It’s time to move and we would love your help!

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The time has come! We are finally moving into the clinic (officially “The Jack C. Alexander Building”), and we have stuff EVERYWHERE!

Saturday, April 11th at 9am: THE BIG DAY!
What We Need: Vehicles of all sizes and some woman/man power!
Where We Need You: We need trips made back and forth among our W. Alabama office, the Clinic, and the RPM storage unit next to the Clinic.

We also need teams at each location to load the vans. Locations include:
The Jack C. Alexander Building at 2317 W. 34th St. (“Team Scruffy” led by Kiersten)
RPM Storage Unit located next to the Clinic (“Team Lab Mixes” led by Timothy)
RPM Office at 3701 W. Alabama St., Ste 356 (“Team Pittie” led by Taylor)

Why We Need You: This is an EXCITING time for all of us, and while no body likes to move, we know everyone has been champing at the bit to get this clinic up and running. We want to see all your beautiful faces and share this day with you!

Need another reason to come out and help us? FREE FOOD!

If you can help, please email Kiersten at
Thank you!
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“But wait!” says this cute puppy in a box. There’s more…

Okay, we have a confession to make–we were SO excited opening all of the boxes of goodies you sent us, that we failed to look at the card inserts to know who donated to us. Amazon is sending us a list so that we can send you a proper thank you.

We still have many more items on our Clinic Wish List if anyone is so inclined. Just CLICK HERE and shop till you drop!

Thank you for your continued support and patience while we get the Clinic up and running. Exciting times!

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