These dogs must get out of boarding!

Meet Our ALL STARS! These boys have been waiting a LONG time for a wonderful and loving home. It is time to find that family. Help us save these great pups! If you’d like to foster any of these dogs for us, please fill out our foster form. If you’d like to adopt one of these dogs, please fill out out adoption form and specify which dog you’d like to meet. Thank you!

So let’s meet the team!*



WOOF! My name is Rhett and my life began a little rough. I was surrendered to the city shelter by my owner. Cruelty charges were filed because of the wound around my neck from an embedded collar. I’ve been promised by my rescuers that most people know better than to treat a friendly dog like me so badly. All this and I STILL love humans.

I’m a sweet 4 year old pit bull mix, red with a little bit of white, weighing around 50 pounds. I know that I’m very lucky to have been made adoptable, and I promise that if you’ll spend some time showing me that you love me and that you appreciate my sweetness, I’ll be the best forever dog you can imagine. I just need someone to believe in me and finally treat me right. I do best with a pack leader or an alpha because then I don’t feel the need to take charge! I just want to relax and cuddle!

I am potty trained and am very smart and eager to please. I’ve been moved so many times that I would LOVE just to plop down on someone’s lap and relax in my new home. With some stability I can grow and be happy! I had an awesome foster mom who was getting me ready for forever family. I d love to a have a family to teach me how to have fun. I do love going for walks, I tug a little, but I’m working really hard on it. I am a little thin but slowly I am getting to the right weight. I love to lay on the couch and watch tv at night. I’m usually pretty mellow in the house so I shouldn’t have to be kenneled. So if you are looking for a gorgeous bully breed, look no more, you’ve found me.



Hi there! I’m Stitch and I’m a 3 year old coonhound/hound mix. I am a medium sized dog at around 55 pounds and full grown. My best friend Lilo and I were wandering for days and finally exhausted and hungry we laid down in the middle of the street in Houston with cars driving around us. We were placed in the local shelter and waited as we kept getting passed by until our time was just about up. FINALLY the awesome people of RPM pulled us to safety!

When I first got to my foster mom’s I was very nervous and I really didn’t know what to expect or how to act, but once I realized that I was safe, I start to relax and open up. I started to play with toys and even found a few favorites. I love small stuffed animals and to lay around on couch pillows. I love to throw them up in the air and try to catch them and act like a complete goof ball. I do love to go for walks and I enjoy sitting on park benches and looking all around. I am good on a leash because I mind my own business. I don’t pay much attention to anything, just having a good time walking.

What my RPM advocate suggests is training classes to help me gain confidence around other dogs! RPM will even start you out with a few personal training classes to get me acclimated and started on my journey!

My foster mom says I am just perfect. Totally housebroken and no need to kennel me. I absolutely love to cuddle up beside you and watch TV. I don’t trust strangers in the home immediately but again, training will help that– and if you sign me up for obedience classes, my adoption fee is WAIVED. My foster mom has been working very hard though to help me build confidence and teach me that no body will ever hurt me ever again.

My ideal family would be someone that will continue to work with me, to love me , to teach me how to be the perfect dog. I’m almost there, I just need someone to finish where my foster left off. The very best Christmas present for me would be to get a new family, could it be you?



Pick me, pick me! My name is Manny and I’m certain that I’m the dog you’ve been waiting for! I was found as a stray, wound up in the Houston, TX city shelter, and was lucky enough to be rescued by my friends at RPM. My next step is to get out of boarding and into a furever home…geeze, I can’t wait. A real bed, in a real home- WOW. I know I would savor every second!

I do LOVE taking walks so if YOU love taking walks, too, I think we could be best friends. I can be motivated most days with a simple treat and have been known to catch one midair because I get so excited about them (they are just so good!) I’m a love and consider myself a laid back guy (note, I like walks, not runs) and will make the best forever dog you can imagine. I’m about three years old and weigh around 46 pounds. I’m full grown already, but the streets and boarding are a little stressful, so I might gain a couple of ‘happy pounds’ once I get settled in a home. I’m still just a little nugget and there will be plenty of room on the couch for both of us.



Hi–I’m Lilo, the white American bulldog mix. As you can see in my photos, I have a hearty appetite because I needed to put on some weight. I am about 3 years old and 55 pounds. My best friend Stitch and I had some rough days on the streets of Houston, where we were living for quite a while. Finally, exhausted and hungry, we just laid down on the street as car after car drove around us. We persevered because we had each other, and then the best thing happened and someone stopped to rescue us.

We are both sweet pups who love to be loved. I’m more of the relaxed one, while Stitch always has his tail wagging. I do very well on a leash and like to be around other dogs. I’ve got a cute face and a HUGE heart! I’m so ready to curl up on someone’s lap and be loved instead of in boarding.

I’m going to be such a handsome dog with a little love and care. Will you be the one who’ll give it to me? I can’t wait to meet you.

*Beautiful team photos donated by Robyn Arouty.

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