End of summer transport at RPM

The End of Summer

August began hot and busy with our first transport of the month. These are the dogs and cats who traveled that day.

1. Scrapper; Stoney; Anna; Rocky aka Roxy, Nico 2. Nemo; Paige; Pauline, Miranda; Monty 3. Buzz; Butterfly; Bumblebee; Bramble; Beeline 4. Tochie; Kent; Gael; Lara; Cameron 5. Sampson; Tapps; Tatra; Patsy; Carmel 6. Clio; Olema; Mimi; Shanice; Rowdy 7. Mathias; Major; Bianca; Trey; Topher 8. Sheba; Holly; Piston; Pinto; Pammy 9. Paddy; Abby; Amy; Iris; Iris’s puppies Irwin, Ivan, Ivy, and Ira
1. Sheila; Beatriz; Taz; Dora; Tomlin 2. Mickey; Minnie; Magla; Noodle; Sienna 3. Solange; Nando; Sybil; Copper; Danna 4. Dane; Bach; Molly; Wally; Wilma 5. Samara; Signy; Sabine; Madge; Estee 6. Becky and Barbie; Habana; Dash; Pongo; Petra 7. Falcon; Peabody; Parisse; Pandora; Anastasea
1. Bessie; Babette; Fletcher; Bob Barker 2. Cookie; Chulo; Kim; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 3. Ranger, Zelda, Ayra, Rielle, and Simba; Kirby and Fergie; Cupcake and Gracie; Hera and her kittens

These are the dogs and cats who traveled the second week of August.

1. Tim; Rachel; Brita; Beanie; Button 2. Niko; Gerdie; Bear; Tigre; Faith 3. April; Trina; Lauren; Louis; Harry 4. Tanya; Maisy; Rainey; Gabby; Ross 5. Chacha; Perry: Roxy; Freddy; Mike 6. Serenity; Havana; Trooper; Bravo; Ike 7. Harmony; Sarge; Bella; Nyla; Carmella
1. Yana; Yana’s puppies Yates, Yosef, Yogi, and Yuri; Trisha; Dexter 2. Daisy; Sam; Omar; Maisy; Christopher 3. Chocolate; Tennille; Lobo; Tessa; Denny 4. Pugsley; Mary Jane; Mary Jane’s puppies Manila, Myrrh, Muffy, Mercer, Medley, Mystery, Magnum, Mayor, and Meg 5. Mary Jane’s puppies cont; Piggy Banks; Alex; Meeka 6. Meeka’s puppies Masha, Marcus, Mister, and Manny; Milo; Benny 7. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday; Bridget and her kittens; Price; Tara and her kittens; Gleaves

It was another scorching morning when these dogs and cats left for the cooler Colorado climate and their new homes.

1. Winnie; Freeda; Bubba; Keets; George 2. Star; Olive; Roto; Rourke; Raven 3. Rene; Robin; Zara; Lisa; Lucy 4. Blue; Darwin; Mocha; Sam; Rocky 5. Jessie, Jacey, and Jade; Brownie; Caddie; Magic; Lily Bug 6. Josie; Jensen; Latte; Salinas; Juke 7. Tani; Tarko; Peter; Paul; Ecko 8. Bullwinkle; Nia; Precious; Charlie; Dozer 9. Peanut; Moose; Lady; Molly; Loki
1. Salvador; Sabrina; Fawley; Izzy; Clark 2. Penny; Pippa; Ping; Pixie and Pinky; Brook 3. Josie; Sammy; Cupcake; Crockett; Cara 4. Eli; Maia; Sirona; Virgil; Atlanta 5. Cicero; Patton; Nathan; Oreo; Jadyn 6. Jody; Jake; Milton; Marta; Moxie 7. Zen and Xeni; Lanie; Iris and her kittens; Janie and her kittens; Hope 8. Vivian and Victoria; Ocky and Pixel; Google and Em

The fourth transport in August was supposed to be the next-to-last of the month. A force of nature named Harvey had other ideas. Here are the lucky dogs and cats who were safely in Colorado before the rains and floods came to Houston and the fifth transport of the month had to be postponed!

1. Hagen; Kincaid; Chiquis; Smoke; Plum 2. Blanca; Daphne; Rudyard; Sedgie; Arlo 3. Barch; Larry; Rebeus; Vicar; Vanda 4. Nilla; Noreen; Glen; Chloe; Campbell 5. Koober; Endora and Serena; Samantha; Bombay; Shiner 6. Mildred; Varina; Tyla; Sandra; Kyzer 7. Tandy; Taran; Tina; Texarkana; Star 8. Mabel; Maxus; Mardi; Macy; McDuff 9. McGruff; Fern; Cassidy; Mamie; Chambers
1. Farleigh; Teron; Elliot; Maurice; Larry 2. Winnie; Turbo; Nadia; Nadine; Nelly 3. Radar; Morey; Manny; Caddie; Cadence 4. Robby; Oscar; Elmo; Pheobe; Weasley 5. Little Bit; Cami; Niles; Arthur; Clara 6. Rosemary; Hilda; Gary; Niko; Jaycea
1. Harper; Hetta; Gilmer; Tulip 2. Gus; Haley; Eugenie; Gavin; Beatrice 3. William; Gordo; Pistacio; Peanut; Aspen 4. Gatito; Bridget’s kittens; Ms Jackie; Mr Socks

Thank you so much to our donors, fosters, transporters, volunteers, and supporters for all you do to get dogs and cats off the streets of Houston and into their new homes! Please join us on transport mornings–the best day of our week!

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