Roll With It

Ninety-nine dogs and thirty-six cats made the journey to Colorado last week. We have photos of most of them!

Every week we’re grateful for the effort, time, and donations you’re willing to give to make sure these precious ones find their new forever homes. When we see those who’ve been discarded, abused, or neglected snuggle with you, play with other dogs, and sometimes even jump on the vans without help, eager for new adventures, we know that would never happen without the love and time you’ve given them during fostering. And the many ways you pitch in on transport day, shuttling dogs, holding them for their vet checks and photos, handing them over to the drivers, show the amount of dedication you have. We have to give a special shout-out this week to those who took over getting the special Cat Van ready to roll. The RPM cats traveled in safety and comfort toward new and brighter lives.

If you want to know how you can volunteer, or if you have ideas for volunteering that we might not have thought of, please complete our volunteer form. We are always looking for people to transport dogs from BARC to fosters or boarders; sometimes that one act is the difference of life and death to a dog or cat! And if you’d like to foster, there’s a form for that, too!

THANK YOU EVERYONE, including our dedicated drivers who deliver the RPM dogs and cats safely to their Colorado rescuers.

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