November Speels Sweet Memory at RPM

November Spells Sweet Memory

November gave us many reasons to be thankful and celebrate. With more than 450 dogs and cats transported during the month, RPM passed the 17,000 saved milestone! That’s more than 17,000 dogs, cats, and two pigs given their chance at better lives in three years! In addition, BARC’s live release rate for November–the first month of their 90-for-90 challenge–was 91.1 percent! In the world of rescue, that’s a “no kill” number. Congratulations to all the hardworking people at BARC who’ve made this possible with their rescue partnerships and adoptions. We’re so happy to be part of your team!

Our Wisconsin rescue partner came the first week of the month to take these lucky pups to their new homes.

1. Chandler; Lacey; Koda; Rosie 2. Gia; Sadie; Madonna; Marlin 3. Maverick; Melvin; McKenzie; Macie

These are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that week.

1. Lacey; Arwen; Adriana; Matilda; Margeaux 2. Charlie; Charcoal; Siri; Cady; Baby 3. Logan; Magnum; Nancy; Lil Midnight; Sallee 4. Sallee’s puppies Stevie, Silas, Sheba, Stanley, Solon, Spiro, Sookie; Malorie; Duquesa; Teddy 5. Toni; Griselda; Buchanan; Wilco; Peanut 6. Lorelai; Carly; Cutie; Chunky; Saffi 7. Izzy; Finley; Dac; Junebug; Betty Jo 8. Jean; Mark; Lupe; Bismarck; River 9. Marlin; Abagail; Billie Jo; Catrina; Simon and Buttercup
1. Jasper; Fritz; Mable; Brylee; Brian 2. Bria; Floyd; Bizzy; Bobby; Boogy 3. Pumpkin; Bonnie; Berry; Bee Boy; Rambo 4. Maverick; Deigo; Darla; Rita; Mariposa 5. Pelon; Stanley and Shelton; Sneaker; Jagger, Jazlyn, Jodie, Junee, Jessica, and Janna 6. Darla; Darla’s puppies Dereck, Damica, Dawn, Dessa, Dinky, and Dotty; Adam; Mama Mia and her kittens Venus, Benji, Moose, and Big Joey

The second week saw these beautiful, healthy dogs and cats boarding the vans on their way to new lives.

1. Channel; Fawna; Blaze; Blackie; Orson 2. Wallace; Milo; Tonka; Ballerina; Jackpot 3. Jenna; Tragan; Quentin; Otis and Dell; Boomer, Apple, and Ollie 4. Dash; Flap; Cooper; Josh; Fairlea 5. Fairlea’s puppies Flurry, Flash, Frankie, Feivel, Firth, Fonzie, and Fuller; Paris; Nicole; Peaches 6. Morticia; Ricky; Wednesday; Ethel; Fawn
1. Domingo; Mona; Mickey; Cody 2. Milla; Donut; Beidler; Bolt; Porter 3. Patton; Grayson; Archie; Boca 4. Carla; Candy; Luna; Connie; Teena 5. Dino; Beatrice; Coburn; Anabel; Brassy, Bitty, and Bashful 6. Darth; Vader; Aleman; Connor; Colleen 7. Colette; Teller; Tania; Taffy

The next week, Wisconsin was back, helping us continue our mission to solve Houston’s homeless pet problem.

1. Salvador; Yoko and Yummi; Leon; Robo; Roman 2. Kit; William; Wyeth; Dot; Genie 3. Georgia; Amelio; Zaza; Despinda; Theo 4. Blackie; Thomas; Bogart; Hogan

Our busiest transport of the month meant these dogs and cats traveled to Colorado the same day.

1. Gavin; Millie; Millie’s puppies Tubbs, Lil Bit, Comet, Charlotte, Pilot, and Booker; Jade; Brownie 2. Charlie; Lucas; Evangeline; Toby; Corky 3. Gilda; Lulu; Sam; Misha; Chap 4. Dwight; Bill; Wyatt; Papi; Brenda 5. and 6. Brenda’s puppies Bambi, Babs, Brock, Bitsy, Boss, Bolt, Bebe, Bunny, Blondie, Bianca, and Blanca; Calhoun; Matilda; Patsy; Henry 7. Drexel; Maddie; Bullet; Werner; Drake 8. Lois; Finn; Hugo; Caesar; Cleo 9. Cicero; Cassius; Missy; Snookie; Zorba
1. Josey; Jersey; Deja; Snickers; Mark 2. Plum; Malcolm; Claudius; Cato; Brutus 3. Max; Tillie; Lance; Adalia; Adalia’s puppies Ansel, Adam, Alanis; Amanda; Anya; Arliss; Arnie 4. Travis; Tandy; Teresa and Tiffany; Minerva; Hadley 5. Millie; Teaberry; Fifi; Coffee; Marissa 6. Melly; Masha; Maruk; Marcus; Darla 7. Lobo; Tommy; Kimiko; Kimiko’s puppies Krista, Kiara, Kinta, Kirk, Kiowa, Kessie, and Kelton 8. Woody; Buzz; Lefferty, Labelle, Leighton, Liddy, and Lennon; Lion; Meigs, Macon, and Madison
1. Darwin; Suzuki; Meryl; Ellison 2. Beauty; Gino; Gina; Nolda; Gypsy 3. Mama Daisy; Pilar, Bianca, Caesar, Lizzi, and Ariana; Phyllis, Phaedra, and Philip; Phoebe; Brea and Bea Mia 4. Olive and Marty; Peanut and Frankie; Beeju and Brau; Bicki and Missy

Because of the efforts of our foster team and dedication of our foster families, we were able to schedule an early transport Thanksgiving week, giving our drivers and staff the opportunity to be with family and friends for the holiday.

1. Amy; Jillian; Kris; Waylon; Lois 2. Marcy; Ranger; Jorgie; Fanta; Bliss 3. Chablis and Cherelle; Chandler; Darcey; Rufus; Tippy 4. Randolph; Brodie; Baxter; Raleigh; Ripple 5. Tori; Demi; Gabriela; Barbie; Caramel 6. Jelly; Jabot; Janis; Sammy; Joanie 7. Jude; Jeanie; Jabber; Jujube; Jinks 8. Amayah; Kelso; Bayley; Betsy and Brandy; Krissy 9. Brady; Buffy; Carrie/Maggie; Hailey; Roula
1. Ebony; Mickey; Blayne; Bumper; Gingersnap 2. Miracle; Mandy; Misty; Absalom; Arabia 3. Acadia; Avena; Abalone; Aiken; Roxy 4. Landon; Chism; Magic and Moose; Tasha; Mario 5. Madeline; Madeline’s puppies Melody, Michael, Mauricio, and Marcus 6. Chata; Chata’s puppies Carl, Cuddles, and Cami; Santino 7. Sadie; Sadie’s puppies Scooter, Skipper, Scotty, Scooby, Skyler, and Skeeter; Peepa
1. Dolly; Dolly’s pups Albert, Blanche, Minnie, and Marge; Kate; Rock 2. Pongo; Joy; Serena; Ricky and Lucy; Dilly, Doodle; Snickers, and Roo 3. Thunder, Spirit, and Cyclone; Sable and Fern; Schwartz, Louie, and Nikki

There’s no way all the great milestones of November would have been possible without our partnerships with BARC and the out-of-state rescue groups who love our dogs and cats as much as we do; our volunteers, fosters, transporters, and donors; and our great veterinary partners. THANK YOU for all you do, and we hope to see you December 3 for our 3rd Anniversary Party!

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