Stormy Weather

We awoke to heavy rains in Houston on Thursday morning, but when it was time to load 60 dogs for their journey to Colorado, the rain stopped and it was warm enough that the puppies weren’t shivering. They may get a bit of a surprise with Colorado’s weather, but inside their new foster and forever homes, they’ll be snug and warm. Here are some of the faces and names who are on their way to their new lives.

With the help of some mama dogs, RPM continues its mission to Leave No Puppy Behind!

Safe journey to driver Mike and all these sweet lives who’ve been saved thanks to BARC, along with help from RPM volunteers, fosters, transporters, donors, and board members, as well as our tireless affiliates in Colorado.

A.D.O.R.E. sponsored this transport and so can you. Contact us at to find out how. Thank you, A.D.O.R.E.

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