Thank you.

To the Amazing Team of Volunteers, Fosters, Employees, and Board Members,

I am so deeply humbled by the turnout we had for the move into the Jack C. Alexander Clinic today. Everybody’s energy was positive, motivating, and totally inspiring. I am so honored to be a part of a group that cares so deeply not only for the animals but for the people who share the same passion. Thank you for your commitment. There is nothing like walking out of a room in total disarray only to come back through and have it look like A CLINIC! Thank you for bearing with me while I described things using only grunts and wild hand gestures, for making each other feel appreciated and supported, and most importantly for getting BACK in your cars and driving dogs to boarding, picking up fosters, and everything in between. Take pride in the work done today. I hope each of you comes to transport or back to volunteer and sees something in the building that you know you personally contributed to. I know I certainly will.

But my gratitude does not end with those who came out to help move.

To all our volunteers, donors, and fosters: thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do every single day. Giving up a Saturday morning to take photos of dogs, disrupting your entire schedule to foster a dog and take said dog to get boosters, check ups, and so on. Not a day goes by where I am not utterly impressed by the efforts each and every one of you put in to saving a life. Today we opened up numerous boxes of items off our wish list (which of course I have included) and was so grateful for the quality items that we will get to use in the Clinic. There are so many groups who will never have the kind of quality tools and equipment that we do to care of these animals.
To view our wishlist, please visit the following:

To the team that I have the honor to work with daily: thank you for your endless passion and drive. Thank you for wearing your hearts on your sleeve, be it crying or laughing. Thank you for all you do every day to make a difference in this city and in the lives of these animals. You turn A numbers into names and names into lifelong pets in warm, happy homes. You are amazing.

Finally, thank you to the RPM Board. I’m sure any number of us could go on about all that you do, but all I want to say is thank you for dreaming. Without the dream, none of us would be able to make the impact we do on this community and the homeless pet population. You are not just moving a needle up and down a scale of percentages. You are changing the way this city thinks and slowly but surely, saving them all.

Again, thank you.

Kiersten Thoma
Jack C. Alexander RPM Foster Clinic Manager

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