On the sunny side of the street

After a few weeks of harsh weather conditions, we had a fantastic day for loading our latest transport to Colorado. These dogs loved the sun and were also excited about getting on board.

We usually say this is our last look at our wonderful rescues. But thanks to many of the rescue organizations, individuals, and fosters in Colorado, we  often get updates including photos on lots of these dogs and cats. Most of those get posted to our Facebook page, and you can see them or follow us there by clicking on the Facebook logo in the right sidebar.

Finally, almost every transport, we include a photo of some of the people who helped that day. There are a lot more people involved who can’t be in the photos because they have other commitments and demands on their time, but we’re grateful for every single person who makes all this possible. The focus and mission remains the same: saving animals and leaving no puppy behind!

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