On My Journey Home

They come off the streets and through BARC sometimes a little ragged, injured, sick, and feeling defeated. Then you welcome them into your homes and show them the same kind of love they offer–unconditional. At first they may be timid, with tails tucked and bodies trying to be as small as possible. Usually the first thing their foster families notice is how hard they sleep–finally able to relax because they’re not under a bush, in a storm drain, or in a cold kennel, but in a home with a safe crate or a soft dog bed. Their real personalities begin to emerge. They make us laugh, cry, and want to cuddle them and reassure them that yes, they are worth saving. They’re worth the trips back to the clinic or BARC for meds and boosters. They’re worth the extra laundry and lessons about sharing toys and pottying outside or in the litter box. They’re worth the bottle feedings, the gentle baths, and an occasional mutilated shoe.

We fosters sometimes think the dogs and cats must feel betrayed when they go to transport, but the drivers, the rescue groups in Colorado, and their fosters and adopters at the end of the journey know otherwise. Everyone on our team builds on the trust and sense of well being the Houston fosters began. Often on social media, we see the animals’ photos as they’re walked on their journey, and their tails are high as they explore new territory. We see photos of them nestled into the arms of waiting rescuers, fosters, or adopters. We see pictures and hear stories about them in their forever homes and know that they are exchanging the same unconditional love they experienced with us.

Thank you for the faith you place in RPM to choose responsible partners in Colorado. We foster, too, so we know that ache of saying goodbye and the anxiety about what comes next for them. Some of them tug at our hearts more than others, but all of them are special and because we let them go to their new homes, we’re able to open our homes and hearts to save more who are equally special.

Thank you for fostering and for donating. The dogs and cats pictured below, who traveled last week, like the almost 10,000 others who’ve come through RPM on their way to new beginnings, are alive and thriving because of you. We need you to foster. If you used to foster and stopped, we want you back. We are constantly striving to do better, to make fostering a  rewarding experience for you as well as the dogs and cats. We learn together, and you have taught us so many valuable lessons we’re able to incorporate into our program.  What an amazing journey this has been for all of us–and we plan to keep moving forward with your help. Thank you!

1. Layla 2. Dandie 3. Stanford 4. Zeke 5. Zephyr 6. Zsa Zsa 7. Midget 8. Scooby 9. Little Bit 10. Archer 11. Rosemary 12. Austin 13. Otto 14. Oswald 15. Cady 16. Miley 17. Mariah 18. Oscar 19. Olivia 20. Ellison 21. Amanda 22. Annelle 23. Elsa 24. Maximus 25. Darcy 26. Marlena 27. Montel 28. Milo
1. Martha 2. Clyde Gambit 3. Micah 4. Mandy 5. Whiskey 6. Buster 7. Tommy 8. Max 9. Sarah 10. Bonnie Jubli 11. Nadia 12. Ursula 13. Prince 14. Romeo 15. Butler 16. Daisy 17. Penny 18. Draco 19. Marcella 20. Tifa 21. Badge 22. Whisper 23. Muffin 24. Sebastian
1. Eric 2. Ariel 3. Myer 4. Vernon 5. Jeffy 6. Mab 7. Dasia 8. Bismarck 9. Ginger 10. Eirenne 11. Cullen 12. Cassandra 13. Mikey 14. Lady 15. Marco 16. Hester 17. Adore 18. Milo 19. Calvin 20. Abigail 21. Solace 22. Matthew 23. Marilyn and Mary
1. Casper 2. Paws 3. Ash 4. Abe 5. Allen 6. Hopper 7. Helen 8. Camille 9. Sully 10. Puddles 11. Axton 12. Ava 13. Arla 14. Antoine 15. Trevor 16. Rufus 17. Myra 18. Madison 19. Ace 20. Barbour 21. Tyra and Pedro 22. Baldwin and Bibb
1. Bullock 2. Rory 3. Boris 4. Blount 5. Kazan 6. Sparky 7. Brownie 8. Rhiannon 9. Brody also known as Pokey 10. Lincoln 11. Scooter 12. Emma 13. Gwen 14. Mitzi and Muffin 15. Cinnamon 16. Sarge

Thank you to everyone who’s part of our team on transport days and every day!

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