This is the New Year at RPM

This is the new year

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled in January, beginning with our first transport of the month.

1. Lollie; Sachi; Beowulf; Byron; Bubbles 2. Bonnie; Jelly; Princess; Jenny; Forest 3. Pepper; Milton; Jonah; Diana; Gordita 4. Abbi; Maverick; Missy; Seymore; Ivanka 5. Chance; Chikis; Dawson; Clayton; Callum 6. Colton; Carey; Borra; Terry; Frankfurt 7. Oshi; Nicole; Victor; Smidge; Farren 8. Benny; Rudy; Gretel; Hansel; Snow White 9. Mystique and Pom; Alpha; Bravo; Charlene; Laverne
1. Luna; Theo; Cara; Cara’s puppies Cabo, Carver, Colin, Clarice, Christy, Candide, and Cassidy 2.Rita; Comet; Bailey; Gabriel; Hamlet 3. Pelly; Tundra; Penny; Daphne; Velma 4. Shaggy; Fred; Lovey, Leath, Libby, and Ladybug; Lantis; Jenny 5. Selena; Hugo; Tigger; Bane 6. Manny; Clarissa; Juan; Norland; Grace 7. Kathy; Blaze; Gretta; Mona, Van, Michael, Angelo; Whitney Mews, Mariah Catey, and Katy Purry 8. Eclipse and Esprit; Cleopatra; Skittles; OJ; Sheila 9. Esther, Stu, and Neil; Firecracker; Onyx; Thelma and Jimbo

Here are those who traveled the second transport of January.

1. Winter; Rockwell; Lucy; Lucy’s puppies Ari, Buster, Katie, Alissa, Lilly, and Jewels; Randolph 2. Missy; Rusty; Coffee; Steve; Willow 3. Camo; Dasher; Nova; Nova’s puppies Corvus, Orion, and Andromeda; Addi 4. Andy; Toby; Vincent; Benny; Maybelline 5. Griffin; Hank Williams Jr.; Nessy; Clancy; Chili 6. Beth; Amy; Jo; Meg; Valerie 7. Dexter; Scrappy; Ingrid; RJ; Dino 8. Frank; Sebastian; Samantha; Tipton; Tolly 9. Tarleton; Tish; Dusty; Angela; Grant
1. Niles; Pepper; Pepper’s puppies Peanut, Plucky, Pretzel, Pizazz, Pampa, and Pekin; Huey; Zoe 2. DaVinci; Max; Jonas; Taffy; Tinker 3. Grandma; Zeek aka Clark Kent; Fennel; Friar; Maggie Mae 4. Lane; Dippy; Chuck; Tiny; Wrinkles 5. Little Man; Goatee; Powder Donut; Samantha; Grant 6. Sandy; Tuff; Trouble; Pibble; Mischief 7. Scooter; Sassy; Kacy; Kacy’s puppies Kori, Koko, Kirinia, Kendy, Kaprice, Kassius, and Kaya; Benny 8. Odessa; Otto; Opal; Octavia; Outlaw 9. Coco Chanel; Daisy; Scruffy; Marjorie; Marjorie’s puppies Micah, Millhouse, Matthew, Milo, Maeve, Marlene, Melissa, and Maddox
1. Rommel; Rafferty; Astaire; RoRo; Silver 2. Zeppelin; Elena; Brutus; Sam, Alex, Mauve, Hugo, and Jillie; Chester 3. Norman; Fonzie; Benny; Callie 4. Callie’s kittens; Salt and Pepper; Pub, Dougie, and Robin; Ria; Olly 5. Blue and Purple; Eden; Dante; Annie; Abby 6. Keeley and Finney; Ellie, Eliza, Eli, and Elmer; Cara, Cullen, and Calvin; Gia and Geo

Here are the dogs who traveled to Wisconsin on the third transport of the month.

1. Habu; Bailey; Destiny; Muneca; Vince 2. Fito; Kristy; Kenzie; Ketch 3. Vincent; Gracie; Byron; Lola; Sox 4. Milly; Dean; Nala; Jordan; Pockets

The same day, these dogs and cats went to Colorado.

1. Rocco; Sunny; Mony; Bistro; Juneau 2. Bella; Charm; Cruise; Jubilee; Franny 3. Minnie; Lola; Frieda; Freckles; Felicia 4. Alex; Susie; Magee; Zado; Zeke 5. Loren; Bobo; Bijou; Alexis; Mariss 6. Onyx; Lainey; Zed; Les; Roxy 7. Arthur; Dutchess; Midas; Lantis; Zillo 8. Zimba; Lenny; Tolbert; Toro; Miss Daisy 9. Gigi; Rascal; Vino; Shiloh; Hazel
1. Ella; Lola; Ringo; Lokie; Shelby 2. Taz; Ike; Mally; Virginia; Angel 3. Polly; Mattie; Mariah; Patti; Marianne 4. Harper; Goldy; Leopold; Sher Khan; Stella 5. Cassian, Jyn, and Nopal; Collie; Morris, Randy, and Frolic; Marky; Pepe and Zozie 6. Lacey; Bob and Bella; Harley, Quinn, and Kyle; Nat and Nadi; Argyle 7. Antoine; Flip; Flicka; Fiona; Sam 8. Pam; Chip; Nora; Mick; Keith
1. Sunshine; Cassie; Chanel; Sam; Freddy 2. Dexter; Rigo; Bethany; Ferina
Fauna and her puppies Boo, Lilo, Pom Pom, Tiana, Dottie, Ariel, Dory, Nemo, and Aurora caught a flight out this month!

On the last transport of January, these dogs and cats traveled.

1. Osito; Girl; Mandy; Reggie; Selena 2. Beauford; Farrah; Bruce; Cherry; Cinnamon 3. Tucker; Schwartz; Gerald; Steffi; Sybil 4. Sida; Selma; Chuck; Charley; Mellow Yellow 5. Red Hot; Colette; Chocolate; Salinas; Troy 6. Clyde; Precious; Chubbs; Humphry; Flower 7. Sally; Angel; Jasper; Toby; Chapo 8. Swift; Princess; Alexis; Linda; Linus 9. Pony Boy; Bruno; Leo; Bruce; Preston
1. Bonnie; Blaze; Tessa; Rosco; Ram-Jam 2. Billy; Belle; Odie; Gwen; Gordon 3. Hazel; Hazel’s puppies Howie, Haven, Hannah, Helen, Honor, Hedy, Herbie, Hector, Hefner, and Haddie; Miro; Kahlo; Dali 4. Picasso; Georgia; Lolly; Dottie; Radar 5. Nicole; Princess; Carlos; Tod; Sunni 6. Tony; Terrence; Heather; Ray; Rizzo 7. Picasso; Voltaire; Sylvia; Condi; Julia 8. Carson; Caleb; Felicity; Mig; Damon
1. William; Trouble; Minnie; Nancy; Donovan and Darren 2. Tommy; Marisol; Sandra Dee; Einstein; Liv and her kittens 3. Jack; Eddie; Jose; Tito; Annie
Hawk is another handsome guy who flew to Canada to his new home in January.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

Thank you to all of RPM’s helpers!

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