Let Me Roll It

Here are all the terrific dogs (and two great cats!) who traveled to Colorado last week to find their forever homes.

This pushed us over the 4000 saved mark! We couldn’t do it without all of you, so thank you to the many, many who make this happen from more than 4000 dogs and cats–and from RPM!

3 thoughts on “Let Me Roll It

  1. Anna - October 20, 2014

    This was our first time fostering (we had Duke) and I was so amazed at how organized you were when I dropped him off. It’s so great what you guys do! Congrats on 4000!

  2. rescuedpetsmovement - October 21, 2014

    Thank you, Anna. We’re always trying to improve, and we couldn’t manage transport days without all the volunteers and fosters who help!

  3. Ashley B - October 21, 2014

    I am going to miss little Baby D and her pups! We only had them for 2 days, but Mama was such a loyal and loving dog. Whoever ends up with her in their home is blessed.

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