Remember December at RPM

Remember December

It seems like it’s been a long time since December, but we know you haven’t forgotten all the wonderful dogs and cats who traveled. We’re in the middle of a fundraising campaign to ensure there will be many more photos and journeys for Houston’s homeless pets to go toward their forever homes. (If you want to help, please click here: Donate Now.)

Our Wisconsin partner joined us on the first transport of the month and took these great dogs to their new lives.

1. Emily; Mike; Rayban; Tough Guy; Nellie 2. Bella; Addie; Addie’s puppies Angel, Ava, Addicus, Ainsley, Alexa, Andy, Archie, Asher, Annabelle, Abner; Socrates; Wainwright and Walker 3. Clarissa; Natalie; Natalie’s puppies Naomi, Noah, Nico, Nick, Nala, and Niall; Whitley; Wilson 4. Marla, Maggie, and Macy; Nathaniel; Eileen; Oliver; Mandy 5. Melissa; Theo; Ky; Teresa; Teresa’s puppies Terrence, Tassie, Turbo, Tamala, Toledo, Talulah, and Tiffany

Wadsworth and Wishes skipped the photo table that morning because they were so eager to catch their ride to Wisconsin!

On that same day, these are the dogs and cats who loaded the vans to Colorado.

1. Bellamy; Marietta; Franny; Vitaly; Bernard 2. Stratton; Jolie; Midge; Charming; Iokua 3. Charlie; Rhett; Scarlett; Sealy; Charles 4. Eboni; Fortney and Fletcher; Garrick; Jessie; Lucy 5. Deuce; Hannah; Sandy; Mateo; Eugene 6. Churchill; Melanie; Nike; Waldo; Betty 7. Jaime Lee; Charli; Warren; Yang; Ying 8. Merlot; Tillman; Patina; Kaley; Jesse 9. Lilly; Bloomer; Portia; Adidas; Brendan
1. Ella; Otto; Chip; Bean; Patches 2 and 3. Milo; Fluffy; Patina’s pups Pansy, Pippa, Puzzle, Plum, Pinta, Parson, Pate, and Packard; Buckingham; Beverly; Scrappy 4. Alison; Mario; Bono; Bon Jovi; Bruce 5. Eden; Benji; Nola; Dream; Hannah 6. Jack; Twitch; Roxanne; Annie; Megan 7. Rupert; Sweetie Pie; Lola; Tessa; Laika 8. Frankie; Angel; Robert; Humphrey; Elsie 9. Emily; Sparkie; Romeo; Cookie; Eve, Janey, Jasper, Jaden, and King
1. Anessa; Jason; Sanders; Margie 2. Sayler; Sunny; Star; Gabriela; Chandra 3. Shiraz; Shadow; Bella; La Chompis; Frankie 4. La Chona; Eddie; Emma; Donatello; Lilac 5. Cinnamon; Jellybean and Thor the Destroyer; Faith and Diamond; Grayson; Cocoa, Nutmeg, Pepper, and Saffron 6. Trapper; Micah, Mason, Mazy, and Moses; Benny, Bethany, Cooper, and Estrella

The next week, these great dogs and cats left for their new lives in Colorado.

1. Lucy; Jax; Jeff; Bear; Goldie 2. Dee Dee; Momma; Snickers; Champ; Onyx 3. Gidget; Cooper; Jet; Jessi; Ticktock 4. Taper; Cami; Camile; Carson; Coco 5. Cadillac; Franklin; Cassie; Cooper; Cricket 6. Cecile; Nixon; Kenyon; Reed; Nokia 7. Rex; Goldie; Megan; Marvelous; Gia 8. Diego; Dory; Tute; Snoopy; Celine 9. Freddy; Raina; Raina’s puppies Rheta, Rona, Rina, Ressa, Rusty, Ramses, Reno, Roarke; Mia; Martin
1. Bowser; Violet; Waffles; Pumpkin; Miracle 2. Marbles; Misty; Marley; Sara; Kara 3. Morgan; Milan; Dulce; Morrow; Dandie 4. Daisy; Ahab; Suzanne; Champion; Mia 5. Mac; Majesty; Mami; Helene; Kelley 6. Gunnar; Star Cookie; Wednesday; Gretchen; Hope 7. Sara; Sofia; Regina; Alessia; Berenice 8. Keenan; Risotto; Truman; Serenity; Reese 9. Zoey; Zelda; Gwen; Oswald; Robin
1. Tom; Gwen; Tony; Adrian; Zenith 2. Zed; Gio; Fendi; Fifi; Ferdinand 3. Felix; Foxx; Fiona; Minute 4. Kita; Jack; Minnie; Daisy 5. Beau; Spiegel; Emerald, Eddie; Tamra; Vicki; and Heather; Jess and Jessica; Gizmo 6. Cinnamon and Basil; Sophia; Minka; Renaldo; Sammy 7. Teddy, Sophie, and Tommy; Irene and Anna; Benny; Tig, Fig, and Mig

Our third transport of the month was another big one.

1. Sandy; Tammy; Cecily; Bobi; Poco 2. Howie; Dorothy; Anthony; Valencia; Venus 3. Ace; Flex; Chopper; Britton; Mya 4. Tony; Buckwheat; Peanut; Madison; Rhonda 5. Serena; Sugar; Paco; Paquita; Wyatt 6. Judith’s puppies Jimbo, Jakey, Jaslo, Jock, Jory; Johnny; Jandy; and Jerome; Jojo; Malorie and Marvin; Brock and Toby 7. Rexton; Rebel; Winnie; Whitney; Bella 8. Claudia; Claire; Rhiannon; Bronson; Chloe 9. Duke; Buddy; Julian; Tamara; Holly
1. Canela; Luly; Oreom; Harlan; Pepper 2. Pancho; Posey; Tangle; Twinkle; Pamela 3. Olivia; Ariana; Polly; Jackson; McKenzie 4. Lula; Poppy; Lizzy Lou; Charley; Jonesy 5. Rosie; Carly; Tyler; Gordo; India 6. Jackson; Bunker; Ollie; Mike; Benny 7. Luke and Lane; Snowbell; Kirk; Woodlyn; Dean 8. Chu Chis; October; Nevaeh; Christopher, Finn, and Logan; Jess 9. Sookie; Miriam; Miriam’s puppies Mab, Maddie, Marnie, Melia, Merryn, Minda, Mitch, and Meyer; Ana; Olaf
1. Hal; Billy Bob Joe; Pebbles; Annie 2. Meadow; Skye; Sammie; Perdita 3. Oliver; Pixie aka Waldo; Reece; Sherry; Reuben 4. Serenity; Charity; Jennilee; Ice; Rumer 5. Ridley; Ruffles; Rhodie; Patsy; Mercy 6. Unity; Harmony; Judith; Carly; Bowser 7. Damon; Ariel; Marcus; Maybelle; Lilly 8. Snap, Crackle, and Pop; Davis and Geena; Frankie, Farrah, Felix, Finn, and Franklin; Nala and Zazu

The last transport before Christmas meant these dogs and cats were headed for safe, warm homes in time for the holidays!

1. Nyla; Bianca; Jill; George; Tara aka Pinky 2. Genese; Pelham; Bentley; Rocky; Dante 3. Buddy; Styron; McCoy; Leeza; Oso 4. Garth; Anita; Lola Bunny; Chloe; Kylie 5. Skye; Calvin; Gem; Holly; Lenore 6. Cullen; Susannah; Cookie; Johnson; Falstaff
1. Litter; Batman; Willow; Arthur; Diana 2. Clarabelle; Champ; Sedgewick; Jacob; Jethro 3. Cecile; Linnae; Maggie; Fay; Stevie, Lindsey, and Mick 4. Ross; Joey; Sweet Pea; Pepper: Marshall 5. Telstar; Stella, Coco, and Gaston; Gabe, Georgia, and Gia; Juicy Fruit; Sue 6. Parker and Peter; Monica; Chander; Leda

The last transport of the year was a time to celebrate not only the rescue of these dogs and cats, but all the accomplishments of 2016. We helped BARC finish out the year with a successful second month of their 90-for-90 challenge, with a better than ninety percent save rate for the month of December. As we moved toward 18,000 saved, it was hard to believe we began with a single rental van of dogs in October of 2013. What a great journey this has been!

1. Pepper; Lana; Bingle; Ginger; Chaya 2. Autumn; Debby Lou; Kiara; Boo; Mickey and Jasmin 3. Tammy; Phoebe; Scarlett; Gordo; Rosie 4. Sparkle; Sarah; Sarah’s puppies Sassy, Skar, Starla, Sugar, and Sumo; Holly 5. George; Autumn; Mark Anthony; Betty Boop; Hobbs 6. Casey; Fresi; Falcon; Finka; Kourtney 7. Jerry; Tom; Slade; Pilgrim, Palisade, and Pum Pum; Guiness 8. Gillespe; Gabriela; Kim; Brolly; Rachel 9. Gail; Stella; Joey; Khloe; Devon
1. Cher; Puddin and Cheetos; French Fry; Pickles; Cheerio and Waffles 2. Coral; Shasta; Molly; Molly’s Baby; Isabella 3. Isabella’s puppies Ivan, Inky, Iggy, Ikon, Indira, Ivy, Idol, Icarus, and Iris; Rowena; Renee; Pinky 4. Simba; Nala; Dino; Toby; Irene 5. Trey; Tilton; Bruno; Lorelei; Terrel 6. Traci; Tappo; Calista; Cole; Isabela 7. Roberto, Ricardo, and Reva; Penny; Phoebe, Lizzie, and Gabe; Penny, Pax, and Presley

From all of us to all of our volunteers, donors, transporters, and fosters, THANK YOU!

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