PUPPY PALOOZA!!! 10 days of puppy partying.

Dear Friend of RPM,
We hope your Monday has been an enjoyable one and that you are taking advantage of one of the BEST things about Houston–the winter weather! What better way to enjoy these gorgeous days than to share it with an RPM pup (or two, or three, or four). In the past few days, RPM has been able to find foster homes for several pups, but we have more waiting for you! In order to pull more BARC kiddos in need this week (which we know there are plenty of), we must get some of these little ones out of boarding and into your homes!

Thank you to those of you who foster for us on a regular basis. If you are new to fostering, we love you, too. Plus, RPM provides you with a Puppy Pack full of goodies and a crate. We recommend you foster two at a time because they can comfort one another.

Getting these kids into foster homes is the ticket to allowing us to save more BARC animals and ensure that NO PUPPY GETS LEFT BEHIND! Maybe you have a friend or two who also need a little puppy loving? Email this post to them. Share it on Facebook! Think about the fun and joy you will bring to your friends and family by sharing this puppy palooza!!!

And, as always, we are in constant need of funds to keep saving this many animals. The donate link can be found at http://live-rpm-transition.pantheonsite.io/donate/.

If you can foster one or more of these puppies, please contact us at foster@rescuedpetsmovement.org. You can find our foster form at http://live-rpm-transition.pantheonsite.io/foster-form/. Thank you in advance!

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