Living Up To His Name

Hardy, one of the dogs in our program, is aptly named, as he embodies bravery and determination. Here’s what our friends at Homeless Pet Placement League have to say about him:

HPPL loves to help “broken” animals. When our good friends at Rescued Pets Movement told us about Hardy and asked if we might want to underwrite some surgery for this guy’s broken femur, we said “sure.” Hardy had a smile on his face as he was driven to the vet, but he wasn’t overly happy with that big bandage and the pin in his leg. The good news is that just a few days ago, the bandage was removed and the vet said two more weeks for the bones to fuse before the pin comes out. Both Hardy, HPPL and RPM are looking forward to that day. Don’t worry, there will be more happy pictures then.

Hardy the day he left BARC.


Brave Hardy.

We know Hardy is going to continue healing and be in his forever home soon. Thank you, Sharon, for fostering him, and thank you very much, HPPL, for so often partnering with us to create better lives for Houston’s dogs and cats!

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