Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Did you want to see the 79 dogs and 22 cats (our largest number of cats and kittens on a single transport to date) who went on last week’s trip to find their new forever homes in Colorado? Then we’re happy to share them with you!

As usual, we have a photo of only a few of the large number of people who made the transport possible. However, watch the blog during the next few days, because we have bonus photos of loading day, the journey northwest, and some of the dogs as they arrived in Colorado. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing scenes of a transport from beginning to end.

Please take note of that number on the upper right sidebar. Yes, more than 2000 pets have been saved thanks to BARC, our affiliates in Colorado, and everyone who’s contributed to this effort by donating money, supplies, and services, transporting, fostering, adopting, boarding, vetting, fundraising, and sharing news about us with your colleagues, family, friends, and on social media. It doesn’t take a village–it takes a planet. Every individual and organization involved in rescue has a role in saving and improving the quality of  animals’ lives, and we thank those of you who share our vision and help make it a reality. Let’s keep moving forward!

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