Not the headline we’d like to see, but…

Thank you Mike Morris and The Houston Chronicle for the article on Rescued Pets Movement in last Sunday’s paper. While we’re always happy to receive attention from the media, the headline Lack of funds could halt Houston-to-Colorado puppy pipeline: Money fades for sending pets from BARC to Colorado is pretty disheartening, don’t you think? You haven’t read the article yet? Click the link back there. I’ll wait.

Done? Thanks!

We’ve seen a lot of reaction to the Chronicle story on various social media sites, and it seems that many of you are quick to blame BARC for whatever reason. Please know that BARC is doing everything possible to keep us going. They’re sponsoring transports, encouraging funding from outside donors, appealing to the city on our behalf for funding, allowing RPM’s fosters access to veterinary services, promoting RPM whenever possible, and offering guidance and support whenever we need it. And we do. We’re still figuring it all out as we go along. We appreciate everything you’ve done to help us save over 1000 dogs and cats and giving them a chance at life again. We hope you’ll help us save 1000 more. Please investigate the Help Us tab on our website. The sections about fostering and volunteering are especially helpful to us. As is the section about donating. I’ll make that easy for you by putting a donate button right here.

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