Thank you for raising the save!

We are steadily growing our number of RPM Raise the Save Kennel Initiative Sponsors. We would like to thank our most recent sponsors Alaina & Ryan Hebert, Michael & Mckenzie Perini, Rochelle Jackson, Patrick Eibs, Michael Meb, Susan Culver, and Susan Barrick for your very generous sponsor contributions! As you know your sponsorship will allow us to obtain the many needed kennels for RPM’s clinic. For more information about our Raise the Save Kennel Initiative, please view this url:

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    Anne Balson - September 26, 2014

    I completed your survey earlier today, BEFORE checking out your website.
    You’re getting it right as far as the look is concerned; very impressed with the little video and the individual photos of all those dogs.

    And not a single fancy handbag on the site!

    Old and grumpy as stated on survey, but all in all, pretty impressed.

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