppies Alicia, Arleen, Ashley, and Anna May; Sandra 2. Kristy; Pride; Cherise; Rosie; Gil 3. Gus; Sammie and her kittens; Tai, Mai, Miso, and Yuki; Hans and Luke

We strive every July to remind our friends, volunteers, and fosters of two important safely issues. First, because of fireworks and crowds, in the US, July 4 is the day the highest number of animals go missing. And second, this is the time of year when pets left in vehicles can suffer severe illness and even death. In Houston, we’re accustomed to year-round high temperatures, but like other areas of the country, July is often the hottest month of the year. Leave your pets at home, inside, or if they’re outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of water. If you’re traveling with them in the car, please don’t leave them unattended. Temperatures inside a car can quickly reach 140 degrees F.

These dogs kept their cool when they traveled to Wisconsin the second week of July.

1. Sweetheart; Lobo; Chip; Bruno; Cole 2. Cooper; Faith; Dee-Dee; Scruffy; Chester 3. Moxie; Maddox; Awty’s puppies Paris, London, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland, and Frankfurt (Awty skpped the photo table)

There were also some cool cats and dogs who went to Colorado that day.

1. Natasha; Matilda; Aliza; Alaric; Coolidge 2. Aubrey; Patton; Max; Rocky; Khloe 3. Khole’s puppies Kale, Ketzi, Kaspar, Kiwi, Kantu, and Kennedy; Tiger Lily; Hanya; Hesper 4. Dina; Rooney; Teddy; Charlie; Nevaeh 5. Millhouse; Adelaide; Sheena; Shawa; Ceasar 6. Regina; Hula, Hadley, and Hamlin; Mojo; Picasso; Monty 7. William and Heather; Pippin; Charlotte; Dixie, Donna, and Darcy; Dorothy 8. Tony; Demarco and Dodie; Monica and Chandler; Carlisle; Clemson 9. Teddy; Melly; Sookie; Frieda; Sera
1. Gilda; Gilda’s pups Gretel, Gwendy, Galey, and Gareth; Effie; Freidrich 2. Pinkerton; Mary Jane; Dallas; Snow and Larry; Elisha and Emmylou 3. Kelsey; Phyllis; Jenny; Joanie; Jessie 4. Allie; Dre; Valentino; Vuitton; Jamie 5. Judie; Galaxy; Gracia; Gilda; Sansa 6. Sansa’s puppies The Hulk, Khal Drogo, Jake, Ghost, June Bug, Ruger, Silverado, Princess Leia, Lily, Shadow, and Flash; Aurora; Kila; Lauren; Ian 7. Ingrid; Hollis; Arla; Ameryn; Aiden 8. Ashley; Amber; Atticus; Kemba; Kylie 9. Kaleb; Kady; Kai; Keenan; Kevin
1. Leyla; Leyla’s pups Lorena, Lester, Little Guy, and Lincoln 2. Leyla’s pups Lissa, Lafe, Lyle, and Lynndean; Cara 3. Coca; Tilly and her kittens; Lillian

When it’s summertime, the heat can slow us all down, but lethargy is still something to watch for in puppies. It can be a sign of illness, and it’s better to err on the side of caution. If your puppies’ energy levels seem low, it’s a good idea to let a medical professional look at them. Fortunately, these frisky dogs and cats were healthy and happy to travel on our third transport of the month.

1. Benjamin; Apollo; pups Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Snow White, Princess, Doc, and Sleepy; Porthos; Daphne 2. Argo; Waverly; Ladybug; Wiska; pups Athos, Aramis, Treville, and D’Artagnan 3. Hachie; Puck; Puzzle; Pantera; Trixie 4. Meadow; Marcy; Rosie; Reid; Deacon 5. Dove; Dorrie; Diana; Donovan; Dopey 6. Desi; Dorsey; Sherman; Saltillo; Latham 7. Lee; Anna-Sue; Paulie; Molly; Jupiter 8. Niagara; Bickel and Booker; Lani; Bugsy; Sarge 9. Reid; Weaver; Caleb; Papa; Marika
1. Ford; Forrest; Serapho; Sapphire; Fletcher 2. Mozart; Queeny; Sefton; Sadie; Shawna 3. Salome; Bracken; Duke; Juno; Jessie 4. Abby; Delaney; Fondu; Florida; Brissa 5. Belicia; Patience; Katie; Romeo; Omar 6. Destiny; Ginna; Flip; Sabrina; Jeffrey 7. Trisha; Captain; Jazzy; Daisy; Jimmy 8. Furby; Bodacious. Danita; Junebug; Linette 9. Magda. Eva; Zsa Zsa; Charity; Charlie
1. John Boy; Sage; Nola; Brizzy 2. Bruce; Jax; Jitty; Emily; Bonnie 3. Sedona; Chiquita; Jinx; Jasper; Presleigh 4.Naomi and her puppies Narda, Nea, Nellwyn, Nicole, Noli, Noor, Nando, Nels, Nino 5. Milly and her puppies Maisie, Moses, McLaren, Maffra, Maribo, Melinda, Mersey, and Morcella 6. Rowan and her kittens; Tiny and her kittens Figaro, Marshmellow, Alfredo, and Button; Dino; Eden

Senior pets are also susceptible to heat. Make sure their water bowls don’t tip over easily, keep their water fresh and cool, and make multiple bowls of water available inside and outside (in the shade) to be safe. Take walks with them during the cooler times of day, and remember that sand, asphalt, and concrete can be particularly hot on your pets’ feet. During the last week of the month, these dogs and cats appreciated air-conditioned comfort on their journey to Colorado.

1. Jude and Jake; Jondy and Jonas; Peter; Rosenberg; Patience 2. Freesia; Valerie; Millicent; Midge; Aurora 3. Robby; Ransom; Kate; George; Freya 4. Jasmine; Joker; Rosalee; Raychelle; Raider 5. Johnie; Dumbo; Star; Floyd; Trinket 6. Tessa; Maximo; Mary Kay; Rocco; Jethro 7. Denise; Dinah; Drexel; Evie; Woofie 8. Brimley; Foreman; Barry; Lillian; Liyah 9. Lola; Rhylie; Julius; Mr. Hudson; Blanche
1. Martin; Aaron; Lola; Taz; Tweety 2. Daffy; Buggs; Sylvester; Teneri; Tilly 3. Duke; Lucille; Justine; Jolly; Jubilee 4. Joyanna; Katie; Mystery; Misty; Jadyn and Jasper 5. Gemma; Alli, April, Donny, Mikey, and Molly; Danny; Dottie

These pups traveled to two rescue partners in Wisconsin that same day.

There aren’t enough words to express RPM’s appreciation for the great care you take of the foster dogs and cats who come through RPM to get to their forever homes. Thanks to all our fosters, transporters, donors, volunteers, rescue and vet partners, BARC staff, and RPM staff for all you do!

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