RPM’s First Anniversary

One year ago, Rescued Pets Movement was formed and we moved our first litter of puppies out of BARC. One year later, we’ve now moved almost 3700 dogs and cats out of BARC, we’re working on rehabilitating a building to use for our own clinic, we have a contract with the city, we have amazing employees, and we feel as though we’re just getting started! Most importantly, we have an incredible group of volunteers giving so much of themselves on a daily basis. We appreciate the time and sacrifice our fosters, volunteers, and supporters give of themselves every day to keep moving our organization forward. Thank you for everything you do! We celebrated today by moving twenty-nine dogs out of BARC and into foster homes. Our anniversary party is in the works. Look for your invitation soon!

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    Alexi Holford - September 25, 2014

    Congratulations! What a major accomplishment. You have saved 3,700 lives. It was a daunting task, not without opposition, and you persevered and succeeded. Amazing. Thank you.

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